Types of Photoshoot – Eye Opening Blog for Professional Photoshoot

Types of Photoshoot – Eye Opening Blog for Professional Photoshoot

We, at Spyne, have always talked about how businesses should have a professional & creative photoshoot and how it can build their brand image. But a lot of professionals get confused about the type of photoshoot they should have or the kind of photoshoot (professional or informal) they should go for.

photo shoot types

types of photoshoot


In one of our previous blogs, we talked about different types of photography. The blog mainly focuses on the genres of photography a person can choose to make a career in but this is one is on the opposite spectrum of that. This one is for businesses and professionals who look forward to displaying their brand through professional pictures by having a photoshoot.

Since there are so many professions, it is important to choose the right kind of photoshoot that best represents your brand. That’s why we have put together this “guide” to different types of photoshoots that one must know of. Also, we have also provided tips on how you can stage those photoshoots yourself.


What are Different Types of Photoshoot? 

best types of photoshoot


Given below is a complete list of different types of photo shoots that you might be interested in or should be knowing about. The deeper you go, the more you will realize how different types of photo shoot can be from one another even if the lighting and the whole setting is different.


1. Fashion Photoshoots

This is one of those types of photoshoots that almost everyone knows about. From photographing clothing to other fashion items, fashion photoshoots have always been very influential on the masses.

The fact is, it’s not just fashion magazines or advertisement agencies who go for these fashion photoshoots. Now, it has developed an appeal of its own, and people on social media such as Instagram, have such photoshoots to upload those pictures on them.

amazing Types of photoshoot

Read More About Fashion Photography

For fashion photoshoots, model photoshoots or different types of photoshoots for models, in general, usually, a professional photographer is hired. People prefer to get professional help because it is much more convenient and a lot less struggle. A professional photographer who has experience doing model photoshoot knows how to turn an average picture into something magnificent.

But it is not a mandatory rule to hire one as you can also have a model photoshoot at home without hiring a photographer. There are small tips that you can follow to make sure that your pictures stand out.


Indoor Fashion Photoshoot 

Types of photoshoots, fashion photoshoot

Types of photoshoots, fashion photoshoot

best Types of photoshoots, fashion photoshoot


If you want to do an indoor fashion photoshoot yourself, given below are some tips that you can follow. 

1. Find a solid color background or create one using chart papers. This DIY background can become part of your home studio where you can have different types of photoshoots.

2. Use three-point lighting using an external flashlight and other sources of light. Make sure that the room is well lit.

3. For the photoshoot, using a DSLR is preferred as you can make fine adjustments according to your needs.

4. To put some weight on the second point, make sure that you have ample lighting so that your pictures don’t look under-exposed or grainy.

5. Try different poses without any fear. Since you are doing the photoshoot on your own, there’s no need to be shy in front of the camera. This way you can click some good pictures.

6. Bring the photos to the editing table. A little retouching here and there can only enhance the overall appeal of your male model photoshoot or girls photoshoot.

Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot

types of photoshoot

different types of photoshoots

You’d be glad to know that doing an outdoor fashion photoshoot is a lot less hassle than doing it indoors. Firstly you don’t have to worry about lighting as natural light alleviates a photograph like nothing else. Also, you don’t have to worry about setting up a studio as you are free to choose from the background that you want. It could be in front of a river, a bridge, or a carnival. There are endless possibilities when it comes to doing outdoor fashion photoshoots.


2. Maternity Photoshoot

This is another big business generator for photographers around the world. The concept of the pregnancy photoshoot itself has been able to garner so much popularity among about-to-be mothers who feel this somewhat empowering and beautiful experience.

Maternity photoshoots are a way to look into the past when your kid is all grown up and maybe has a family of his own now.

maternity photoshoot, types of photoshoots

Pre-baby shoot or pregnant woman photo shoot isn’t just capturing regular pictures of the mother. It is more about being creative and bringing out the best so that the photo can turn into a memory that one can cherish for a lifetime.

For such kind of photoshoots, it is always advised to hire a professional photographer. The photographer will not only help you feel comfortable in your own skin but his experience will help you figure out the right pose.

maternity photoshoot, types of photoshoots

maternity photoshoot, types of photoshoots

maternity photoshoot, types of photoshoots

maternity photoshoot, types of photoshoot


There are some tips that you can also keep in mind while going for a maternity shoot. 

1. Choose the right theme

2. Experiment with the poses

3. Don’t go solo and bring your husband or pet too

4. Don’t forget to smile

5. These simple tips will help you have a picture-perfect maternity photoshoot.

6. Newborn Baby Photoshoot

newborn photoshoot, types of photoshoot

You knew it was coming. Just a pre-baby shoot is not enough. You have to have a baby photoshoot once it arrives. Usually, new parents prefer to have such newborn baby photoshoots when the baby is 6 months old. But after 3-4 weeks of birth, the photoshoot can be done.

Doing an infant photoshoot is a delicate process and requires professional guidance. That is why hiring a professional photographer to do the job is always advised. Newborns are delicate and prone to flashlights and dangerous props around them so make sure that if you are doing the photoshoot yourself, create a safe environment for the kid.

newborn photoshoot, types of photoshoot

But when it comes to the photoshoot itself, it can be a really fun process because the photos from the photo shoot can be used for so many different purposes that you can only imagine. For example, photos from a newborn baby photoshoot can be used to make calendars, they can be added to the album and you can put them up on your wall.

Moreover, you can also get creative with the photoshoot by doing before birth and after the birth shoot.


4. Wedding Photoshoot

One of the most demanded and popular kinds of shoots are wedding photoshoots. And not just wedding photography but all kinds of couple photoshoots hold a lot of importance in the photography world because such photoshoots are always required by one couple or another.  Hundred if not thousands of weddings happen every day. So people are always looking out for the best photographer who can do their engagement photo shoot

wedding photoshoot, types of photoshoot

wedding photoshoot, types of photoshoot

wedding photoshoot, types of photoshoot

Now there are a few different ideas that you can take inspiration from to have the perfect couple photoshoot 


Beach Couple Photoshoot

photo shoot, Types Of Photoshoot

photo shoot, Types Of Photoshoot


One of the things that can make a couple photoshoot mesmerizing and a memory to remember is a beach photoshoot. Beach is a perfect place for intimacy and love. You can either wear your swimsuits or bikinis for the photoshoot or something casual that could enhance and fulfil the purpose of your photoshoot.

Romantic Couple Photoshoot

photo shoot, Types Of Photoshoot


photo shoot


A romantic couple photoshoot is another great example of the type of a photoshoot you can get before or after the wedding. This photoshoot is all about intimacy and showing off your love for each other. The best part is that you can decide the venue and theme of the photoshoot according to your convenience and also you can be as open as you can during the photo shoot to bring out the purpose of your shoot in pictures.

Candid Couple Photoshoot

photo shoot, Types of photoshoot


photo shoot,


Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Right now, pre-wedding photoshoots are trending and one of the most popular are Punjabi Pre Wedding Photoshoot. They give couples more closure and memories that they can cherish for many more years to come. 

pre wedding photo shoot


pre wedding Photo shoot


The wedding photoshoot is generally planned in order to give couples the best pictures possible that they can add to the wedding album, upload on social media, or hang on the wall. But it doesn’t have to be just about wedding pictures.

Couples can also go for off-beat locations to have an intimate photoshoot or they can choose a theme to have a photoshoot. There are so many ideas out there on Pinterest and Instagram that you must explore before having a couple photoshoot. 

Mehendi Photoshoot 

Photo shoot , Mehendi Photoshoot

This is a typical wedding photoshoot that one can get. Mehendi ceremony is common in Indian weddings for both the bride and the groom. So, one can easily get some really amazing pictures from a Mehendi Photoshoot. If it’s your Mehendi ceremony tomorrow then don’t forget to go all out in capturing the best of your moments.

Getting Ready Photoshoot

Getting Ready Photo shoot

Getting Ready Photo shoot


This is a rather popular approach towards having a couple or wedding photoshoot in general. Getting ready photoshoots are trending on the Internet and adding your photos to it can put you in the viral wedding section. So while getting ready for your wedding, you can have the photo shoot done. You can do it with your lehenga or with your to-be-groom.

Bridesmaids Photoshoot

Bridesmaid Photo shoot

Bridesmaid Photo shoot


Since all your friends and bridesmaid are here, why not have a fun photoshoot to remember these moments? Well, the bridesmaid photoshoot is a thing and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it. You can be as creative as possible with your bridesmaid photoshoot. Add a theme, try different poses, or do something that could make the photoshoot stand out.

5. Product Photoshoot

While doing professional business, companies look forward to putting their best foot forward. And the way to do that is by using high-quality pictures of products for marketing and advertising purposes. Take the example of an eCommerce website like Amazon.

If a vendor puts up his product and the images are really thorough, detailed and of good quality, then only a customer would be interested in buying it. The thing is good quality images not just appeal to the customers but they also build authenticity and help a business get established as a brand.

Types of photoshoots, product photoshoot

Know More About Product Photography

product photo shoot


In the eCommerce Industry, using a poor quality image tells a lot about a brand. At least visually.  So, if a brand needs to stand out and get noticed, it is necessary to level up your photo game.

Product Photoshoot is typically reserved for the services and products that a brand needs to offer. So, there’s not much in terms of background that comes into it. Product photoshoots are done to make the subject stand out so the background is usually kept simple and if there are props, they are only there to tell its importance or support the claims made by the company about the product.

product photoshoot, types of photoshoot


Once the photoshoots are done, the photos are taken to the editing table where the photo editing happens. You can contact a post production services company that can help you edit your bulk images in optimum quality.

Now, photo editing in the product industry is crucial in order to avoid any glitches or clutters in the photograph that has the potential to throw off potential customers. There are a number of different eCommerce product photoshoots that happen such as Jewellery photoshoots, guitar photoshoots, etc.

product shoot


6. Restaurant Photoshoot

The meaning of fine dining has changed over the years. A decade ago, when you’d go to a restaurant, you’d judge it by the ambiance, the taste of food, and maybe the prices. But now there’s a tiny bit of change in that. Now, restaurants become famous for the variety of food they offer and that too gets judged on the basis of photographs.

When people look up for a restaurant, they first go to the pictures of the menu which gives them an idea about what to expect from the place. And then there are pictures of ambiance. Photos can influence a restaurant business so much that it can become the deciding factor whether the restaurant will get more customers or not.

restaurant photoshoot, types of photoshoot

restaurant photo shoot, types of photoshoot

restaurant photoshoot, types of photoshoot

restaurant photo shoot, types of photoshoot

restaurant photoshoot, types of photoshoot


Restaurant photoshoots generally revolve around showing off what you have got without holding anything back. From shots of the food to shots from the kitchen, one has to go all out in order to effectively market a restaurant because the competition is tough and there’s only so much capacity of an individual to switch from one good restaurant to another.

This is why your images from the shoot need to be very good. By good, we mean that they need to be one of their own kind so that people can actually become interested in your menu. Apart from your restaurant, you can also share pictures of your restaurant.

To make your restaurant photoshoot successful, make sure that you hire the best photographer to do the job. They usually know what to do and it saves you a lot of time and hassle.


7. Corporate Photoshoot

Corporate photoshoots are highly professional photoshoots that are supposed to enhance, regain, or build the image of an individual, group, or organization. Corporate photoshoots are aimed towards providing brief info about the company through pictures so that prospective clients can get to know the company better.

corporate photoshoot, types of photoshoot

corporate photoshoot, types of photoshoot


Sometimes the photoshoot can be a bit informal in order to show the fun side of a business. It doesn’t mean that such photoshoots are unprofessional, it’s just that they are informal but formal enough to be considered as a part of a corporate photoshoot.

There are a number of different ideas for corporate video photoshoots that you can take inspiration from.

corporate photo shoot, types of photoshoot

corporate photoshoot, types of photoshoot

Firstly, there’s a portfolio photoshoot. Such photo shoots are done by employees for corporations. Portfolio photoshoots are also done to impress clients. They revolve around showing the image of a person in “good light”, pun intended.

Then there are those corporate photoshoots that are done within a corporation. Such as during a festival, group activity, etc. Professional Headshots are like an insider newsletter that let the world know about a company through pictures.

If you are hiring a professional photographer to do the corporate photoshoot, make sure that you already know what kind of shots you want to take. You can do it by clicking model pictures from your smartphone so that you can guide the photographer to take kind of pictures only.

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8. Real Estate Photoshoot

One of the most demanding businesses is that of real estate. Real estate agents and property owners are always on the hunt for photographers to do real estate photoshoots. Photos of properties get looked at a lot. People who are in search of a good property to live, take a long hard look at the photos of the property before even visiting it.

real estate photo shoot, types of photoshoot

real estate photoshoot, different type of photoshoots, types of photoshoot

real estate photoshoot, types of photoshoot

Real Estate Photography is about selling the house through pictures and in order to do that, your photos should be so good that one gets everything he needs to know about it.

Also, for real estate photography, there are certain hours that work best.

real estate photoshoot, types of photoshoot

real estate photoshoot, types of photoshoot

real estate photoshoot, types of photoshoot

For starters, you can have the real estate photoshoot during bright daylight. It is the best time to click the outside of the property as well as while doing an interior photoshoot where you can just keep the doors and windows open for natural light.

Apart from that, you can also have a real estate photo shoot under the moonlight. Just make sure that you click that the lights of the house are turned on so that you can get magnificent pictures.

But the best time to do a real estate photo shoot is during golden hours. Golden hours are when there’s a sunrise or sunset. As briefly mentioned before, an interior photoshoot can be done if there’s natural light coming in or you can use the regular tube lights inside the house to light up your subject.


real estate photography

9. Family Photoshoot

These are the kind of photoshoots that families and friends take advantage of. It is never too late to have a good family picture and that’s why such kinds of photoshoots are so much in demand. Those opting for such photoshoots usually hire freelance photographers to capture the best of themselves.

types of photo shoot, family photoshoot

family photo shoot, types of photoshoot


Now, the usage of photographs from such photoshoots is not limited to just one place. It is not like such photoshoots are only meant to fill the family photo album. In fact, the photos from such photoshoots can serve personal purposes like uploading them on Instagram, or Facebook or creating memories with family that will last for generations.

family photoshoot, different styles for photoshoot

family photo shoot, different kinds of photoshoots

Now, when it comes to a sister photoshoot, friend photoshoot, or any other family photoshoot, one doesn’t have to stick to normalcy. This means that you don’t have to stand together like mannequins and give a family-friendly smile. In fact, you can get creative with the poses. Some families even go to lengths to recreate their decade-old pictures.

Those kinds of pictures are very popular on social media where there are two pictures- one is of a father holding his son on his lap and daughter on his back and the other is 20 years later but the poses remain the same. Recreating such photos is not just fun but you also get closure to the family during the process.

family photo shoot, types of photoshoot, kinds of photoshoots


For family photoshoots, you can try out different ideas. For example, you can have an outdoor photoshoot such as a beach photoshoot. Or you can have an indoor photoshoot with friends. There are also night photoshoots where you use the moonlight and the traffic lights to click magical pictures.

For friends photoshoot, you can dress up as your favorite video game or you can dress up as Star Wars characters or maybe Game of thrones. It’s your photo shoot, nobody else’s. So do whatever you feel will make you enjoy the photoshoot more.


10. Theme Photoshoot

Theme photoshoots are more common than you thought they are because they are not just for couples who are looking for a theme-based pre-wedding shoot. But actually, they can be done by any person, group, or company.

halloween photoshoot, types of photoshoot


Imagine there’s Halloween and you want good pictures but you know your friend will click blurry pictures or it’s Holi and you and everybody you know, will be busy playing, what will you do in such a case to get good pictures of yourself?

types of photoshoots for models

Hire a good photographer who is available, obviously. There is a wide variety of theme-based photoshoots that are always in demand. Some of the examples are – Winter photoshoot, Christmas Photoshoot, fitness photoshoot, black and white photoshoot, vintage photoshoot, portrait photoshoot, western photoshoot, lifestyle photoshoot, and many more.

theme photoshoot, photoshoot types

portrait photo shoot, types of photoshoots

lifestyle photo shoot, types of photoshoots

black and white photoshoot, types of photoshoots


So, if you are wanting to have a photoshoot, there are a lot of things that you can keep in mind while hiring the best photographer who can do that.

Firstly, check out their portfolio and see if they can deliver what you want. See their prices and only go for something that fits your budget.

You don’t have to go overboard with it if the prices are too high. And lastly, convey your expectations without any fear or judgments as the photographer will be better able to understand you can set up the photoshoot accordingly.



If you are thinking of having a photoshoot then make sure that you consult a professional photographer. If you have decided to do the photoshoot on your own, make sure that you have the required resources to fulfill the requirement for a quality photoshoot, or else it will be like any other photos clicked from a smartphone.

But we would really advise you to get professional help in such cases because whether it is a corporate photoshoot or a family photo shoot, the quality of the picture can make or break the purpose of your entire activity.

Moreover, for businesses, good quality photoshoots can serve a lot of different purposes as they can use those photos on their website, blogs, advertisement campaigns, and other marketing purposes to establish authenticity and attract customers. So, if you want to hire the best photographer for the job, Spyne can help you with that.

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