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The Ultimate Guide To Product Photography [Tips, Types & Mistake To Avoid]

Product Photography tips


What is Product Photography?

Are you a beginner photographer who wants to make a career in product photography? Well, before you step into the product photography industry and start shooting for big brands or start freelancing, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Product photography is more than just clicking pictures of a product. This type of photography is about making a statement through a photograph and making a picture stand out as much as possible.

Product Photography tips

Many budding photographers around the world enter the photography industry hoping to make it big, In fact, some of them even do. There’s a very thin line that differentiates an average photographer from an amazing photographer.

Product Photography

But don’t worry, if you are also starting out then you should just be aware of the basic rules of product photography. Once you’re aware of them, you can use your skills and bring something new to the table. In the end, it is all about standing out from the crowd and offering something that nobody else is.

Product Photography

Why are Product Photoshoots Essential?

Before we jump to the types of product photography, let’s decode why product photography is necessary. Over 21% of the world’s population shop online. However, it is very competitive to attract such a huge amount of online buyers. 21% of the population account for 1.66 billion people, 90% of whom believe that image quality is a significant element in online sales.

You can’t put up a bad quality picture or blurry photo of your product and expect the customers to pay. Whether you are featuring your product on an eCommerce site or your own website, the photos should be able to stand out and induce desire in the minds of viewers. They should feel like having it even if they don’t need it. Because that’s the power of a good quality photograph.

Having a product photoshoot helps in making sure that the visuals of your product on the internet are doing justice to how it actually looks. A product photoshoot helps you build an image of your brand and increase the credibility factor that compels you to purchase your product or service over somebody else’s.

Now think of this, why would a buyer shop online when they can buy from a local store allowing them to touch, hold, and feel the product, which on the other hand isn’t offered by e-commerce marketplaces.

But, what online retailers offer is a professional product image that helps the shopper to decide whether they should make a purchase.

Now, providing online shoppers with multiple, high-quality product images helps them in virtually experiencing the product. It enables them to look at the product from all the angles, provided the imagery of the product is qualitative and 360-degree. So, in simple terms, the better the product image quality, the higher the chances of sales.


Benefits of Getting a Professional Product Photoshoot

These are the 5 benefits you get by professional product photography, that will help you in boosting your sales if Professional Product Photography is executed well. :

1. High-Quality Images

While you expect to have professional product photography for your online marketplace, advertisement, or catalogue, you need high-quality images of your products to create a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind. Whether it is for your e-commerce product catalogue or for a website, larger and clear images help you sell.

2. Multiple Images

It is important to provide multiple images of your product, helping customers make an informed purchase. Having multiple images could help you in bringing down the product return rates by over 20%.

3. 360-degree View

Customers choose to see the product from almost every angle, giving them a 360-degree view of the product will convince them to make a convincing purchase.

4. Background

The background of product images is very crucial. Having a unique and uniform background for all your product images can create a great impression of your brand.

5. Model Photoshoot

Influencer marketing has become one of the most chosen methods to foster a brand image and a product or service. It creates a long-lasting and trustworthy impression on the viewers. Choosing a model or a celebrity to promote your product can make your sales skyrocket. Having Professional Product Photography with a model can make it easy for you to promote your product and make your products look elegant and reliable.

What are the different Types of Product Photography?


1. Studio Photography For Products

As the competition in online retail thrives by each day, the necessity of clean, clear, quality and detailed pictures has become inevitable for any business. As e-commerce marketplaces sell a diversity of products, creating efficient, high-quality visual content to sell the product is necessary.

types of product photography

With everything set up in a studio, perfect lighting and camera setup, you can speed up your photo shoot and get it done by professional photographers specialized in-studio shoots. Some studios, like Spyne, offer AI-driven bulk editing as per the marketplace standards that help you in saving time and costs.

types of product photography


2. White Background Photos

To highlight the product that you want to sell online, you need elegant and quality pictures that attract the customer’s eye instantly. Perhaps, all marketplaces use a white background for product photography to offer a sharp and detailed look at the product.

White background photoshoot helps you to edit the pictures instantly, add colours if needed and keep the catalogue look consistent and elegant.

Three reasons why successful online retailers use a white background for product photography. 

product shoot

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A) Highlight The Product

In order to steal the eyes of a viewer, you need to create a flawless product image that totally grabs the attention of a viewer without any distractions. To keep the product as a focal point, avoid distortion, and provide a detailed view, white background is the ultimate choice.

product shot

B) Consistency

The best example of consistency in white background product photography is Amazon. Have you ever gone through the Amazon inventory, where thousands of retailers sell products? Every image has a white background, allowing users to have a detailed look just at the product. It doesn’t create any confusion, colour distraction, and makes it look professional and consistent. Consistency eventually leads to brand recognition and trust.

product shot

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C) Cost-Effective

Some brands use a whiteboard or a sheet for white background photography, allowing them to save money. These pictures are easy to edit and also save a lot of time while editing, making your smart effort efficient and cost-effective.

3. Large Product 

Whether you are into kitchen accessories or furniture, large product photography is one of the challenging types of product photography due to the size and weight of the products.

Large product photography is costly as it requires extra manpower for handling and positioning in the studio during the photo shoot. Mostly these types of product photoshoots are done outside the studios. Professional photographers set up a temporary setup in the factory or the showroom to capture these huge products.

product shot

4. Product Grouping

You might have observed while shopping that similar products appear to be grouped and are endorsed to be purchased together. It is a peculiar marketing strategy and leveraging Artificial Intelligence to cross-selling and group selling of the relevant items you are purchasing.

For example, if you are buying just a badminton racquet, before checking out, you will see a grouped product option of racquet and shuttlecock, endorsing a buyer to purchase both the products. It makes the buyer stress on the necessity of the shuttlecock and prompts him to buy (racquet + shuttlecock). This is why Product grouping is one of the important types of product photography, allowing retailers with bulk selling.

product photoshoot

Photo: Flipkart

5. Hanging Products

What matters is the overall view of the product. It depends on how you use your creative head to capture the product. For a fit and feel perspective of apparel, photographers use mannequins. Similarly, in this type of product photography, a product is hanged by strings, which later are edited out, to showcase the 3-dimensional view of the product.

product photoshoot

product photoshoot

6. The Component Shot

Often, the items you purchase online will have add-ons with it. For Instance, a cell phone with a USB cable, headphone, adapter, holster, bumper, etc or a computer with a monitor, keyboard, UPS, Mouse, etc. Photographing all these components together adds value to the original product and it is likely to be sold faster as it gives an impression of getting multiple products for the price of one.

product photoshoot

7. Lifestyle Shots

Most of the online buyers look for a product that is displayed properly, which gives them the perspective of the look, feel, and fit of the product. For example, a person wearing sports shoes or a watch gives the wearable look of the product. Helping customers with better decision making.

product photoshoot

8. Close Up Photography

close up photography or detailed photography is one of the crucial types of product photography where the product being sold is given attention to detail, arousing the curiosity and urgency to buy the product.

This photography involves specific camera and lighting settings to capture high-quality, zoomable pictures, allowing viewers to see every detail minutely. Particularly, this kind of photography is used for jewellery photography – to capture a single detail of the entire photographed product.

product photoshoot

9. Mannequin Photography

Mannequins are mostly used to capture the apparels. It is used to provide customers with an experience of the feel and fit of the product. When a customer sees the product being donned by some persons, it enables the buyer to imagine how the product will fit on them.

product photoshoot

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What are the different genres of Product Photography?


Now, product photoshoots have a few different types. Not all product photoshoots are the same. There are Jewellery photoshoot, Apparel Photoshoot, beauty products photoshoot and many other eCommerce photoshoots. The thing is that not all photoshoots are the same. When it comes to shooting products, one has to keep in mind that different products demand different studio setup and lighting.

You can’t look at jewellery photoshoot and apparel photoshoot with the same lens. They both are very different in terms of lighting demand, and the whole setup. So, given below is a list of different types of product photoshoots and their requirements.


1. Jewellery Photoshoot

If you are looking for a product photoshoot of your Jewellery then you have to have a professional photoshoot done. The jewellery market is huge and very competitive. And most of the people prefer to go for renowned brands. There is a huge reason why. One of the biggest reasons is the visual appeal. It doesn’t matter if your Jewellery design is way better than your competitors. But if he can show his products’ details better than yours then you won’t get the attention of customers.

This is why it is necessary to have a Jewellery photoshoot done professionally.

Product photography

Requirements for a Jewellery photoshoot generally include cutting extra light to avoid reflection and using the right white balance setting to show the right colour of your jewellery. You surely don’t want your gold jewellery to appear silver in photos just because you are using the wrong white balance settings.

Moreover, a product photoshoot of your jewellery is not enough. You have to get photo editing services to remove any clutters or errors in the photograph and give final retouching to it. To capture the details in a picture and get the most out of your jewellery photoshoot, use a macro lens if any.

Book Jewellery Photoshoot or Hire a Jewellery Photographer in Delhi NCR with Spyne.


2. Apparel Photoshoot

In the eCommerce industry, one of the biggest industries is apparel. The apparel industry is massive and there’s so much competition that one can’t even comprehend. Since there are so many brands out there, it is hard to stand out if your photos are of bad quality. imagine you go to a shopping website and see two pairs of pants.

Apparel Photoshoot

One pair is from X company and the other pant is from the Y company. The picture that X company has put up is optimum quality. You can easily zoom in and see the details in the fabric. While the Y company has put up the picture of pants that look somewhat similar to X’s and it also offers the same features like that one. Which one will you choose? Not a hard choice, right? When given a choice between two products with the same specs, people prefer quality pictures that can tell them more about the product. There’s always the brand tag but that builds when people start trusting in your product as well as the brand.

For apparel photoshoots, there are certain requirements. In the apparel photoshoot, you need two things. You either need a model/mannequin or you need a ghost mannequin.

Apparel Photoshoot

When you hire a model, the purpose is to show how the product looks like when worn by a human being. So for an apparel photoshoot, you need a model or a mannequin that will help you portray how the product will look like on a person.

But models can be expensive for a product photo shoot that might take more than a few hours to complete. That’s when you take the help of the Ghost Mannequin editing technique. It is basically using a mannequin to showcase a product and then removing the mannequin using photo editing. This way you can showcase the product without actually showing a model or a mannequin.


3. Beauty Products Photoshoot

What qualifies as a beauty products photoshoot? What is it that sells a lipstick or a face wash? Well, if you have been a good observer then you must have noticed that brands don’t just capture the product while doing a beauty product photoshoot but they also capture a model who wears that beauty product. So, whether it is lipstick, nail paint or any other beauty product, the photoshoot doesn’t work solo.

Product Shot

So, if you are going to do beauty products photoshoot, make sure that you have a face or a person to use that product to show the best results. That’s the only way to convince your customers. They need to know how the product will look on their skin type or skin colour. Beauty product photoshoot also requires a professional photographer who can capture the details and everything that will support your business.

Product Shot

You can’t click from a smartphone and say the picture will bring you a lot of attention. The reason is that the professionals use high-end cameras and they know what they are doing. So, it is best to trust them with beauty products photoshoot. So, make sure that you have everything that you need to have beauty products photography.


4. Real Estate Photoshoot

Product photography isn’t just limited to small items or items that we wear. Product photography also includes real estate. Whether you want to showcase the interior of a property or you want to showcase how the house looks from the outside, it is better to leave it to the professionals. A real estate photoshoot demands you to take every possible picture of a property so that potential clients can have a pretty good idea about what to expect from the property. Also, the product photoshoot revolving real state is supposed to be very detailed and precise to avoid anyone being misled.

Product Shot

A real estate photoshoot demands you to make a list of things that need to be shot. Like 2 pictures of the kitchen, 1 of the bedroom, etc. Real Estate Photography is more or less like any other product photoshoot. In real estate photography, you have to take care of the lighting. While natural light is always best to take pictures, sometimes it can be a necessity to capture in artificial light.

Product Photoshoot

There’s one thing you can always keep in mind while doing a real estate photoshoot. If you want the best pictures of the outside of the property, shoot during sunrise or sunset. You can also follow the real estate photography guide. Also, while shooting the exterior of the house, try to keep the lights one for the best effect.

Similarly, while shooting the interior, make sure that doors and windows are open. This way you can assure that there’s ample lighting inside the house for the photoshoot.


What Equipment Do You Need For Product Photography?


A Camera

Product Photography

Needless to say, the camera is one of the most important aspects of any photoshoot. Here you have to make sure that you have the camera that has all the feature that you might need for Product Photography

A Lens

Product Photoshoot

The lens is yet another important equipment for the shoot. And as we discussed, you should have a 50mm lens for your shoot as it is not only a good focal length to do indoor shoots, it also has a great field of view.

A Tripod

Product Photoshoot

There are a lot of things that you might need to rearrange, for example, the product and the props. Hence you want a tripod so that you can find a perfect frame and make the changes to the station rather than moving the camera around.

A White Background

Product Photoshoot

In Product Photography, you can never go wrong with a clean white background. This helps your product to pop out and be easily distinguishable from the background. By adding a little shadow, you can give a depth to the image that is more pleasing to look rather than a shallow 2D image

A Table

Product Photography

You need a table to set up your entire station, where you will keep the product.


Product Photography

You will also be needing tape to keep the white background in place.

The Spacious Room

Product Shot

You need a room big enough to accommodate your whole photography setup including the lighting. And you also need to place your camera at the right distance from the table. So the bigger the room the better.

How to do a Product Photoshoot at Home?


There can be a lot of reasons why you don’t want to hire a professional photographer to perform your product photoshoot. And that’s totally fine. Now all depend on a photographer to do the job and decide to do it themselves. And if you want to do it too then you should know how to do it right.

Doing a product photoshoot at home can be challenging but it is not the hardest task in the world. Product photoshoot at home required a little bit of make-shift studio making tactics, a little bit of light and a lot of creativity.

So, if you want to do a product photoshoot at home, here is a step by step guide on how to do that.

1. Choose a room with a big window so that natural light can reach your product photoshoot setup. If you can’t use natural light, get some artificial lights so that you can easily capture the product you are shooting.

2. Perform a white background photoshoot using white chart papers. You can make a box with cardboard with one side open and cover the box with white paper from the inside.

3. Put your product in the middle and make sure that your product is safely put.

4. Next step is light. If you are shooting in natural light, then you should not have any problem but if you are relying upon artificial lights then it can be a bit of an issue as your pictures might come out too bright. So, use an external flashlight and bounce it off a surface rather than throwing it directly on your product.

5. If your product is small then you can use a macro lens to capture the right detailing. But if your product is of a regular size then you can use a prime lens. Prime lenses and very much convenient for doing product photoshoots as long as you are using a tripod for stability.

6. Once you are done with your product photoshoot, it is time to bring those photos to the editing table. Always give your photos a final edit. Even if you have clicked the photos with a DSLR, you have to make sure that it is of premium quality and is talking business. No matter how perfect your picture looks like, it needs some final adjustments.


Product Photography Tips for Beginners


1. Use The Right Camera Settings

Product Photoshoot

If you are using a DSLR for product photography, camera settings can play a major role in deciding how your pictures will turn out to be. And if you are shooting with a smartphone camera then you have less control over the camera settings.

Doing photography in studio lighting or artificial lighting gives you an edge but you can further improve the picture quality by changing the exposure setting or temperature. The key is to experiment and find the right camera setting for your product photography studio.


2. Set up lighting (Natural vs Artificial)

Product Photography

Another thing to keep in mind while doing product photography or brand photography is the type of lighting you want to use. There’s natural light and then there’s artificial light.

Product Photography

While the shots were taken in natural light and turn out warm and magical, brand photography is usually done under artificial light. The key is to understand the demand for the photoshoot. If you are using artificial lighting, you can set up three point lighting for doing the photo shoot.


3. Take Stable Shots

Product Photography

Another most important thing to have while taking product shots is stability. No matter how good your handheld photography skills are, you have to invest in a good tripod.

You don’t have to invest in anything fancy. Just look for one that can get the job done and is reliable in terms of holding your expensive piece of camera.


4. Shallow Depth of Field

Product Photoshoot

Product photography such as jewellery photography, food photography or any other kind of photography requires clicking photos that stand out. In order to make something stand out, one can use the shallow depth of field in a camera.

Now, the purpose of shallow depth of field is to add blur in the background and put the focus onto the subject. Shallow depth of field is achieved by opening the aperture wide.

5. Using a White Background

Product Photography

If you have seen product photography before, you must have noticed that most of them use a white background or black background (rarely). The reason behind doing this is that a white background makes the subject stand out with minimal effort.

Product Photography

All the focus goes on the details of the subject and there’s no other distraction in the image. You can also use a white background to make your picture look more professional. Again, it is up to you as well as the demand of the situation. You can do creative product photography by adding something in the background or use lights to give a bokeh effect to the image.

6. Use A 50mm Lens

Product Photography

It is always advised to use a 50mm lens for product photography due to the fact that it is a standard lens and these lenses come closest to the actual perspective of a human eye.

7. Don’t Forget The Light Diffuser

Product Photography

Since product photography is usually done in studios with artificial lighting, you have to make sure that those lights are not too hard for your shoot. And most of the time they are, and you can clearly see their reflection on the product. So to prevent this, you also need a light diffuser.

8. Remove The Unwanted Imperfections with Post Production 

Product Photography

No matter how hard you try, you are bound to capture some elements that need to be removed through editing. And if that is not the case, you can still make your photos look better through retouching.

9. Use Props

Product Photography

Props make your product more interesting. Hence, simple props like flowers, Plants and Fruits are always welcome.

10. Take Inspiration

Product Photography

Product Photography is a forever evolving space, hence you need to take inspiration from the brands that you love. You have to see and understand what is about the Photography of that particular brand that intrigues you.

Common Product Photography Mistakes 

We as humans are bound to make mistakes, hence we here at Spyne have brought you a list of some of the most common mistakes that a photographer makes. With the help of this list, you can always save yourself from falling into the same pits.


1. Limiting your product to just one click from one angle 

Product Photography

It is often said that we are able to witness the beauty of anything when we see it well. That’s what exactly happens with product photography as well. If we take just one picture of the product, then we are just limiting our customer’s minds to just one side of the product. On the other hand, if we take pictures from different angles and take multiple shots, we are just expanding the customer’s view to observe the product and be assured of the quality.

2. Choosing an unsuitable background. 

Product Shot

We know how it is difficult to give an aura to a product that stands out like the real king but with correct background settings, you can give your product the perfect aura. A background just doesn’t give your product the stand out effect but also gives photography its required deepness that it needs to portray the product in true colours. A dull background can make the product look dead and a sharp background can make the customer view and attention dead. So, it’s really important for you to choose the perfect background.

3. Not getting 360-degree photography 

Product Shot

Now, we all have seen our parents and elders buying any product after scanning the product by rotating it in their hands. That’s exactly how 360 degree photography works. It gives your customers a detailed view of the product that builds confidence and trust in them in purchasing that product. So, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that 360-degree product photography is now the need of the hour for online sellers.

4. Giving The Final Touch Before The Finale 

Product Shot

We all know that editing is important for any picture to look good or to attract customers. But recently, what we have started observing in pictures is, photographers are just over-doing the editing part to make it more beautiful but this is not at all right. Editing an image of a product doesn’t mean that you make the picture lose its realistic feel. So, a badly edited image or over-edited image is just like no image taken.

5. Not Using Proper Lighting. 

Product Shot

The importance of light for a photographer can’t be explained in words because light to a camera is like a soul to a body. With the correct lighting, one can do wonders but with poor lighting knowledge, blunders are too assured. So, the proper use of lighting is really important if you want to highlight the features of a product perfectly. For this, photographers need to understand the different types of lights and their applications. Like for example, Key light is the light that must be kept in the same direction where your camera will be placed. The correct application of light will define your product in the right wave

6. Set your tripod carelessly 

Product Shot

We know that this is really a basic rule but many photographers to date fail to set their tripods on the right bubble space and end up losing balance and a great image. To set the tripod correctly, just pull out the legs of the tripod till your elbow height and then set it while the bubble is in the centre. After you do that you are all set to click pictures in a good tone

7. Not Clicking Simple Images 

Product Shot

Sometimes, trying too hard on yourself makes you lose what you are naturally. Believe in your skills and start by taking simple shots, every shot can’t be perfect. After all, the more you click the more you get to know about the settings in which you are clicking. Every product has its own good side, so observe the product nicely to make that rational decision

8. Not Paying Attention To The Exposure 

Product Photoshoot

Light is immense but if you don’t know how to control it then your shots will be a big failure. Before clicking the final shots, try on with some light experiments with the products to check the exposure levels. As low and high both exposures are harmful to the image presentation


9. Give your products the wrong face.

Every product has its own individual identity, its own appearance, and its own style. That’s why it is important to choose the correct face for your product that modifies its features not overshine the product’s appearance. We know that choosing a model can become a bit tiring so we have some tips regarding that as well. Have a look!

– Choose a model that looks similar to your target audience so that people relate to the model and are motivated to buy the product.

Product Photoshoot

– Natural look on the face is the key. To avoid people thinking that your product is artificial, choose a face that looks natural, which looks comfortable with your product. A conscious model will just scare the audience and make them go for a different product.

– A model should be able to feel the product then only the people will also buy the product happily


10. Not Clicking High-Resolution Images. 

Product Photoshoot

We have seen loads of photographers clicking pictures in poor quality and then businesses finding it really hard to upload it on sites as online shopping sites require high-resolution images. So, don’t make this product photography mistake which your client will pay afterwards

Tune in to our blog to fulfil your high-quality visual content

11. Forgetting About Aesthetics

Product Photoshoot

In this era where every product deserves its unique limelight, don’t over-crowd the picture with props that are not even necessary. Be aesthetic and simple in your product photography and let your product image have its breathing space. As if you will over-crowd the image with extra props then your product will lose its worth in the image

12. Not Sticking to research

Product Photoshoot

Before choosing any of the above-stated points, do a deep dive into how the product’s competitors are in the market and what type of shots they are taking. It will not only help you to know how you should take the shots but also will benefit you on how you shouldn’t take the shots to avoid similarity in content. Analyze how lights are used and shadows are reduced in their images so that you can learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them.

All in all, the product photography is like the sky, the further you fly the more you explore. But just don’t do these product photography mistakes as your mistakes can lead to losses that businesses will have to pay


13. Shooting in Auto Mode

Product Photoshoot

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make in product photography. While using the camera in Auto Mode, you allow the camera to manipulate the settings for you. And this might not seem like an issue at first but when you post-process hundreds of images after a shoot it is necessary for all the photos to have the same exposure level so that the same filter/preset/setting can be applied to all the photos at once. But that won’t be the case when you use the camera in auto mode. All the images clicked in auto mode will have different exposure levels, that will eventually force you to edit each and every photo individually. This can cause you a lot of time as we have resources.


14. Shooting In JPEG Rather Than RAW

Product Photoshoot

Even though RAW Format is not supported by every device straight out of the camera, still photographers prefer RAW over JPEG, and you should too. This is due to the fact that JPEG images are already processed by the camera, which gives you much less flexibility and freedom while editing the image. JPEG images can also lose their quality with every layer of editing and retouching.


15. Using Slower Shutter Speeds

product shot

Shutter speed is something that you need to manipulate according to the lighting condition of the studio. No matter how dark the shooting conditions, never resolve to shoot with a slower shutter speed until you have a tripod. So to fix that, as you are in a studio, you can set up the light in a way that they properly expose the subject and there is no need for you to use slower shutter speed. Using Slower shutter speeds can result in blurry images that are just the opposite of the kind of images you are hoping for.

How To Hire a Professional Photographer for Product Photoshoot?

If doing the product photoshoot is too much for you and you find it difficult to take out time to do that while managing the other aspects of a business then maybe it is time to give a professional a chance. A professional photographer can help you click the best pictures and you can always convey your expectations to him/her.

Not only does a professional photographer know how to click pictures but he also has all the equipment required to make your photoshoot picture-perfect. So, it is best to hire a photographer who specializes in product photography and knows how to click the best pictures of your product.

There are a lot of product photography services that you can opt for. But since there are so many of them available in Delhi, it can be a bit tricky to find the one who can fulfil your photoshoot needs.

There’s price, skills, and communication. While hiring the best product photography services in Delhi, there’s more than a few you have to keep in your mind.

The best thing about hiring a professional photographer for doing your product photo shoot is that the photographer will be able to click the most creative pictures as well as the most professional pictures of your product that can help you stand out from the crowd. So, make sure that you take the help of a professional if you are unsure about your skills.

Done Your Product Photoshoot With Spyne

Spyne is an AI-based platform that provides visual content to vendors so that they can expand their business and establish themselves as a brand. Among many services of Spyne that include photo-sharing, and photo-editing, Spyne also features photographer services to businesses.

With Spyne, you can hire a photographer to do your product photoshoot in Delhi, Mumbai and around India within seconds. Using Spyne Dashboard, just raise a request for the photographer and send the date, time and location for your photoshoot. The photographer will be available to you as per your request.

If you are looking for the best product photoshoot in Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere in India then you should definitely try Spyne. It is convenient, saves time and provides you with product photographers at the most competitive prices. Sign up right now to Spyne and get the best photographer to get your photoshoot done.

Why Choose Us?

We at Spyne, offer to provide you with the best photographer for a product photoshoot in Delhi. Whether your product is a small piece of jewellery or it is a big premium quality bathrobe, we provide your photographers who click pictures that can attract your potential customers and create a good image of your brand.

At Spyne, we provide quick solutions to the photography needs of businesses that are looking for affordable and best photographer options. Also, we have collaborations with big photography names in the industry which can ensure that every photographer provided by Spyne is top-notch and premium. You can totally rely on Spyne for amazing quality images of your product

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