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5 Useful Beginners Tips for Product Photography - Spyne

Are you a beginner photographer who wants to make a career in product photography? Well, before you step into the product photography industry and start shooting for big brands or start freelancing, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Product photography is more than just clicking pictures of a product. This type of photography is about making a statement through a photograph and making a picture stand out as much as possible.

Product Photography

Many budding photographers around the world enter the photography industry hoping to make it big, In fact, some of them even do. There’s a very thin line that differentiates an average photographer from an amazing photographer.

Product Photography

But don’t worry, if you are also starting out then you should just be aware of the basic rules of product photography. Once you’re aware of them, you can use your skills and bring something new to the table. In the end, it is all about standing out from the crowd and offering something that nobody else is.

Product Photography, product photoshoot

Here are some tips for Product Photography for beginners

1. Use The Right Camera Settings

Camera Settings, Product photography


If you are using a DSLR for product photography, camera settings can play a major role in deciding how your pictures will turn out to be. And if you are shooting with a smartphone camera then you have less control over the camera settings.

Doing photography in studio lighting or artificial lighting gives you an edge but you can further improve the picture quality by changing the exposure setting or temperature. The key is to experiment and find the right camera setting for your product photography studio.


2. Set up lighting (Natural vs Artificial)

natural light vs artificial light, product photography

Product Photography, product photoshoot

Another thing to keep in mind while doing product photography or brand photography is the type of lighting you want to use. There’s natural light and then there’s artificial light.

While the shots were taken in natural light turn out warm and magical, brand photography is usually done under artificial light. The key is to understand the demand for the photoshoot. If you are using artificial lighting, you can set up 3-point lighting for doing the photoshoot


3. Take Stable Shots

Product Photography, product shoot

Use tripod, product photography, product shoot


Another most important thing to have while taking product shots is stability. No matter how good your handheld photography skills are, you have to invest in a good tripod.

You don’t have to invest in anything fancy. Just look for one that can get the job done and is reliable in terms of holding your expensive piece of camera.


4. Shallow Depth of Field

shallow depth of field, product photography

Product Photography


Product photography such as jewellery photography, food photography or any other kind of photography requires clicking photos that stand out. In order to make something stand out, one can use the shallow depth of field in a camera.

Now, the purpose of shallow depth of field is to add blur in the background and put the focus onto the subject. Shallow depth of field is achieved by opening the aperture wide.


5. Using a white background


white background, product photography

Product Photography

If you have seen product photography before, you must have noticed that most of them use a white background or black background (rarely). The reason behind doing this is that a white background makes the subject stand out with the minimal effort.

All the focus goes on the details of the subject and there’s no other distraction in the image. You can also use a white background to make your picture look more professional. Again, it is up to you as well as the demand of the situation. You can do creative product photography by adding something in the background or use lights to give a bokeh effect to the image.

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The key to master product photography is practising. You have to keep experimenting and keep on furnishing your skills. Product photography demands a creative approach toward camera handling. If you want to make a career in product photography, you have to find ways to make your pictures stand out.


Written By - Ramnish on 07 Oct, 2019