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What are Car Background Wallpapers & How to Get High-Quality BGs?

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It’s 2023, and e-commerce has become the norm for almost every industry worldwide, including automotive. The first impression in eCommerce depends largely on product visuals, which is why car retailers need high-quality images and videos of their inventory. As such, processing and editing your visuals properly becomes essential, adding aesthetically-pleasing car background wallpapers wherever necessary.

With countless competitors fighting in the same market as you, it becomes even more crucial to pay extra attention to how your online car inventory looks and how it adds to the overall appeal of your brand online. Brands invest extensively to make their product stand out; the main idea of good imagery is to sell the idea of an “experience” the customer means to find through the purchase—ultimately adding to the overall standard a brand sets for itself.

The online car-buying market is already fairly popular, and it’s projected to reach $722.79 billion globally by 2030. Moreover, 95% of vehicle buyers use digital search as a source of information. Since car purchasing is a big decision for the majority of shoppers, they turn toward online searches to get solutions to their queries.

The best way to make potential customers convert easily is by capturing their attention using great product visuals. How to do that, you ask? Well, let’s start by understanding what car image backgrounds are and why you need to pay attention to them.

What is a Car Image Background?

Car Image Background


In car photography, the image background is everything besides the picture’s main subject, i.e., the car. The background of an image can be anything – the natural landscape behind, buildings, illustrations, grand constructions, random people walking by, etc. A car background can severely affect the aesthetic appeal of the picture; cluttered backdrops can make an image look bad or busy, while simple and impactful ones can push onlookers’ attention toward the subject.

Researchers found that imagery has the ability to affect a person’s mood, even when they’re unaware it’s happening. Moreover, it helps the viewer navigate through a pleasant online car-buying experience. Leveraging top-quality, high-impact visuals can help automotive retail businesses find success online.


Why do car images need spectacular backgrounds?

Spectacular Backgrounds for Car Images


A 2021 survey found that new car buyers spend an average of 5 hours and 22 minutes on online automotive research and purchasing. Moreover, used-car buyers spend an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes researching and purchasing their cars.

It becomes a huge reason to build a strong online presence showcasing the best car images to attract potential customers — that’s where the appropriate car image backgrounds will help your inventory shine.

Following are some reasons why car images need spectacular backdrops for your online inventory:

1. Helps an automobile be the center of attention

An appealing background can help your product be the center of attention and look more attractive. In contrast, a cluttered and busy backdrop will draw attention away from it, as onlookers’ eyes will often wander off to check that out. That’s why having professional-looking HD or 4K car background wallpapers in your car pictures is necessary.

2. Helps emphasize the car’s beauty

A great image background will also help bring out the beauty of the automobiles it surrounds. In fact, the entire point of background removal, replacement, and editing is to enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle in the picture, making it more alluring to the audience.

3. Boosts your brand’s value

Brands and businesses spend a lot on website design, graphics, and visuals to look appealing, provide a good user experience, and build a distinct identity. Adding a high-quality backdrop to your entire online inventory will help do the same – uplift the brand image of your dealership website or online car marketplace.

4. Helps your brand look more organized

A neat, clean, and orderly image gallery, without any scattered and chaotic pictures, floating around on your website or internet, goes a long way in establishing your brand as credible and distinct. It also helps you build a strong brand identity.

We suggest that you pick one HD car background wallpaper, and make sure all the vehicles in your online inventory have that. The selected backdrop could be custom-made, representing your dealership or brand. Also, consistent image backgrounds will help improve user experience too.

5. Helps dealerships elevate their online presence

In today’s digitized world, having an online presence is non-negotiable for businesses to flourish. Potential customers go through a brand’s website and social media profiles before purchasing. If you miss making your business stand out on the web, your customers will likely jump over to your rivals.

As stated prior, high-quality visuals (both images and videos) are crucial to building an online presence. Making sure that the car backdrops in all your images look good is just the first step. You also need to make sure the car itself looks good, along with the host (if there is one). Every visual should be appealing for maximum impact.

6. Higher sales

The ultimate purpose of every business is to make their customers pass down all the marketing funnel stages and convince them to make that final purchase. Distinguishing your brand with the best quality product pictures leads to increased online engagement, thus boosting sales.

Even if your product is better than that of your competitors, if you don’t provide your audience with a good user experience – be it through attractive graphics, alluring advertisements, a smooth and engaging buying process, or showcasing your cars through HD images with all the features/elements on display – it’ll become very difficult to convert them into buyers.


Car background editing for your online inventory

Car Background Editing


Well, not everyone has the budget to build/rent a car studio or the time to scout a great location for your photoshoots. How can you get great car image backdrops, then? Well, you can simply use the power of editing!

There are three main things you need to understand:

  1. Car photo background removal
  2. Car photo background replacement
  3. Car photo background editing

Let’s take a brief look at each one of these.

Car background removal

Don’t need a distracting, cluttered backdrop for your car pictures? Well, simply remove it! There are plenty of online tools that can help you remove the background of your car images, giving you transparent or white backdrops. If simplicity is your forte, this option should serve you the best.

Car background replacement

If the original backdrop looks cluttered or is not to your liking, and you have a better one lined up, then a simple background removal won’t be enough. You should go for background replacement instead. All you need is high-quality car background wallpapers for your images, which you can add to the images. Simply remove the unappealing environment in your pictures and replace it with a different, better-quality one. There are plenty of tools that can help you in this regard as well.

Car background editing

Sometimes, you might need further background editing to enhance the visual appeal of your images. You can choose to keep the original BG if it looks great, making only minor changes and edits, or replace it with a high-quality car background wallpaper if it doesn’t. Apart from background removal and replacement, this includes plenty of other operations, such as editing the car shadow, removing certain objects or elements from the picture, color correction, etc.

Car background stock photos vs. custom backgrounds

Car Stock Photos Vs. Custom Backgrounds


Now that you understand car image background editing, you may be wondering how to get the best background for your images. Well, you can either pick stock images or create your own custom backdrops.

Take a look at this scenario—you run a stock photo search, find some ‘suitable’ pictures that can work with your cars’ backgrounds, creatively edit them, and woot–your pictures are ready. But what about your competitors who have the same budget as yours? And what if they use the same stock imagery for their cars’ backgrounds?

Prospects generally do a lot of research before making a big purchasing decision, like buying an automobile. And it becomes a huge possibility that they’ve already seen similar images, which, again, helps with anything but building brand loyalty. Using stock photos carries another big risk–if you’re unable to edit the pictures properly, it becomes a huge factor for prospects to drift away.

That’s where stock photos lose credibility, trust, and every inch of distinctiveness that you were trying to showcase.

On the other hand, custom backgrounds – real or virtual – offer much more freshness and variety. However, they call for a lot of investment–be it time or money. And the worst part? You can only have a certain number of images with questionable reliability if the photos would be worthy enough—given the lighting adjustment, angles, and sharpness to be processed through.


Interestingly, plenty of car photo background replacement and editing platforms, like, offer a host of backdrops for you to choose from. This saves you the hassle of finding an appropriate stock photo or designing one yourself.


How does Spyne AI transform your car pictures?

Car Image Editing


Spyne’s AI-powered photoshoot and image editing application work like a charm for car sellers. It helps with removing and replacing backgrounds specifically for vehicle images.

You can choose from a collection of 100+ backgrounds, consisting of studio settings and a few “real world” environments. You can also insert a custom logo in the picture, which is a great branding exercise for your automotive retail business.

Other features offered by Spyne AI:

  1. Professional shoot experience where our technology offers instructions regarding the perfect angle, exposure, crop ratio, and more–all while shooting a car image from your smartphone.
  2. Removing reflections from the windows and windscreen of the car for better impact. Window tint can also be added.
  3. Replacing the original floor in the image and generating shadow to create a life-like virtual appearance.
  4. also offers features like masking the registration plate, placing a logo in the background or foreground of the picture, and many more.

Using an automated car image backdrop editor benefits you on many levels, and the biggest one is its affordability. Let’s compare it to manual editing, which requires expensive equipment and many other props. Automated solutions are way more inexpensive, as you only need a smartphone with good camera quality. Yep, that’s it!

It also becomes very time-effective when you are scaling up and adding new cars to your lot. Your cataloging continues effortlessly as the AI system processes pictures very quickly without compromising the quality.


How to replace the car image background using Spyne AI

Follow this quick tutorial to edit car image backgrounds using Spyne’s AI cataloging platform:

  • Go to the Spyne darkroom or download our smartphone app.
  • Choose the “automobile” category to proceed further.
  • Click on upload and select all the car images you want to process.
  • Upload your brand logo and select its position in the pictures (you can skip this step if you don’t wish to add your branding).
  • Check Spyne’s library of 100+ HD car backdrops in the photo editor, and choose the one you want.
  • Click on “Process Image” to apply the changes. The editing is 100% automatic!
  • Click on ‘Download’ to save the edited images.

Please note: Downloading the processed pictures requires you to purchase credits. You get some free credits when you sign up for the first time for Spyne’s services.

Follow these steps, and you’ll have studio-quality images ready within seconds. You can also book a demo so that our team can give you a detailed walkthrough and address your queries.



Since the commencement of e-commerce shopping trends, it’s become a retailer’s responsibility to stand out from the crowd of competitors, which requires you to put your best foot forward. Be it a dealership, car marketplace, or even an independent seller, one cannot neglect the importance of high-quality images to attract customers online.

Now that you understand the role car background wallpapers can play in enhancing the appeal of your online inventory, you should be able to increase your digital presence and find more sales! Happy selling!


You can get high-quality car backgrounds by building or renting a car studio, or scouting for appropriate locations where you can drive your vehicles for photoshoots. You’d also need to find a professional photographer, invest in suitable props and location, get the photoshoot done, wait for pictures to be edited, provide feedback to the photographer, and wait for the final pictures to be ready to publish.

This is quite an expensive and slow process. It would be smart to instead invest in automated photoshoot and image editing platforms, like It’ll not only help you get premium, professional-looking car pictures within a small budget but save you plenty of time as well–that too with unbeatable quality.

Different products require different backgrounds to make them look appealing and distinct. Traditionally, the background can look good by using good cameras, a suitable location setup, appropriate lighting, placing the car at the right angle, and clicking it from different angles to bring out the best features. You’ll also need to keep changing locations to avoid monotony.

However, it is important to ensure that the background never overpowers the car. Rather, it should draw attention to the latter.

Traditional photographers ensure that the background looks professional by editing the photos by removing unnecessary elements, sharpening the quality of pictures, adjusting the light, etc. Automated image editors like can add professional backdrops to your image automatically; all you need to do is upload and let the system work its magic.

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