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20+ Different Types of Photography Genres That All Photographers Should Know

Types Of Photography, kinds of photography


Whether you are in school, college or a working professional, choosing photography as a profession is not easy. I’m not talking about the struggle for survival, furnishing your skills or bringing in more clients because that’s secondary. The first barrier towards being an accomplished photographer is choosing a genre. There are different types of photography genres that give rise to the challenge of choosing a single one.

While you may know about the basics of camera handling and how to make a perfect shot, breaking into the Photography Business is more about being the master of a genre. A lot of times when a person decides to become a photographer, he or she is aware of only a limited number of photography genres, which can limit the growth of a professional. Since there are many different types of photography, knowing about them can give a pretty good idea about which photography genre to pursue and master. Mastering a specific photography genre, not only serves at the professional front, but it also helps the photographer in gaining recognition in that particular field.


Most Popular Types of Photography that you can master:


1. Portrait Photography

While talking about types of photography, it’s almost impossible to not include portrait photography on top. Being one of the most common types of photography, portrait photoshoots are always in demand. Throughout the year, there are people who are in need of portrait photoshoots such as models, school students, other working professionals, etc.

Mastering portrait photography will always pay you back at the professional front. The key to achieving that perfection is consistency. Collaborate with people looking for portrait photoshoots to gain experience, take up workshops and follow photographers who are already making big in the portrait photography industry for ideas.

Types Of Photography, kinds of photography

Types Of Photography, different types of photography


2. Food Photography

Have you seen those restaurant catalogues or social media ads with amazing clicks of mouth-watering burgers and delicious-looking pasta? Well, that’s what food photography is. And believe it or not, food photography is becoming the next big thing in the photography world. Many restaurants and fast-food chains opt for professional food photography services to advertise their menu and attract customers.

When it comes to different types of photography genres, creative food photography is something that a professional should consider mastering. Just like portrait photography, food photography is also practised in a controlled set-up. The best part is that mastering food photography does not necessarily require a degree. All you need is to learn how to use natural light and manage shadows.

food photography

Food Photography


3. Wedding Photography

You were expecting it, weren’t you? Wedding Photography is by far one of the most utilized genres of photography. From pre-wedding photoshoots to wedding photoshoots, the memories of a wedding event rely upon a professional photographer. The wedding Industry is one of the biggest industries to exist and given the current situation, it is only expected to grow.

So, mastering the Art of wedding photography can serve you well. While talking about types of photography genres, it is almost unfair not to include wedding photography. Weddings happen all year round, so there’s always a need for a skilled photographer to capture them.

Wedding Photography,Types of Photography

Source: SnapSoul

Wedding photography, types of photography

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4. Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is all about documenting the wildlife in its “natural habitat.” Just like all the other types of photography, Wildlife Photography also offers a sense of adventure, maybe even more. It goes without saying that Wildlife Photography requires a skill set that not only distinguishes you from others who are already working in the field but also document the story of the wild in the most authentic way possible.

From using the right equipment to documenting the right place, wildlife photography is all about Research, Patience, and Skills. Aspiring professionals can go for wildlife photography degree programs to learn about the genre from scratch. This is an amazing way to break into the industry.

types of photos ,types of photography

wildlife photography ,types of photography

types of photos ,types of photography


5. Event Photography

One of the most efficient ways to use your photography skills and furnish them is by getting involved in Event Photography. Numerous different events happen every day. Whether it is a wedding, a seminar, a corporate event or a press conference, photography professionals are always required to cover the events.

It not only gives the professional a chance to make use of his photography skills and build a portfolio but it is always an amazing way to earn quick cash. It’s always better to know different types of events to fulfil different types of photography needs.

Event Photography,Types of Photography

types of photos ,types of photography

types of photos ,types of photography


6. Newborn Photography

Parenthood is considered as one of the most challenging yet the most beautiful part of a couple’s life. To document the journey of a child, most parents opt for newborn photography. Usually, a couple starts capturing those moments with a Maternity Photoshoot and once the child is introduced to the family, they opt for a newborn photo shoot.

This gives rise to the demand of photographers with expertise in the field. Among other types of photography genres, a professional can opt for this one to master photography skills. This genre requires extra caution at the photographer’s end as one has to deal with small children who are sensitive towards flashlights.

newbron photography ,types of photography

baby photography ,types of photography

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7. Photojournalism

Photojournalism is the art of story-telling with the help of pictures. There’s a famous saying in the photography industry- “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The statement couldn’t have been truer for this specific genre. A photographer is supposed to take photos of events or scenarios, a photo that tells a story.

History is the witness that photojournalism has changed the media industry. From nuclear attacks to situations in refugee camps, photojournalism helps in distinguishing truth from facts. To master in this genre, a professional is supposed to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and get work experience. Also, it is important to build a portfolio to gain recognition.

types of photography

types of photography


8. Architecture Photography

Unlike other types of photography mentioned in the list, this one is a little laid back. Architecture Photography is a genre of photography in which a professional is supposed to take pictures of aesthetically pleasing buildings and monuments. The purpose of this genre is to capture the photos of structures in their entirety.

It might sound easy, but the reality is just the opposite. Architecture photography requires a professional to be familiar with different camera angles and capturing techniques. While an amateur photographer will take 2-3 similar shots of the building, a professional one can capture 100 with no two picture similar to one another.

Types of photography, Architecture Photography

Image source: Slice


9. Sports Photography

In journalism itself there are different types of photography a professional can opt for. While some choose to capture events and celebrities, some go for sports. Sports photography has been in fashion for a long time. Since the enthusiasm for sports in people is increasing by the day, the demand for sports photographer is also on the rise. For a professional to master Sports Photography and make it big in the business, it is important to have prior experience in hand. To do so, one can opt to work under organizations who cover sports events. Creating a portfolio should be your aim if you are a beginner in the industry.

Sports Photography

Sports Photography


10. Fashion Photography

If the types of photography genres mentioned above did not interest you for some reason then this one might catch your interest. The fashion industry is the ever-booming industry which can help a photographer in earning fame only if he knows the right buttons to push. The genre is dedicated to photographing clothing, jewellery, and other accessories. To break into the industry, a professional should know about fashion and its uses in advertisements. Following magazines such as Vogues, Elle, etc. can help in keeping up with the trends. If you are someone who loves to follow current fashion trends, you should try your hands on fashion photography.

Types Of Photography, kinds of photography

Types Of Photography, kinds of photography

11. Golden Hour Photography

In the photography world, there’s a saying that “The most magical pictures are captured during the Golden Hours.” 

Golden Hour Photography is the act of taking pictures during sunrise and sunset when the rays coming from the sun appear golden and orange. This type of photography depends upon time, location and weather. Once you master the art of golden art photography, you can create an amazing portfolio for yourself. There are different ways to utilize golden hour, for example, taking silhouette, utilizing sun flares, capturing glowing photos and many more.

Types Of Photography, golden hour

Types Of Photography, golden hour


12. Pet Photography

Many pet owners around the world love to get their pooch captured in a frame. And not only just owners but also NGO’s, Animal Shelters, and Volunteers are in a constant hunt for professional photographers who can help in photographing animals. Unlike other kinds of photography, Pet photography is kind of a stress reliever as well as gives you a chance to meet and bond with different animals. If you are an animal lover and want to contribute towards their well-being then you should go for Pet photography.

Types Of Photography

types of photos ,types of photography

13. Travel Photography

As the name suggests, this type of photography gives the photographer a chance to explore the world. Whether it is photographing beautiful landscapes, faces, sculptures, traditions or documenting slums, or brothels, Travel Photography gives an opportunity to connect with the world through a lens. If you choose to master travel photography then you get to move a lot and see different places.

It is really important to cut distractions and open the doors for discipline while choosing this genre. It is always best to decide on an agenda. Decide what you want to click and stick to it. Also, it is best to be well-equipped as traveling itself puts you out of your comfort zone and handling expensive equipment and working is something that needs to be taken care of.

Travel Photography, Types of photography

Image Source: Eila Lifflander

types of photos ,types of photography


14. Product Photography

This type of photography deals with capturing a product’s image in the most appealing way. Product Photography is used in advertising and is commonly referred to as Commercial Photography. In order to master this photography, a professional has to have experience of working in a studio setup and knowledge about three-point lighting. Since the aim of this photography is to sell a product or a service, so the better you click a photograph, the more customers it will attract. Being an amateur, you can start out by creating a studio setup of your own. You can find various videos online that will help you in creating a DIY set-up for product photography to start out with.

types of photos ,types of photography

types of photos ,product photography

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15. Real-Estate Photography

This type of photography is a sub-category of Product Photography. Real Estate Photography is basically clicking pictures of the property on lease or sale. A photographer is supposed to take pictures of a building and its interior. Moreover, a professional real estate photographer is supposed to capture the subject accurately as well as in an appealing manner. This is usually done by using special lighting, camera settings. These photographs are then used for advertising of that property.

 Real Estate photography, Types of Photography

Image Source: Alicante Mediterranean Life

real estate photography,types of photography


16. Adventure Photography

This is a genre where the photographer tries and captures the person taking in nature in an adrenaline rush.

adventure photography

adventure photography


17. Black and White Photography

It won’t be wrong to argue that this is one of the most popular genres of photography. Since the dawn of photography, people have always find B&W Photos to be much more captivating than colored images.  

black and white photography

black and white photography


18. Corporate Photography

This genre focuses on business photography. These include all the corporate headshots and team pictures

corporate headshot

professional headshots


19. Candid Photography

Candid Photography is one of the people’s favorite genre of photography and this might be due to the fact that with this style, photographers are able to capture the very essence and emotion of the moment.  

types of photography, candid photography

types of photography, candid photography

20. Cityscape Photography

This is a genre that successfully portrays the beauty of our cities that we see every day but fail to comprehend.

Cityscape Photography

Cityscape Photography


21. Double Exposure Photography

With this genre, the photographer is able to portray two things in a single photo. This technique is called double exposure. This is done by taking two different images and merging them together in such a way that they look artsy.

Double Exposure Photography

Double Exposure Photography



Apart from the types of photography mentioned above, there are many more in which a professional can make a career. In order to master a specific genre, a professional needs to do in-depth research and gain experience. Getting a degree is a good option if you are deciding to stay in the game for long. Also, you can opt for internships which can help in building portfolios. Since there are so many genres of photography available, choosing one for a career should not be intimidating. Just try your hands on the types of photography, you feel the most comfortable in and stick to it.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. How Can I Earn From Photography?

Ans. Photography opens the door to many opportunities that can help you in earning money. You can start by building a portfolio and applying as a freelancer for agencies that are looking for photographers. Other than that, you can start your own business and gather clients.


Q2. What Type of Photography is Best for Making a Career?

Ans. If you want to make a career, you first have to identify your area of specialization. You can also choose one from the list of different photography genres mentioned above. At the end of the day, your skills are what matter the most.


Q3. How to Make a Career in Portrait Photography?

Ans. If portrait photography is a set then careers in this genre are subsets. There are a lot of ways to take advantage of your portrait photography skills. You can go to the fashion industry or you can look for a job in a photography studio. There are many aspiring actors who want good photos for their portfolios. You can start out by capturing their pictures. It is also a great way of gaining recognition from your work.

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