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Free Online Number Plate Blur Tool

Blur Number Plates online with our free number plate masking. Powered by Spyne.ai
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What is Number Plate Blur?

Number plate Masking, or Number plate blur, refers to the masking or hiding of a vehicle’s license plates in its images. It is done to protect the privacy of people who own the cars in the uploaded pictures. An automobile owner's personal details can be dug up by scanning the number plates, and in the wrong hands, this info can be disastrous. Plenty of car listing platforms have mandatory license plate masking to comply with data protection regulations like CCPA or GDPR.

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You can upload images in JPG, PNG, and Webp formats

2. Mask numberplate automatically

Choose the mask or add your custom logo on your custom logo

3. Download the final image

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Understanding Our Revolutionary Number Plate Masking Tool

Let’s understand why you need to blur license plates, and why Spyne is the best free online solution for the job…

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Spyne.ai has always been a valuable service partner in enabling SMBs in online marketplace. Excellent in handling projects. A big shout out to the Spyne team of KAMs for handling all key projects well. Kudos to the whole team!


Spyne is our strategic partner in helping us scale our image/photo-operations across locations and the AI has definitely helped us across the journey. I'd like to rate Spyne 4 out of 5 for the overall experience with their product and services.


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You can easily blur number plate online for free with the help of Spyne. Just open the Spyne console and choose the automobile option. Then you can edit the photo according to your own requirement.
One must hide the number plate in a photo for many reasons. One of the common reasons is that there is high exposure to potential thieves, stalkers, and other troublemakers. One may also collect the owner's info if the number plates come into the wrong hands.
Spyne is the best number plate blur online solution you can find on the internet. Now you can easily blur number plate in photo online without any hassle. Just click car images, and AI will do the rest for you.
You can easily blur number plate online with the Spyne console. With our AI, you can blur any number plate to such an extent that blur number plate recognition will be close to impossible.
A blue number plate with white letters is provided by the respective authority to cars reserved for foreign diplomats.
You can blur license plates on your car images in seconds with Spyne console. Open it and upload the images you want to edit; the number plate is blurred automatically.
You can easily blur number plates either by using Spyne console on your Samsung smartphone or using Samsung gallery app. Just follow these simple steps. Step 1: Open the Samsung Gallery app on your smartphone. Step 2: Then choose the picture you want to blur Step 3: Then tap on the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen Step 4: Then click on the Moisac pen to use blur mode
Yes automated third party license plate inlays are legal (T&C Applied)

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