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How to Be A Car Photographer

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Automotive photographer

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The need for excellent car photographs, which help your dealership rank higher in consumer preference, is real! A buyer’s decision can be influenced by visuals and media, especially in the online domain. Along with that, the struggle of capturing professional and eye-catching car photographs is also real. Well, that’s why dealerships and automotive retailers are often looking to hire the best car dealership photographer to click their inventory. Want to become a famous car photographer and shoot brilliant pictures? You’ve come to the right place! This blog covers everything and then some.


Who is a Car Photographer?

A car photographer specializes in capturing images of automobiles for use in promotional and marketing materials. They are usually employed by car manufacturers and retailers to shoot appealing pictures of vehicles that can be used for different purposes – marketing, promotions, sales, etc. Automotive photographers are needed at different venues, including racing events, new vehicle launches, magazine shoots, etc. Their job is to capture a car’s various features to bring its beauty out and make it more appealing to everyone.



How to Become a Car Photographer?

If you want to be a professional car photographer, you must learn how to take good photos that capture the design and ergonomics of the vehicle. The best way to do this is by taking lots of photographs and gaining experience. The latter makes a ton of difference! Classic car photographers, for example, usually have a much larger fee than others, as shooting vintage and classic vehicles isn’t a simple art. We have mentioned some best tips that you can adopt to become the best photographer in town:

1) Inspiration: There is high competition in the race to become the best automobile photographer. Additionally, each photographer has their own style of shooting or editing. Taking inspiration is never a bad idea. We suggest, browsing online on platforms like Instagram, and Google to find the ideal vehicle photographer, who matches your taste.

2) Listen, read, watch, learn: There is always something to learn, and confidence is surely great. However, being overconfident can destroy the results. We advise you to plan, prepare, research unique techniques, and select the perfect location because these things matter comparatively to just clicking random photos. There are numerous platforms and individuals from which you can learn, develop, and polish your skills. Additionally, there is no harm in learning the techniques from the beginner level and practicing your skills with your family and friend’s cars, or in the traffic passing.

3) Get yourself a professional kit: Explore the different types of kits available in the market. Also, list the requirements and needed equipment as per your photography style. You can also set a budget and can find the best affordable camera kit for yourself. Eventually, you can upgrade your kit later, as per your new requirements, or upgrade available in the market.

4) Practice makes the photographer perfect: Once you have done your research and practiced locally. It’s time to polish your skills to the next level. Explore locations and try your photography skills.


car photographer


After you are done with your photoshoot, pull over to your home and check out the results. You may find some mistakes. However, it will help you to never repeat again, and level up your skills.

5) Build your portfolio: To attract new clients and leave the best impression, one has to build a flawless portfolio for themselves. Without any portfolio, you won’t be able to hear agreements in terms of professionalism. Therefore, you can build a small website or can create an Instagram page and post your best shoots. We suggest to focus on quality over quantity. Post the best shots you have rather than uploading tons of average ones. Additionally, replace them with your newest best work, to stay updated.

6) Planning & Research: Before visiting the event, do the deep research. Explore the type of shoot you have to do, what car would be available there, and ask organizers the date and timings of the event. Additionally, research the other photographers that would be there, and understand their photography styles. Therefore, you can understand their style from their Instagram, and magazines where they have been published, and can also check out their websites. Unlocking a similar theme and style will give you an idea of the things you have to aim for.

7) Attend events: To get the best shots, you can visit various car events. Additionally, a lot of events are free to attend and usually, car owners have no problem if you shoot their cars. Additionally, it will also help to build your name, and can also introduce your websites, and social media handles to build popularity. You can also socialize with other photographers and can pick the best tips that you can apply to yourself.

8) Ask to shoot: Often, at the events, cars are parked too close to each other. So, can visit the events a bit early, or pull over till the end, this will help you to complete your shoot peacefully, and you will have more space to click vehicles from different angles. Also, you can ask the owners to move the vehicles to somewhere else for the shoot. However, find the best available space priorly, to eliminate the wastage of time.


Tips for automotive photographer


9) What to charge: There are plenty of websites telling you what to charge for the photography. Charges depend upon various things, like the type of shoot, timings for the shoot, and the purpose of the shoot. However, discover the standard market price and offer a competitive offer to sustain in the market. Additionally, you can ask different agencies to understand their budget and the market standards.

10) Get clients: Having an attractive portfolio will surely get you clients easily. You can always approach dealerships for a paid photoshoot. Additionally, deliver the best results as per your client’s requirements of the shoot on the promised time, this will build your reputation. You can also ask them for their feedback, which you can display on your personal platforms to showcase and flaunt the genuine satisfied reviews. Therefore, it will attract more clients.


15 Pro Tips for Car Photographers to Level Up

The road to becoming an expert always starts with the basics. It is important to learn and practice each technique to level up your skills. Therefore, we have mentioned some pro car photography tips that the best automotive photographers have used in the past. It will help you to enhance your shot results.

1) Experiment with motion blur

You can use a slower shutter speed, to add action to your car photography by using motion blur. Therefore, we can do this in two possible ways. That is, either the background is blurred and the car stays sharp or you have a blurry car with a steady background. When you have a sharp car, you have to move with it by employing the “panning” technique. Therefore, to follow the motion of the car you have to pan the camera during its exposure. Additionally, to perform this, you have to select the correct shutter speed and have to move the camera at the same speed as the car. Panning can be a bit tricky. However, you will surely learn it by practicing it more. Additionally, the usage of the monopod can make this task much easier.

2) Evaluate reflection and color

You can play with reflections to get creative photos. Additionally, most of the car’s paint is very shiny and reflective. Therefore, do not capture your reflection in the car. We suggest trying a different angle or stepping a bit back to avoid any reflection. You have to capture different kinds of vehicles in a different climate, as per their paint color because different colors react differently in the lighting. We suggest experimenting with them and reviewing your shots carefully. You should capture the cars, that can handle the direct sunlight really well.

3) Car photographer camera settings

It’s essential to know your camera and different types of car camera settings. If you don’t know all the features that are available on your camera or how to use them effectively, then you’ll be at a disadvantage when shooting in certain situations. We advise using low ISO settings around ISO 100, and a quick shutter speed for fixed-position vehicle images. Additionally, you can explore a wide aperture size to get a bokeh effect such as f/5 or lower. Also, for images without bokeh, you can go for a narrow aperture size setting that is f/8 or higher.
To capture specific photos of the car details like its rims or hood, we suggest shooting it with a wide aperture setting. Whereas, if you are shooting a moving car, make sure to set the shutter setting to 1/125 or faster that is a speedy setting. Additionally, If you shoot in a RAW format, we suggest selecting the auto white balance.

4) Capture the car in motion with adjusted shutter speed

To capture the car in motion, you can shoot it from another car. However, it is risky, so you have to make sure to find an empty place for your and everyone’s security. You have to leave the camera still if you want to show the vehicle’s motion. Additionally, you will have to adjust the shutter speed to 1/60th of a second. Though, it depends on the speed of the car and how much you want it to be blurred. Therefore, if you succeeded in capturing good photos from another car, you would be able to get the best shot of the rims spinning.

5) Eye level is boring

To surprise your viewers, click the car from different angles than eye level. Therefore, it will make your captures more interesting and flawless. Additionally, you can try to shoot the car with a low angle if you want to make your car look more intimidating and larger. Therefore, you have to keep the camera closer to the ground level. Whereas, if you want to showcase the ride designs, we recommended to shoot it from a high angle. Therefore, it is beneficial if you want to focus on vehicle specifications and if you are in the car show. Additionally, if you look to take high-angle shots, keep a ladder or a step stool available with yourself.

6) Expose the car to exciting environments

Choosing the perfect location can help you to convey the emotions and give your shots a distinct identity. The background of the vehicle should complement the type of vehicle you are shooting. A sports car or a sedan won’t suit with a mud background or an off-road environment. However, an SUV would be an ideal car to shoot in a dirt area to give it a rough look. Therefore, the vehicle should blend with the scenery and should play a supporting role in the shots. Additionally, the backgrounds should not steal the attention of the car, the attention should always be focused on the car you shoot. You can also use AI car background wallpapers of Spyne, to find the best scenery for your shoots.

7) Know the car well

Sometimes, having a half shot of the car can result in the best outcome as it leaves excitement. Hiding some part of the automobile can let viewers imagine its rest part and engage them with your shot. Additionally, you can capture some focused shots, highlighting the features of the vehicle. This type of shot can also be displayed for the vehicle sale. Car buyers would wish to see the full photos of the vehicle and it will generate curiosity.

8) Make sure your car is clean

This may sound obvious, but many automotive photographers don’t think about it when they take their pictures and end up with a lot of dust and dirt on the vehicle! This will spoil your entire photoshoot because the end result will require additional editing to remove the dirt and clean the car in post-production.

9) Photo Editing

There are numerous applications available in the market for car photo editing that you can access from your smartphone. You should choose the best photo editing software or application that best suits your requirements and its pricing.



Editing the captured images enhances their quality and gives your shots a new and flawless look. Additionally, there are various things that you can try with these applications like removing background, color correction, and photo manipulation. Therefore, it will increase your shot reach, and if shot for dealerships, it will boost their conversions.

10) Practice makes perfect

Once you have your equipment together, make sure that you practice taking pictures of cars or anything else for that matter! You’ll want to experience different angles and lighting conditions before moving on to larger projects like photoshoots with other cars or people. Try taking pictures outside where there are more natural light sources available.

11) Get a good-quality SD Card

For modern cameras, an SD card is crucial. It stores plenty of pictures and makes data transfer easy; pop the SD card out of the camera and plug it into your laptop! Always pick a good-quality one, because you’ll use it hundreds (even thousands) of times, and a poor-quality card could give way before you’re done using it.

12) Use a tripod

A tripod is one of the most important pieces of equipment for car photography.


Car photography equipments


You don’t want to miss any opportunities because of shaky hands or a camera that does not work correctly. If you don’t have a tripod, then invest in one as soon as possible.

13) The importance of lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of any car photography shoot. Get good lighting equipment if you’re shooting in a studio or at night. If you’re shooting outdoors during the day, choose a time when the light isn’t too harsh – either morning or evening – and play around with angles to get beautiful shots.

14) Stick to your vision

Hold your creative ideas and approach, even if you face some challenges. Experiment and develop the signature style that stands you out from the crowd. We advise you to stick with your artistic vision during the shoot. It will help you deliver the idea thought and approach you want to portray to others.

15) Photograph cars at night

Capturing photos at night can be rewarding for your shoot. You can capture some captivating and stunning images to showcase the cars in a whole new light. Additionally, the usage of low shutter speed, aperture between f/5 and f/11, and low ISO settings can help to prevent the headlights from being overexposed. You can use tripods for camera stability because even a slight movement can ruin a perfect shot in the city lights at night.


Explore the Best Car Photography Editing Settings

If you want to learn and explore editing, you can use a wide aperture size that is (f/5 or lower) to blur the background. Additionally, if you want a narrow one to keep both the background and car in focus you can keep aperture size (f/8 and up). Furthermore, you can use tools like Spyne to edit your images. However, if you are in the beginner stage, we do not suggest you purchase pre-made presets, try to play around with the settings. Additionally, you can check out famous professional photographers and can compare your captures with them. Therefore, you can look at the highlights that are Blue, Yellow, or Grey.


Explore Car Photography Editing Settings


You can also check how sharp the images are, is it because of the camera quality, soot sharpening, or contrast? Therefore, by comparison, your captures with the professional flawless ones will give you an idea, of what to edit in your shots and how to upscale them. You can check out the album of Laurent Nivalle, as he has been considered one of the most famous figures in terms of editing pictures. However, we do not suggest you copy anybody. Whereas, taking inspiration will always help you to be as good as them.


Discover the Famous Car Photographers to Follow in 2024

When watching an aesthetic car, automobile photographers often wonder how to capture its coolness. Well, famous photographers just do that, they shoot amazing pictures of cars which make you appreciate their beauty and style. Therefore, following these famous photographers isn’t just about seeing fancy cars. However, there is so much to learn from them and polish your own skills. We have mentioned some top famous photographers that you can follow to elevate and game up.

Aron Brimhall

Aaron Brimhall has created a special spot for himself in the world of professional car photography. He has been appreciated for his photography skills in capturing cars in motion. His portfolio showcases how a moving car can look so amazing. Additionally, he manages to freeze that feeling of movement within the frame of the picture. His photos are edgy which gives a feeling of energy and rawness. Aron Brimhall has worked with big companies like Mtn Dew, Honda, Alfa Romeo, and Tommy Hilfiger. Therefore, it showcases that he is a respected and in-demand photographer. Aron has a unique way of seeing things. Companies trust him that he will capture the true spirit of the cars which is beneficial in delivering the true emotion and their marketing campaigns. He believes in ditching old techniques and experimenting with different techniques to get the perfect shot.

Instagram Profile: aaronbhall

Steve Ketner

Steve Ketner is a cinematographer, vehicle photographer, and director. He believes in capturing the essence of vehicles with his camera. Additionally, he owns a specific style of delivering the outcomes the ways things used to like in the 1980s. If you are a fan of 80s aesthetics then looking at Steve’s work will be a treat for your eyes. His works set him apart from the crowd and attract car enthusiasts who are looking to check out vintage and nostalgic photography.

Instagram Profile: steveketner

The Car Creative

The Car Creative is one of the famous figures in car videography, photography, and collaboration extensively with dealerships, manufacturers, and numerous industry players. They upscale in delivering visual narratives that elevate the essence of automobiles. They are known for their distinctive style and their photos represent a sense of remarkable cleanliness and contrast. Additionally, their car photographer portfolio showcases a sense of precision and sophistication.

Instagram Profile: thecarcreative

Laurent Nivalle

Laurent Nivalle belongs to the vibrant city of Paris, France. He is a well-respected and skilled car and motorcycle photographer. Nivalle’s portfolio consists of black-and-white photography. This unique style represents a feeling of sophistication that will never get out of time. Additionally, his style of clicking black-and-white photography adds a sense of mystery to the images. Nivalle focuses on minute details that capture the true spirit of the vehicle. Therefore, his shots not only portray the looks of the vehicle. However, it adds a character to the image and makes it look interesting to the viewers.

He has worked with DS Automobiles, a well-known and respected French car brand that is known for its luxurious vehicles. Additionally, his working style matches the DS Automobiles brand, which stands for its luxury and elegance.

Instagram Profile: laurentnivalle

Amy Shore

Amy Shore captures vintage cars which are considered the best car for photographers

and has a very clear and strong old-school European feel. Amy’s portfolio showcases a sense of warmth and nostalgia to the viewers. The photos she shot create a strong atmosphere and have a special way of making classic cars seem even more charming and interesting. Her social media platform flaunts her artistic talent. Additionally, she has a wide range of vintage cars. Also, she uses filters to make the look the car more vintage and naturally aesthetic. Therefore, the photos not only look stunning but also tell a story and transport the viewer to a different time in history.

Instagram Profile: amyshorephotography

Marcel Lech

Marcel Lech is from Vancouver, Canada. He captures high-performing race cars and sports cars. His portfolio has dynamic shots that showcase the vehicles that are going to tear the tracks. Sports car fans truly appreciate his action vehicle photography work. Additionally, he successfully captures clear images of rapidly moving vehicles. This showcases that he has mastered his skills and has the correct knowledge of the types of equipment and techniques to be used. He uses reactive angles and lighting to create a sense of movement and energy in the photos.

Instagram Profile: marcel_lech

Eston Chang

Eston Chang has mastery in capturing expressive and moody shoots that represent a unique ambiance. His portfolio reflects a mixture of eye-catching photos of real and imaginary cars inspired by popular racing video games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Gran Turismo. Therefore, the combination of these photos is flawless and creates a unified look. Additionally, it generates curiosity among the viewers that the photos are real or generated with AI.

The way Chang combines these mediums demonstrates his creativity and fresh perspective which targets and engages the audience unexpectedly. Additionally, his photographs are not only the standard static shots. However, also represents a futuristic element that describes his work very innovatively.

Instagram Profile: eastonchang

George F. Williams

George F. William is one of the most famous people in the world of automobile photography. His works showcase the ability, to infuse contrast and warmth in the shots he captures. He has mastery in the composition, lighting, and editing techniques that make the cars appear closer and more lifelike than a flat picture. Therefore, it emphasizes a powerful impact on the viewers and grabs the attention of the viewers. Additionally, William’s capability flaunts that he can use color temperature and tonal differences that enhance the visual appeal of his work. Therefore, his works declare that his work is a perfect example of how automotive photography can be more than just showcasing cars. Therefore, it can be a powerful tool to evoke strong emotions.

Instagram Profile: gfwilliams

Philip Löhmann

Philip Löhmann captures the viewer’s attention and imagination. He put the supercars in interesting and unexpected locations and situations, which makes the photos more engaging. Additionally, the photos in his portfolio showcase a wide range of styles and settings. Philip captures the beauty and power of supercars in different environments. He captures sports cars in graceful and eye-pleasing sea backgrounds that portray the car’s luxuriousness. Philip’s collection is filled with rich and valuable gems for sports car enthusiasts. Additionally, his shots from different angles and rich contrast engage the audience.

Instagram Profile: philipploehmann

Stephan Bauer

Stephan Bauer’s photography represents a 90s old-school vibe. He has a huge photo collection of vintage cars. His portfolio not only includes a collection of classic sports cars but also evokes a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for an old-school era of automotive history. Additionally, his portfolio includes vintage automotive culture and reflects the charisma of past eras. Bauer, highlights the unique features, historical significance, and elegance in his shots. Therefore, the enthusiast who wants to seek and dive into the nostalgic journey of vintage sports and race cars can check out the work done by him.

Instagram Profile: stephan_bauer

Jeff Ludes

Jeff Ludes is a prominent figure in the world of automotive photography and is trusted by famous and well-respected car companies. He started his car photography journey by capturing appealing photos of skateboarders. Therefore, his passion for car photography developed from there and he portrays visual storytelling with his shots. Jeff’s shots are beyond technical shots, he can put emotions in his captures. He believes in capturing cars as living is not just a machine. Therefore, the ability to evoke emotions is what truly sets him apart and solidifies his reputation as an outstanding car photographer.

Instagram Profile: jeffludes

Simon Puschmann

Simon Puschmann showcases his dedication, skills, and passion for photography. With his international exposure, he is considered a well-known photographer worldwide. Additionally, he has experience in diverse locations and with various subjects including his famous photoshoot “the vibrant streets of Singapore to the picturesque landscapes of Chile”. Additionally, his work allows him to flaunt his creativity and artistic style. Puschmann believes in trying new things and challenging himself. Therefore, his being constantly innovative defines that his work is not just technically good. However, he also believes in pushing the boundaries of what photography can express.

Instagram Profile: simonpuschmann

Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson is based in Los Angeles. He wanted to play Baseball professionally. However, because of his injury things did not work out as he planned. Therefore, he had to change his path and plans from where he found his passion in photography. Further, his friend invited him to a specific event, where he could learn photography professionally. Therefore, from then he founded photography as the medium for him to express his meaningful thoughts. Photography allowed Johnson to express his feelings.

Over the years, he became more skilled in the field of photography and his captures evoked strong emotions and connected with the viewers in a meaningful way. His car photography showcased his technical ability and commitment to his crafts. Therefore, this led to recognize him as one of the best photographers in the country.

Instagram Profile: derekjohnsonvisuals

David Masemore

David Masemore is one of the most versatile audi photographers who worked in contrast between the urban environment of LA and the coastal setting of Tampa. He prefers sunny locations for his shoots. David believes he has a genuine connection and love for cars. David believes in combining the human presence with their automobiles to highlight the story.

Additionally, his unique blend of technical skill, love of cars, and use of models create a powerful visual experience. Therefore, it allows us to celebrate the elegance of automobiles and their lifestyle.

Instagram Profile: davidmasemore

Anthony Dias

Anthony Dias is considered one of the best car photographers, surrounded by other well-regarded professionals in the field. He has worked with prestigious companies like Mercedes, Cadillac, and BMW. Dias worked with numerous companies that allowed him to develop and polish his skills. Therefore, his early dedication leads to his strong future success. Dias uses his camera and his skills to portray each car as a unique character, style, and power. He has built his reputation as one of the finest automotive dealer photographers in the industry, additionally, because of his exceptional skills car companies always look for a collaboration with him to promote their company and cars.

Instagram Profile: anthonydiasphotography


Key Elements of a Car that Photographers Should Focus on

While you are shooting a car image, it is essential to keep track of both the exterior as well as the interior shots. Additionally, it is important to capture detailed shots for the interior shots. Here’s what you should focus on when shooting the exterior of a vehicle:

The complete car: Capture the entirety of the vehicle in a picture so that viewers can get a better idea of its design. Click it from different angles for the complete picture.


How to shoot car exterior


Individual design elements: Every vehicle has its own unique design elements, be it the front grille, headlights, taillights, wheels, etc. You need to shoot those individually to highlight the beauty.

For the interior shots, here are the elements to focus on:

Seats: Your customers will spend most of their time inside the vehicle, so you must show the seats off. Capture a few zoomed-in shots, showcasing the texture of the material (if the material is premium), along with a regular cabin shot.


How to shoot car interior

View from the back seat: One of the most excellent shots to click would be the one where the car photographer is sitting in the middle of the back seat and capturing the view ahead. Here, you are capturing the cabin in a complete manner, including the steering wheel, dashboard, etc. It also gives you a feel of the space on offer.

All equipment and features: Buyers are always interested in checking out all the features available in the car – the infotainment system, climate control, etc. It’s best to be strategic about it – shoot the most details in the least number of pictures, without compromising on the quality.


How to Close the Deal from Begining to the End?

Car photographers often look, at how to deal with clients. No worries, we are here to resolve all of your queries. We have mentioned the steps, of how to close the deal. You will find all the steps from the beginning to end part in the information mentioned below:

1) Planning: Once you receive a revert from your client that they want to hire you. Fix the dates and listen to the requirements and the job they are expecting. Additionally, ask for a brief explanation if required. Sort out the timings and locations that fit best for both of you. Once all the required things are planned, wait for the shoot day.

2) Introduce yourself: Once you are at the location, introduce yourself to everybody. Make sure to carry all the equipment and explain to them how you are going to capture the images.

3) Complete the shoot: Visit various locations that you planned previously and complete your shoot. Capture a variety of shots with different angles in a RAW format.

4) Inspect your shoot: Once you head back to your home. Check out the shots you took and separate the best ones. We advise you to create a backup in case any mishap happens and the data gets deleted until you hand over the images to your client.

5) Editing: Load up all your selected images and decide the editings required in them. You can make notes of it to keep it remembered. Further, you can use high-functioning editing software like Spyne, to make your images look the best.

6) Make a folder: After you have completed your editing, and have converted images into the desired file. You can make a folder and name each photograph according to its title.

7) Forward images to the client: You can share the link of the drive with your client and ask if there is any more editing required in it. Therefore, if there is some additional editing complete the task to make your client’s experience the best.

8) Share Invoice: Once you are finished with your job, and completed all the additions your client asked you to do. You can share the invoice with them to complete the payment transaction.


Features of a Good Car Photoshoot

Every good photoshoot has some important features, which can help make the vehicle look more appealing and/or trustworthy. Here are the most important features you should keep in mind:

1. Focus on what makes the car special

Usually, car manufacturers build each model with a focus on an aspect – technology, affordability, efficiency, etc. You should choose the theme of your photoshoot appropriately.

2. Multiple angles for exterior shots

To give your audience the best feel for your cars, you should capture their exterior in high-resolution images from multiple angles. Thus, people would get the most accurate feel for the design of the vehicle in which they’re interested.


Shoot car images from multiple angles

3. Multiple interior shots

Just like the exterior, you need multiple shots of the interior of an automobile. During interior car photography, don’t just capture the cabin in a generic manner but focus on the details. Start with the seats, then move on to the different features available on the vehicle.

4. The correct background

Choosing the perfect background for your car photos is one of the most critical parts of a photoshoot. A cluttered, unappealing environment can diminish the car’s beauty; however, a beautiful backdrop could be distracting. You need a simple but good-looking background that doesn’t divert viewers’ attention away from the subject.


How Automotive Inventory Photographers Should Organize Photos

Clicking pictures is only half the job, the other half is to keep those pictures organized. Here’s how car photographers do that:

Step 1: By car dealership/marketplace

If you’re a professional photographer or planning to be one, you’ll likely work with plenty of Car Marketplaces and dealerships. It’s best to keep the work you do for each in separate folders, so there’s never any confusion.

Step 2: By car model

You would likely have to shoot photos of multiple car models, so it’s best to segregate and organize the photos by model names. This would make them much easier to find when you need them.


How photographers organize pictures


Step 3: By VIN or registration number

As a car photographer for car dealership when working with a used car dealership or marketplace, you’ll have to shoot pictures of multiple cars of the same model. To avoid confusion, you should organize them as per their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or registration number to keep track.

Step 4: By quality/format

If you’re shooting RAW pictures and turning them into JPEGs or PNGs after processing, then you’ll have two different formats of pictures for each car. Don’t delete the RAW files until you’re sure you won’t need them ever again. It’s best to keep both formats under different folders.

Step 5. By exterior, interior, and miscellaneous shots

Lastly, you should divide all your pictures into three categories – interior shots, exterior shots, and miscellaneous. The interior and exterior shots are self-explanatory. As for miscellaneous shots, they should consist of pictures that don’t fit into the other two categories neatly, like the wheels and tires, accessories, etc.

Note: You can either keep the images on your computer’s hard drive or upload them on a cloud platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. We suggest doing both. You can share the files with your clients on the cloud and keep them as backups on your hard drive.


How To Find Car Photography Clients?

Finding potential clients for auto photography can be a hunt for a car show photographer. However, you can explore car shows and car club meet-ups to find potential clients, who are looking for stunning photographers. Make sure, to take your camera with you to showcase your shots. It will not only help you to grab the attention of the clients and flaunt your work. However, it will also help the clients to make fast real-time decisions. We have mentioned some top tips for you to find the car photography clients for your business below:

Figure out your client

In car photography, this can be a dealership and businesses who want to get images for displaying their inventory online or those who want glamor shots of their vintage or racing cars. You want to know whether your clients are businesses, individuals, or entrepreneurs so you can market yourself and set your prices accordingly

Create a photography portfolio

Be present online to be found. People prefer seeing your work before they hire you, and that can be done with a car photography portfolio website or social media page. This will also serve as your first point of contact with the client. Keep the design of the website simple and have a contact page from where people can get in touch with you. Make sure to include some vintage car photography shots.

Get referrals from friends and family

Most car photographers begin work through friend and family referrals. People tend to trust word-of-mouth recommendations more. Unless you have a Car Photography Studio or work for a company, your first clients are most likely going to be got through referrals

Start a referral program

Offering discounts for referrals helps you get new clients and also encourages previous clients to return for your services. The discount can be offered on prints, future sessions, etc. It is up to you to decide. Give the discount only when a session is booked by the referred client.

Build your network

Network with other professionals in your area. Promote your business and yourself to your clients, and your network can help you find local clients, work in collaboration or even give you referrals where they cannot be available.

Maintain relationships

Maintain your relationship with the clients. Make sure they are satisfied with the shoot; then, they are more likely to recommend you or employ your services again. Repeat customers can ensure the future of your business.

Attend trade shows

Work on your communication skills and visit car expos and shows to build your portfolio. Engage with the people and car owners here. Market yourself and your brand, and make sure if a person seems interested in your work, they have your contact information to get in touch with you later or book a session right away.

Ask for feedback

Even if it seems difficult, ask for feedback. Negative feedback will help you improve, and positive feedback can be used as customer testimonials to build client trust. You can also request your clients to share the images you provide on their social media platforms for greater reach.



We hope this blog has helped you understand everything required to become a professional car photographer. Right from getting the correct equipment to capturing the shots in the perfect lighting, you should drill all the points discussed here into your heart! Spyne helps dealerships photograph their new and used vehicles, also known as inventory photography. It is a photo, video, and 360 degree view solution for auto dealers, helping them drastically reduce labor costs and move more inventory. For car dealer photographers near you, download Spyne on your smartphone.




  • Q. Why car photographer won't give you the RAW files?

    As mentioned in the article, the RAW file is the best format for car photoshoots because you get the best quality. However, these files are way too large to use or share, which is why they have to be converted to JPG or TIFF images before photographers hand them over to the clients.

    You can, however, make special requests to receive the RAW files if you need them.

  • Q. How can I get find an experienced automotive photographer near me?

    You might be tempted to open Google, type in “professional automotive photographer near me”, and go with the first option that pops up there. However, it won’t always give you the correct option, and the overabundance of search results makes it difficult to get what you want.

    The best way is to go to Yelp, Thumbtack, etc., and search for your query there. Not only will you find plenty of professional car photographers near your business, you’ll also find their ratings there (provided by the clients they worked for previously), giving you an idea of how good their services are. You can also go through their portfolios and check out the quality of their work yourself.

  • Q. How do I get better interior shots of a car?

    Since there is space constraint, shooting the interiors of a car can be tricky, however, there are ways you can shoot better interior shots of a car:

    1. Get a small and light camera. A bulky one will make it harder to shoot inside a vehicle

    2. Use lights to brighten up the cabin, but avoid reflections and overexposure

    3.Focus on key features, like seats, steering wheel, dashboard, center console, etc.

  • Q. How to always shoot fantastic car photos?

    The best automotive photographers in the world have a lot of tricks that help them out. Here are some tips on how to always shoot fantastic car photos:

    1. Pick a theme for your photoshoots

    2. Always shoot in RAW format

    3. Get the perfect lighting

    4. Always shoot in manual mode with a tripod.

  • Q. How do I ask random people to opt for my services as a car photographer?

    We advise you to not be overly professional, you can ask them nicely. You can take time and focus on building work relationships with them.

  • Q. How can I provide exceptional services to make my clients satisfied? 

    It is advised to be flexible and open to compromise. However, you should also be confident in your skills and not compromise on your core values or your commitment to producing high-quality work.

  • Q. What can I move forward from amateur to professional photographer?

    After continuous practice and mastering your skills. You can opt to transition from an amateur to a professional photographer.

  • Q. Shall we outsource editing?

    You can outsource editing to a professional editor if you do not have much time to do it by yourself.

  • Q. How to start with the first DSLR camera with its different filters and lenses?

    We suggest performing multiple shots with your camera to figure out the composition and angles. Further, figure out the best setting and the perfect angle, lenses, and filters based on your skills.

  • Q. When to get the most out of the kit lens?

    You can play and try out the strengths of your kit lens. We advise you to use the kit lens in good light so you can work with a limited aperture.

  • Q. What are the car photographer prices?

    The ideal car photographer rates can be up to $50 to $300 per hour.

  • Q. What should be the car photographer logo?

    You should choose a unique and appealing logo that conveys your style and portray your brand message.

  • Q. What is the car photographer's salary?

    Car photographer salary ranges up to $81,15 in the United States as of April 2024. However, it falls between $94,034 and $71,329

  • Q. How to be a car photographer and how to get into car photography?

    The qualification required to become a professional photographer is to have a high school diploma. Additionally, you should have at least 1 year of experience to be a professional.

  • Q. What is automotive photography?

    Automotive photographers capture photos of vehicles to use in promotional materials and marketing.

  • Q. How to start car photography?

    You can start learning the basics of exposure and practice your skills in the beginning journey of your car photography.

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