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How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate – Ways & Tips

Product images conversion rates statistics

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Gone are the days when shoppers only relied on offline stores, and eCommerce was a good-to-have channel. Shopping online today is an experience. A well-shot, clear, and sharp visuals help shoppers understand and judge a product and reach a purchase decision. While product descriptions and reviews also exist, texts are more complex to process than images, which helps you give a more significant first impression of your product and brand in just a glance. Moreover, product images conversion rates statistics show that 93% of online shoppers consider the visual appearance of products a prime purchasing deciding factor.

But how do product images increase conversion rates? What are the reasons images increase conversion rates? How should you leverage pictures to increase your conversions? This blog will cover all of these things in great detail. Let’s dive in and find out how product images conversion rate statistics.


How do High-Quality Images Increase Conversion Rates?

Product images increase conversion rates on your website. High-quality images can captivate visitors and leave a lasting impression, ultimately driving more conversions. In addition, high-quality images help establish trust with potential customers by showcasing professionalism and a commitment to maintaining a robust online presence. Here is how product images help increase conversions:

1. Eye-Catching Appeal: High-quality product images attract and engage customers, increasing the likelihood of conversion. These visually appealing images immediately grab attention and create a positive impact.

2. Enhanced Product Understanding: Clear, detailed images help customers understand your offerings better. By providing a comprehensive view of the product’s features, functionality, and aesthetics, images enable customers to make informed purchase decisions, resulting image increases conversion rates.

3. Trust and Credibility: High-quality product images build trust and credibility. They showcase your commitment to delivering quality and professionalism, instilling customer confidence. When customers trust your brand, conversion rates naturally increase.

4. Emotional Connection: Images can evoke emotions and establish a connection with customers. High-quality visuals can trigger positive feelings such as desire, excitement, or trust, influencing customers’ buying decisions and leading to higher conversions.

5. Mobile Optimization: Optimizing images for mobile users is essential in today’s mobile-driven world. High-quality, visually appealing images optimized for mobile devices ensure a seamless user experience. Mobile-friendly images contribute to increased conversions on smartphones and tablets.

6. Social Sharing: Compelling product images are more likely to be shared on social media platforms, expanding your brand’s exposure. Customers who encounter visually stunning photographs are eager to share them with their networks.

In summary, incorporating high-quality product images increase conversion rates. You can effectively enhance conversions and drive business success by leveraging visual appeal, establishing trust, and creating an emotional connection with your audience.


Why do Product Images Increase Conversion Rates?

Since dawn, we humans have relied on visuals to communicate. It’s no surprise that savvy marketers and advertisers were quick to recognize the power of imagery in promoting products and services. And guess what? They were onto something big. The universal appeal of images still plays a crucial role in helping brands connect with their target audience.


Images increase conversion rates


But here’s the real deal: images do more than captivate potential customers. Images increase conversion rate across various channels significantly, be it by optimizing your website, leveraging social media, or even amplifying the impact of your email marketing campaigns.

1. Creating emotional connection

Product images conversion rates statistics highlight the power of visuals in driving conversions. Compelling product images evoke emotions, build trust, and forge connections, resulting in higher conversion rates. Additionally, by triggering positive emotions, these visuals establish a deeper connection with the audience, underscoring the significance of incorporating them for optimized conversions.

2. Simplifies complex ideas

Simplifying complex concepts for your audience can be challenging, but images are a game-changer. Using images to illustrate complex ideas enhances the attractiveness and user-friendliness of your content, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions.

3. Improve website aesthetics

A visually appealing website can make a lasting first impression on your brand. When well-designed, your website creates a positive impact and encourages visitors to explore further which, in turn, leads to higher chances of conversions.

Investing in the visual design of your website helps attract and retain visitors, making it more likely for them to take the desired action, whether it’s making a purchase or filling out a form.

Moreover, a visually appealing website builds trust and credibility with your audience, further enhancing the likelihood of conversions.

4. Rise in social sharing and recommendations

Including visually appealing and relevant images in your social media strategy can significantly enhance the likelihood of your followers sharing your content. This engagement can result in greater exposure for your brand as others share your images, reaching a wider audience. The outcome of this increased visibility is a boost in website traffic and conversions. Leveraging captivating product images on social media is a cost-effective approach to establishing your brand, reaching new customers, and driving conversions.

By crafting visually enticing images that resonate with your target audience, you can inspire social media shares, ultimately fueling the growth and success of your business.

5. Increases product visibility

Using high-quality images of your products can significantly impact how potential customers perceive your offerings. Clear and detailed product images help your audience better understand what you have to offer.

As a result, incorporating images builds trust and credibility with your audience, reduces uncertainty, and eliminates confusion about the product, ultimately images increasing conversion rate. In a way that language alone cannot, high-quality product photos can highlight the qualities and advantages of your items.

6. Establish credibility and trust

You can establish trust and credibility with your audience through professional and high-quality images. These images showcase your brand’s expertise and authority, making it more likely for your audience to choose your brand over competitors. Integrating relevant and well-designed ideas that align with your brand allows you to communicate your message and foster trust with your audience effectively. As a result, your audience is more inclined to engage with your brand, leading to increased conversions and desired actions.

7. Improves User Experience

By strategically positioning images throughout your website, you can greatly improve the navigation experience for your visitors, ensuring it is smooth, intuitive, and user-friendly. Using images to guide your audience throughout your site makes it easier for them to find the information they seek.

This, in turn, increases conversions, as visitors are more likely to engage with your brand and take desired actions, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Moreover, using product images to improve navigation also contributes to a visually appealing website, attracting visitors and encouraging them to stay longer.

8. Help build visual context

Images play a vital role in providing context to your content, making it easier for visitors to grasp your message. Incorporating images that reinforce your message helps your audience understand your content more clearly, leading to increased conversions.

9. Establish directional cues

Directional cues, such as arrows or pathways, guide marketers, leading visitors directly toward their desired action—clicking that CTA button and achieving conversion goals. But here’s the secret: human-focused directional cues, like a person’s gaze or a finger pointing towards your lead capture form, hold even more power over your visitors.

10. Build virality for your product

Intelligent and humorous images increase conversion rates, such as memes created using a meme generator, are incredibly engaging. That’s why they have the potential to go viral and skyrocket your conversion rates. The best part? With the abundance of meme generators available online today, generating memes is a breeze. Memes help garner more likes and shares, boosting your visibility and reach. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Product images have a significant impact on conversion rates, with studies showing that high-quality images increase conversions by up to 60%. Investing in compelling visuals, check product images conversion rates statistics, optimized for mobile devices, can greatly enhance your online sales.


Research & Statistics About Product Images & Conversion Rates

An online business with little or no subpar product images is like furnishing your new home with old, worn-out rugs and carpets. Imagine, how it’s going to look. A high-quality product image makes your eCommerce and social pages attractive and helps keep your shoppers glued to the images who search for details.


Images conversion rate statistics


Let numbers speak What research says about product images conversion rates statistics.

  • 75% of online shoppers consider looking at product images before skimming through other elements on the screen.
  • Google research says 50% of online shoppers found images helpful in purchasing.
  • E-commerce photography impacts social sharing. Product visuals get nearly 40% of sharing over social media.
  • 360-degree product images can increase add-to-cart rates by 22% and click-through rates on social media by 4.5 percent.

Product images conversion rates statistics reveal their significant impact. Statistics play a crucial role in analyzing the impact of product images on conversion rates. The data surrounding product images conversion rates statistics conclusively demonstrates their significant influence.


Tips to Use Product Images to Increase Conversion Rates

When Images increase conversion rate, any form of visual content is better than none. Photography and graphics are a “yes,” while videos and animations are an “absolutely.” Once you dive into creating these visuals, you can promote and repurpose them on a larger scale, maximizing the value of every image you produce. Here are key points to remember how images increase conversion rates:

1. Using high-quality images

The quality of images a company uses extensively influences viewers’ impressions. Low-quality, grainy images often need more professionalism or trustworthiness. Conversely, high-quality images create a perception of superior products and services that visitors are more inclined to purchase. While images and videos are compelling on any platform, it’s crucial to meet the expectations of the specific destination.

For instance, when users browse your website from a mobile device, you should avoid the digital faux pas of distorted visuals. Adaptable website layouts can automatically adjust visual content to fit various screen sizes, but testing your website on a mobile device is essential before publishing updates. Additionally, image size can impact the viewer experience. Oversized photos can slow down loading time, while too small graphics may make it difficult for viewers to see important details.

2. Use larger pictures to let shoppers zoom in

How often have you zoomed in to scrutinize the details of a product you’re considering purchasing? Quite a few. Well, guess what? Your potential customers are no different.Buyers only favor your product if they can see every little detail. Unfortunately, small images just don’t cut it. In fact, they give off a vibe of hiding something. On the other hand, large images provide clarity and a window into the intricate details of your product.

3. Capture product from different angles

Regarding product details, buyers crave as much information as possible. They want to see every angle of the product, from the left, right, back, and everything in between. Online shoppers can only physically hold and inspect the product, so providing them with product shots from various angles is essential. Not only does this build trust, but it also offers reassurance to the buyer.

However, you don’t have to overwhelm them by displaying all the images simultaneously. Show one picture initially, then provide the rest as thumbnails for easy navigation. This way, buyers can explore the additional product images at their own pace.

4. Product in action

By showcasing your product in action, you make it effortless for potential customers to understand how it works or how they can incorporate it into their lives, depending on your offer.

Here’s a powerful marketing tactic: instead of solely focusing on your product features, shift your messaging towards your buyer and how your product can enhance their life. Adopting a customer-centered approach creates a stronger connection with your audience.

Apply the same principle to your visuals by displaying your products in context.


Product in action


For instance, a simple picture of the bag alone may not captivate your buyers if you sell handbags. However, showcasing the purse on a cozy couch helps ignite their imagination. Alternatively, featuring a model carrying the purse gives potential buyers an idea of how it would look and feel when they have it themselves.

5. 360 degree visuals of products

You’ve probably come across them on social media, especially Facebook. 360-degree product images are a collection of still images that showcase your product from multiple angles. These images are captured sequentially using a rotating turntable, providing a complete product view. In fact, research says you can reduce your product returns by 4.7 percent and images increase conversion rates by 2.5 percent.

6. Include product page videos

55% of consumers rely on videos when making purchase decisions. And here’s the kicker, a whopping 73% of visitors who watch product videos end up making a purchase. The reason behind the success of video content is simple: it provides buyers with a better understanding of product specifications. Here are some quick product photography ideas to get you started with:

  • For example, show your product in context by featuring someone modeling the dress you sell.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your industry and ask them to create unboxing videos to review your products.
  • Request happy customers to film videos of them using your product or capture the excitement of unboxing it.

7. Create 3D product images

The magic of 3D images lies in their ability to create a mesmerizing illusion of depth, transforming flat 2D visuals into lifelike three-dimensional wonders. What sets 3D images apart is their unique capability to showcase products without the distractions of dust specks and streaks commonly found in regular pictures.

Moreover, these images capture products from distinct angles, adding an extra touch of fascination. By harnessing the power of 3D imagery, you can truly highlight your product’s splendor, making it even more enticing to potential customers. This impressive approach distinguishes your brand and leaves a lasting impression.


Increase Conversion Rates with Spyne’s Impactful Visuals

While we talk about how good product images increase conversion rates, producing high-impact images for eCommerce can be cumbersome. That’s where Spyne’s AI-led, state-of-the-art product photography comes into play. You need equipment, a professional photographer, location choice, post-photography production software, turntables to capture rotating visuals, bulk image processing tools, and whatnot. This not ends up consuming long hours of productivity but also drains resources.


Spyne's Impactful Visuals


The tool helps you capture images correctly and process and upload thousands of conversion images in a day effortlessly in a blink of an eye. With the help of our digital showroom, quality checking room, Darkroom and ecommerce photo editing features, you can:

  • Process and transform millions of images in one go.
  • Ensure marketplace-ready product images.
  • Choose from over 100+ customizable backgrounds.
  • Leverage 100+ computer-vision models to validate ideas at scale.
  • Ensure 80 percent faster go-to-market.


All you have to do is download the Spyne AI app on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions while capturing images. Alternatively, upload previously taken pictures and follow the QC feedback to improve the impact of the product visuals. You can also use in-built validation models for real-time quality checks. Process them, add shadows, remove reflections, crop, or use tilt features to make its marketplace ready. Add final touches using our customization tools and upload in one go.

Sounds intriguing? Wish to learn more about how Spyne AI can help you unlock whooping sales figures through product images? Reach out to us or book your free demo today.



High-quality product images have a significant impact on increasing conversion rates. They capture attention, create an emotional connection, and establish trust with potential customers. Visually appealing images attract and engage customers, while clear and detailed visuals help them understand and judge a product better. Images simplify complex ideas and improve website aesthetics, leading to a positive user experience. Social sharing of compelling product images can expand brand exposure and attract new customers. Incorporating high-quality visuals increases product visibility and credibility.

Images also help in establishing visual context, providing directional cues, and building virality for products. Research supports the effectiveness of product images in influencing purchasing decisions. To leverage the power of images, businesses should focus on using high-quality visuals, incorporating different angles, showcasing products in action, utilising 360-degree visuals and videos, and embracing 3D images. By doing so, businesses can effectively enhance conversions and drive success.


  • Do images increase conversion rate?

    Images significantly increase conversion rates. They grab users’ attention, improve information comprehension, and evoke emotions, leading to higher engagement and conversions. Relevant and high-quality images strategically utilized in marketing and website design enhance the overall user experience and positively impact conversion rate statistics.

  • How High-quality visuals conversion rate?

    High-quality visuals have a significant impact on conversion rates. They capture users’ attention, enhance information comprehension, and evoke emotions, resulting in increased engagement and conversions. When incorporated strategically in marketing and website design, relevant and visually appealing images actively contribute to improving conversion rate statistics.

  • What are the benefits of images in marketing?

    Images in marketing attract attention, increase brand recognition, enhance message retention, and create compelling visual narratives that drive engagement and boost conversions.75% of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding on a potential purchase hence images increase conversion rate ecommerce

  • How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate?

    The impact of images on your conversion rate is significant. They capture attention, convey information effectively, evoke emotions, and create a memorable visual experience that engages and convinces your audience to take the desired action, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

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