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Corporate Headshot – 8 Ultimate Tips For Professional Headshots

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corporate photography, corporate portrait

When it comes to having good corporate imagery and showing your prospective consumers or employer the best side of you, you have got to work on your corporate headshots. You must have heard it time and again that “the first impression is the last impression” and it couldn’t be more true. You can use these professional headshots at different platforms.

corporate photography, corporate portrait

Your first impression is what gets embedded into the minds of those you seek to work with and the impression stays on for a long time. And you definitely don’t want that impression to be anything else than positive. A good corporate photoshoot depends on factors that vary from your overall attire to hiring a good photographer.


Different Types of Corporate Headshots

When someone says corporate headshots, what comes to your mind? Is it a picture of your wearing a business suit with combed hair and positive smile. If yes, then you should know that it is one aspect of it. In reality, there can be variations to corporate photoshoots that can enhance the impact as well as fulfil the individual purpose of a professional. Here are two different types of photoshoots.

1. Professional Headshots

This kind of corporate headshot is rather common among professionals. It is about creating a positive image and showing more of a professional side of you. Such kinds of photoshoots are done in ambient lighting or inside a studio setup.

Professional headshots are frames in such a way that only the upper half section of the body is visible. For professional headshots, one must opt to wear formals depending on the occasion or purpose of your photoshoot.

professional headshot

When it comes to the usage of professional headshots, you can say there are many. From putting it up as your LinkedIn profile to adding it to your resume, professional headshots are pretty useful. Also, they can be used by companies to showcase their employees on their website.

professional headshot


2. Editorial Headshots/Portraits

Editorial Portraits, on the other hand, are a way of telling the story of the subject through pictures. This kind of photoshoot was previously used for photojournalism where a picture would help in telling the story of a person but now they are effectively used by the corporates.

In the corporate world, Editorial Portraits are taken at the place of work. It helps in telling exactly what a professional does. It tells their story without having to explain it with words. This might sound like a new concept but it’s definitely not. Instead, it is a unique approach towards a corporate headshot that passes as being acknowledged as professionals. One thing to know is that one doesn’t need to wear specific attire for this photoshoot. Just dressing up for the job you do can do just fine.

professional headshot

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How do I get a corporate headshot?

When it comes to corporate headshots, there are some key highlights that you can keep in mind to get better pictures. By this, we mean that you must know where to put your effort more so that your corporate headshot fulfils your purpose.


1. Focus on Hair

One can’t deny the fact that our hair looks fabulous when we are just sitting at home doing nothing and watching Netflix but while going for work or to meet someone, the hair just doesn’t cooperate. In the case of men, freshly cut hair can be a bit of a nuisance as they take time to set the way you want.

So, when you are going for a corporate headshot, make sure that you don’t cut your hair or dye them. Take time to adjust your hair using a quality wax.

women's professional headshots

corporate photography, corporate portrait


2. Your Profile

Another main focus for your corporate headshot should be your profile. We all have that one side of our face that we loathe and then there’s the other that makes us feel confident. For some, it can be front, for some left and for many, the front profile. So, make sure that you tell that to the photographer beforehand so that he/she can capture your best profile.

corporate photography, corporate portrait


3. Your Apparels

The next most important part is the apparel that you wear. For a professional photo shoot, you have to check what you are wearing.

If you find it hard to decide then you can start by writing down the purpose and then see the required clothing on the Internet. But there are some constants that can make your life easy.

corporate headshot, professional headshot

If you are a man then you can wear a dark colour suit and avoid anything colourful to avoid looking like unprofessional. For women, it’s the same but you can add colours if you want but nothing too attention-grabbing.

Since you will be adding your professional headshot to your resume, you can also change pictures according to the office culture.

corporate headshot, professional headshot

4. Right Posture

The next thing that you should put your focus on is the right posture. Bad posture can really reflect in your pictures, taking the positive vibe away. If you want to reflect positivity and confidence, make sure that you keep your posture right while taking the professional headshot.

women's professional headshots


What makes a good professional headshot?

If you want to get good professional headshots effortlessly then there are some tips that you can follow. These easy tips can make the entire process smooth and give you good results.

1. Smile More

People always ask themselves, “Should you smile in a professional headshot?” And the answer is simply yes. To reflect more positivity and confidence in your pictures, you can give a little smile. And not just a little, but it can also be a big smile unless it doesn’t make you look creepy.

Smiling with or without teeth? Why don’t you decide?

Yes, teethe smile is as acceptable as a subtle smile in corporate headshots. So, go with whatever as long as it looks good in the picture.

corporate headshot, corporate portrait

corporate headshot, corporate portrait


2. Avoid Sweaty Picture

If you have clicked enough pictures in your life then you must have noticed that a camera flash can make your whole face shine and make it seem like it is sweaty even when it’s not. This happens when you have a little oil on your face and the photographer uses an external flashlight to illuminate your profile inside a studio set up.

And since you do not want to appear sweaty in your professional headshots, you can wipe your face with a wet tissue and remove the excessive oil. For women, a concealer works the best.

corporate headshot, corporate portrait


3. If you wear Glasses

If you regularly wear glasses or wear them while working, you can keep a few things in mind to get good pictures. Firstly, decide whether you want to wear glasses or not, way before the photoshoot. This is crucial because once you decide not to wear them moments before the photoshoot, those red marks will appear very clearly on your nose.

Also, if you do opt to wear them, make sure that you clean them properly because the dust and fingerprints on the lens can appear very clearly in the final picture.


4. Use the Mirror

Even though we spend a lot of time in front of the mirror before going for a photoshoot, but sometimes it can take a while for your turn. You may have to wait for long or you might not get a chance to look at yourself before the photoshoot. This is the reason why it is important to take a final look in the mirror, seconds before going for the photoshoot.

corporate headshot, Professional Headshot


Do’s and Don’t of Corporate Headshot

corporate headshots, Professional Headshot


What Should You Wear For A Professional Headshot?

Professional Headshot, Corporate Headshot

When it comes to professional headshots, you are expected to have a certain appeal and this is why people are always pondering over what to wear and what attire is the best for such a shoot. So if you are someone who is wondering what to wear, then plain and solid colour clothes are the best choice.

women's professional headshots

And when it comes to the colours, mid-tone colours like purple, blue and green as they are the most suited colours for a corporate headshot. And if you are still confused with colours, then you can easily go for Jewel Tones. These colours are robust and they help you exhibit confidence. Another great tip is to wear a colour that emphasis your eyes.

What Should You NOT Wear For A Professional Headshot?

There are certain rules that you need to follow in terms of attire to make your Corporate Headshot look professional and assertive. For this, you need to avoid Patterned and Printed Clothing. They do not help your case and also distract the viewer and take attention away from your face. 

Most of the time you should also avoid wearing clothes that are too close to your skin tone. And this is due to the fact that they blend your face with your clothes. Go for super bright colours like red and orange only when you are confident that you can pull them off. Most of the time corporate headshots are filled with black colour, but rather than wearing black, you should go for richer and neutral colours like maroon. The reason we say that is because black look a bit dark and dull which usually gives out the secure and shielded vibe, which is not what most people want in a Corporate Headshot.

How Should I Wear My Hair For A Professional Headshot?

women's professional headshots, professional headshot

As we have already discussed the importance of your hair in a Professional Corporate Headshot, you need to wear your hair the way it best defines you. Doesn’t matter if you are working with a stylist or not, you need to go with a hairstyle that suits you and makes you feel confident. Women can also go for curls and waves as they usually look great in a professional headshot.

How Can You Look Photogenic For A Professional Headshot?

Professional Headshot

This is a question that we are asked quite a lot, hence we at Spyne have brought you some tips that will help you to appear more photogenic in front of the camera. And not for corporate photography, you can use these techniques for any other photoshoot.

Practice Being Comfortable in front of the camera

Professional Headshot

This is one of the most and best advice that you can apply to get seamless and confident professional headshots. You can do this by looking into the mirror and also using the self-timer of the camera.

Know Which Angle Works Best For You

Professional Headshot

Most of the people do not have a symmetrical face. So to make up for it, you have to figure out which of your profile works better and what angles do the trick for you for your corporate headshot.

Prepare For The Shoot

Professional Headshot

When you know that you are about to be a part of a shoot, you can always prepare for your professional headshot. This includes applying a bit of make so that you face looks great even with close-ups.

Exhibit Emotion

Professional Headshot

This is a great way to look photogenic and connect better with the viewer through your corporate headshot. As we already said, a smile is always a great idea for such a shoot. 

Understand Which Poses Look Good On You

Professional Headshot

Most of the professional headshots are pretty straightforward and there is not much need for you to pose. but a slight adjustment in your posture can really make a difference. 


If you are someone who is a part of the corporate world, then you definitely need a professional headshot as these images play a major role in giving you engagement at platforms like LinkedIn and even Twitter. 

And this blog has everything that you need to know for your own corporate headshot. Remember to feel confident and do not forget to smile, it is always good to show emotion even if is a corporate headshot.

If you are looking for hiring a photographer for corporate headshots for your business, employees or for your social media profile then you can contact Spyne at [email protected] or call our experts at 011-66104020.

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