19 Newborn Baby Photoshoot Tips & Ideas For 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide For A Newborn Baby Photoshoot With Spyne

Welcoming a little angle to your life and your family is one of the most blissful and magnanimous feelings an individual can ever have. Having a baby is one of the most emotional moments that one fails to put into words, describe, or express. Isn't it just amazing?

newborn baby photoshoot

Since you are already celebrating, we are sure that you will be anticipating to have a newborn baby photoshoot for your little angel who is cute and adorable. Having a newborn baby photo shoot is not just about capturing the pictures of the baby, it is also about creating and pinning wonderful memories, and creating a photo session where everyone is happy, comfortable, and above all the baby is safe.

baby photoshoot

It might sound an easy feat, but photographing the newborn is one of the most crucial, scariest, and difficult tasks to do. It involves higher risks to the baby if the photoshoot is not planned and executed properly. You need to hire the best newborn baby photographer to cover this photo session.

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So if you are someone who looking forward to a baby photoshoot, then we here at Spyne have brought you some ideal tips that you must follow during the baby photoshoot: 


1. Build A Creative and Artistic Setup

Most parents tend to keep the newborn baby photoshoot simple and manageable. However, some parents create a creative setup of baby accessories to give it a cute touch. You can use colorful clothes to wrap the baby, keep them over a guitar, or baby accessories like a balloon or wooden plane. You can even choose a particular theme for the photo shoot, how about keeping everything blue?

newborn baby photoshoot

A baby who has just come into this world is not familiar with the surroundings. So, if you are setting up a studio for Newborn Photography, make sure it is indoor.

newborn baby photography, newborn photoshoot

Setting up an indoor studio gives you a lot more control over things in contrast to an outdoor setup. Surely you can't use three-point lighting but a regular constant light set-up can work. 

newborn baby photoshoot

In a nutshell, you have to be in control as an infant photographer. An experienced photographer’s job is to make sure that the entire photoshoot goes as planned without any surprises.

newborn baby photoshoot

newborn baby shoot

cute baby photoshoot


2. The Baby's Safety is a Priority

No matter what, you must give the priority to the safety of the newborn who is soft and fragile. Handle them with extra care and caution. Remember, these kids are just born, they have not seen the light of the world yet, neither are they exposed to the external environment so be careful while using your equipment such as tripods, lights, on-camera flashes, etc.

newborn baby photoshoot


Do not use hard objects as props. You can keep the photoshoot simple by using soft props. 

baby photoshoot


3. Make Sure That The Baby is Comfortable

Before starting out the baby photoshoot, you have to check if the baby is comfortable. Now, this is important because you don’t want to start shooting the baby when the baby is not resting in a safe position or the stage is uncomfortable.

Baby comfort, Newborn photographyAlso Read: Types of Photoshoot - Eye Opening Blog for Professional Photo shoot

Professional Newborn Baby Photographers mostly tend to capture the baby in two looks, either awake or peacefully sleeping. The photographer must make sure that the posture of the newborn is comfortable, the place is warmer (use hot water bags to keep the spot warmer), and the surroundings are peaceful, it will save you from causing a difficult time for all involved in the shoot. 

baby photoshoot

There are chances that the baby cries, which can make it difficult for the photographer to shoot, so it is better if the photographer strives to take pictures candidly during the baby is asleep.

newborn photoshoot

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4. See to it that the Studio is Properly Lit 

Newborn babies, as well as babies in general, cannot handle harsh or bright light. So, you have to be careful while using any kind of lighting. It would be best if you use an external light source rather than the camera’s pop up light.

Doing a 'Light' Check, Newborn Photography

You can easily bounce off the external light from the wall or ceiling as well as you can use a softbox to cut the exposure. While shooting baby portraits, make sure that any kind of bright light is not hitting the baby. If you are unsure, just use natural light. Open up the doors or windows so that the sunlight can reach your Newborn Photography studio set-up.


5. Use The Perfect Moment To Capture The Newborn

If the baby has just born, you can capture the baby within the first 15 days, the magical window timeframe, of birth. Usually, during initial days, the baby sleeps the most, it gives an upper hand to the photographer to click the baby easily as he or she is easily adjustable. 

newborn photoshoot

However, a baby who is more than 2-weeks old can be a bit more active and vocal. So, there will be a difference between a photoshoot of under 2-week old baby and 3-month baby photography. 

baby photoshoot at home

Hence, it is more advisable to have a baby photoshoot when your child is under 2 weeks old. This can make it easier for you to wrap up the photoshoot in less time. Doing 6-month baby photography, on the other hand, requires so much patience as the baby becomes active. That’s when you will have to go for the time when the baby is sleepy and tired.

Right time for photoshoot, Newborn photography


6. Feeding Breaks

Newborns are little fussy and they will need little breaks during the photo session. new born photoshoot

It will be very helpful for all those individuals involved in the shoot and especially the mother or the caretaker if you feed the baby before the baby photoshoot.

baby bump photoshoot

It will fall him or her asleep, which will help you get the best and the desired shorts of the newborn. 

photoshoots for babies


7. Use Blankets To Keep It Soft

While capturing the baby, make use of soft cloth, beanbags, or soft blankets to support the baby. It will save the baby from rough surfaces and have a colourful-textured background as well. 

baby photoshoot at home

Using beanbags will help you to capture shots from different angles

baby bump photoshoot

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8. Family Appearance And Pets

Getting shot with your baby is rewarding and fun but newborn babies startle quickly, capturing the baby with the mother can make him or her more comfortable. 

newborn baby photoshoot

This is one of the best ways to enhance Newborn Photography. Including family members in the photoshoot, not only makes it much more fun but it also makes the moment more memorable.

Moreover, many parents opt for pre baby shoot like maternity photoshoot. So, it is rewarding for the parents as well who get to share the frame with their Newborn in a professional photoshoot

involve family, newborn photography

9. Choose a Cute Outfit

The last question that might be cooking in your mind is what to wear Swaddling the babies with soft and furry wraps creates a nice and clean look, and keeps them comfortable and warm. Soft and neutral fabrics are good-looking. 

newborn baby photoshoot, newborn photoshoot

You don't have to use matching clothes, you can mix up the gradient colours as well, you have a rainbow of ideas - brandish the one that fits you. 

baby photoshoot, newborn photoshoot


10. Interact with the Baby

While doing a baby photoshoot or any other kind of photoshoot that involves a living being, it is very important to interact with the subject. For a baby, you might come across as a threat or a complete stranger who is pointing some toy at him. So, it is best to keep interacting. Find ways to make baby laugh or smile. This way you can keep the baby interested in the photoshoot. Also, befriending a baby is not the worst thing in the world.

newborn photoshoot, newborn photography


11. Get Close Up Shots

While doing Newborn Photography, it is better to take close shots rather than long shots. Babies are small and you need to get closure to get a detailed shot. Also, taking close shots while doing Newborn Photography helps you fill the frame. No matter what your theme for the photoshoot is, taking close shots of the baby can give you some amazing pictures.

Get Close Up Shots, Newborn Baby Photoshoot


12. Capture more eyes

The one thing that is common in most Newborn photography pictures available on the Internet is the focus on the eyes. Eyes of babies are big with eyelashes curling up. That makes up for an adorable photo shoot. If the baby is too small to sit, take a shot from above while the baby is lying down.

newborn photoshoot


13. Be Prepared With Some Poses And Ideas

Before you hire the best newborn baby photographer for the job, you should do inclusive research on the ideas and the poses that you would like the photographer to follow. Take online help, see the best setups, poses, ideas, and the props involved in the creative and elegant baby shoots.

Making a list of poses is something that every Newborn photographer and even the parents should do as homework. The reason is, most of the Newborn is similar in one way or the other. If one pose is too uncomfortable for a baby then the chances are, the same pose will be uncomfortable for 10 other babies.

newborn photoshoot

The Internet is filled with baby portraits and Newborn photography. You can take maximum ideas from there and create a board to guide your photoshoot. The best part about making a list is that it can help you in planning other baby photoshoots as well.

newborn photoshoot


baby shoot

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And if you are someone who still hasn't made a list of some great newborn baby photoshoot ideas, then not to worry as we here at Spyne are here to help you with the same.

Here are some of the most adorable and enchanting baby photoshoot ideas:

1. Capture Those Cute Little Feet

We know that this is one of the most clicked newborn baby photoshoot ideas, but you still have to try as it looks adorable!

newborn photoshoot

baby photoshoot, cute little baby feet


2. Include Elder Siblings

This is also one of the best ways to make your newborn baby photoshoot even cuter. The elder siblings do add to the charm of the shoot.

newborn photoshoot

newborn photoshoot


3. Style Things Up

Do you know what could make your this baby photoshoot more interesting? A stylish attire.

newborn photoshoot


4. The One With Their Favorite Toy

As you might already know, new born baby photoshoots are as challenging as they are rewarding, so to smooth things up, give the baby their stuff toys to play with.

newborn photoshoot

newborn photoshoot


5. Be Goofy

These ideas help bring out the innocence of the child. And to be honest, they look cute and hilarious at the same time.

newborn photoshoot


6. Don't Forget About Those Tiny Little Hands

This is again one of the most heart-touching photos that you can take at a new baby photoshoot.newborn photoshoot

baby boy photoshoot

baby photoshoot at home

baby girl photoshoot


The key to mastering Newborn Photography is practice. In order to get better at your job and build a portfolio that attracts potential customers, you have to expand your horizon which can only be done by shooting more and more.

The tips mentioned above are the tips of the iceberg. There are many other things you will learn when you start working. Once you have done a good amount of work and clicked adorable photos from the baby photoshoot, work on making a good design portfolio to showcase your work. It will definitely help you grow your business as well as rope in potential clients.

And if you are looking to get a Baby Photoshoot, then we here at Spyne can certainly help you with that. 

Written By - Younus Sideeq on 15 Jan, 2020