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Make Your Home & Decor Brand Look A Lot More Premium By Following These 9 Tips

With the country under lockdown, humans have done what they are best known for, adapting. Rather than going out in a pandemic, people mostly choose to shop online. Due to which, even the smallest sellers now have the chance to target a much larger audience. But to stay relevant and appeal to such enormous traffic, each and every brand needs the best visual content for their brand. And if you are a home and decor brand, then we here at Spyne might have some powerful tips and tricks for you to make your brand more premium and trustworthy. 

9 Tips To Make Your Home And Decor Brand Look More Appealing

We are an AI-Driven Deep Tech Startup that provides world-class photography services to all kinds of different businesses. And during our time in the industry, we have provided several Home & Decor Brands with stunning imagery for Commercial and Advertising purposes. Hence, with our experience, we have put together the following list with which you can make your brand look a lot pleasing.

Get Moody Low Low Light Shots

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These images are not like the ones that you will usually see other brands using. Hence, these moody-looking shots help you stand out.

Use Propers For Background

Sometimes the product alone can look a little dull. For that, all you need to do is place it among props and an environment where it seems the best.  

Get 3D Rendering

As we move forward in time, 3D Rendering is becoming an up-and-coming trend in Product Photography. Hence, 3D Rendering is a great way to futureproof your brand's visual content.

Simple = Elegant

Props and different backgrounds are usually appreciated in product photography, but overdoing it can only ruin things. And as you can see in the image above, sometimes simple photos look the best. 

Capture The Smallest Details

Clicking closeups and getting all those details in your images makes your brand look a lot more premium. And since you have nothing to hide, your brand automatically becomes a lot more credible.

Cover As Many Sides As You Can

Before buying something online, people like to inspect that product thoroughly. And for that, you can only help them by providing them with several images of a single product. 

Take Lifestyle Shots

As you can already see in these images, products look best kept at places where they belong. So even if you have managed to get good visuals of the product on the photography station, you need to capture it where it belongs. 

Keep It Light And Breeze

You also need to make sure that your images have light tones and they come out well especially, in product photography like this. 

Don't Forget The White Background Images

Considering Amazon and Flipkart guidelines, getting white background images becomes essential at the time of your product photography. No matter which marketplace you are targeting, you can always use these images to make extra profit online.  

So if you are looking to renew your brand's visual content or just require some great attention-grabbing photos and videos for your online business, then we here at Spyne would be happy to help you out with our profession and cost-effective Home and Decor Photoshoots. 

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So Book Your Shoot With Us Today! Or if you have any queries, then write to us at business@spyne.ai and our team will get back to you in no time.

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 31 Dec, 2020