Key Points To Remember While Preparing For Aesthetic Hotel Photoshoot

Aesthetic Hotel Photoshoot

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When a visitor comes to your website to book a place to stay, the customer looks for a site that could fulfill his expectations for comfort and experience. To showcase what you offer, you need to capture those elements in your hotel photoshoot.  

However, most of the hoteliers focusing on improving user reviews online fail to understand the need for high-quality images that attract a potential customer to book a place faster. Images not only display the comforts of your accommodation but also creates the first and the lasting impression in the viewers’ minds. 

Hotel photoshoot ideas

Whether you are thinking to hire a professional freelance photographer or a specialized studio for the hotel photoshoot, you need to make sure everything is right in place and prepared to make the photoshoot effective and smooth. You must know the best spots to be captured during the hotel photoshoot, the best angels, and important places on the premises. What do you need to showcase? What should be the focus? These are the things that you must know before choosing to prepare for the elegant hotel photoshoot.

Well, you might ask why are images so important.



Some studies suggest that professional images are more important than positive written reviews on a business. According to a study, you can improve the chances of a booking by 225% if you include just one image or more online.

Professional images of accommodation not only improve the conversions but could also increase the price of rooms. A study by Airbnb suggests that perfectly taken images of rooms could see a 26% price increase. These images need to be attractive that it could grab the eyeball of a viewer. Over 75% of people say that high-quality images play a vital role while making their hotel choice.

Before everything, you need to start preparing your premises for the shoot. Here are some of the points to keep in mind:

Think of the things that need to be done 

The first thing after making a booking for the shoot is to make sure that the premises are clean and the guests aren’t around. Either you will have to completely evacuate the area for the hotel photoshoot during the shooting process, or just close the business for a day to get the shoot done efficiently. 

guide for hotel photoshoot

The vision of the shoot has to be clear, which will help in having an organized shoot process.

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Preparing Indoors

You need to understand that your accommodation must look appealing to the traveler who anticipates living in that place. 

Keep your housekeeping on your toes. Make sure your rooms are ready and tidy for the hotel photoshoot. You might wish to go to the rooms that you have selected for the shoot. Make sure to keep the layout of your bedrooms the same as arranging the bedsheets in the same order, have the same colored beddings even if the design of the rooms is different. Also, make sure metal surfaces are polished, the floor is vacuumed and the amenities are clean before the hotel photoshoot begins. 

Best guide for photoshoot in hotel

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The amenities such as tables, TVs, dressing tables, closets, bathrooms must be included in the shoot, however, you should avoid displaying wiring, lightbulbs, etc during the hotel photoshoot.

You should also know which rooms should be shot at what time, what are other amenities that you must include to give a premium feel of your business.

This image was shot by Spyne for a property in Delhi

© This image was shot by Spyne for a property in Delhi to be listed on the WedMeGood platform.

Preparing Exterior

Before everything, you have to decide which side of your premises is the best view to show off in the hotel photo shoot. Travelers like to explore every aspect of a hotel before making any bookings. So, make sure to capture some stunning pictures with a great view and fresh ambiance of your hotel. 

photography for hotels

Make sure the gardens and lawns are clean, properly trimmed, balconies are clean, painted. These things are very important to take care of while going for an exterior shoot. You might also want to select the best time to capture your exteriors. Some prefer to capture the premises during a stunning twilight. You can create a very positive atmosphere by leaving the lights on of the rooms. It gives the outside the feeling of being invited to stay by.

photography for hotel

hotel photography


Prepare your restaurant and bar

If you have a restaurant in your hotel, then you need to make sure that your photographer is informed about this beforehand. It is a completely different project for the photographer and needs to be capture perfectly during the hotel photo shoot. 

You might wish to take staff pictures, dining area, menu, or kitchen pictures, so plan your shoot accordingly. You might also want to get him to capture the best cocktails at the bar or the best food on the table, make sure to brief the professional photographer and the staff to keep the food ready when it is still hot and fresh.

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Create a list of shots

Another important aspect of the shoot is to create a shot list that you think should be followed during the hotel photoshoot. It will include all the shots that are must such as specific hotel images that you might need for the marketing campaign or your social media promotions. 

Make sure to include all the shots from across the property location, which may include the hotel restaurant, hotel pool, courtyard, rooftop patio, exterior architecture, and so on in a hotel photoshoot. You also need to know how many spots need to be shot and what type of images do you need and how many copies do you require for each room or location.


With Spyne you can book any kind of shoot effortlessly. Spyne is an AI-backed photo studio and editing company that helps businesses with all kinds of photoshoots and edits at any volume. Using technology, Spyne delivers every shoot 67% faster than the competition and helps you save 40% of your costs. 

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