14 Common Photography mistakes to avoid if you want to grow

14 Common Photography mistakes to avoid if you want to grow

If you are a photographer then you know that it’s more than a hobby. There’s a common misconception among regular peeps that anyone with an expensive camera can click mind-blowing pictures.

But the reality is often disappointing. Photography is a profession that requires experience, knowledge, and patience to capture the unseen or to capture the true beauty in a subject. Many a time, people step into the photography industry thinking that they will make it big.


Photography mistakes


The fact that there are so many photographers out there, makes it a tough competition for a newbie to survive in the industry. That is why making it big requires a whole lot of struggle. But that struggle gets cut down in half when you avoid the mistakes that a maximum number of photographers make during their initial years.

If you are already a professional photographer then you might be making those mistakes right now that you are not even aware of. You won’t believe that the smallest of things can hold you down from becoming the best photographer. So, given below is a list of 15 common photography mistakes that you must avoid. 

List of Common Photography Mistakes to avoid at all cost


1. Not using a tripod when necessary


tripod, photography


When you are a beginner, it feels amazing to walk around with a camera in your hand. You can click the first thing you find inspirational and that can go on for hours until you run out of batteries. But sometimes your hands are not enough.


Use a tripod, Photography mistakes


You need to have a tripod with you in order to bring that stability to your shots. If you have shaky hands, your photo may turn out blurry and distorted. To avoid that, one must use an adjustable tripod.  Also, photography is one of those professions that require patience. Sometimes, you may have to wait for hours in order to get that perfect shot. That is why it is best to invest in a sturdy tripod.


2. Using Manual Focus


focus, photography


When you are a beginner, it is important to understand the significance of focus. When you are starting out, it can be a bit tricky for you to get a hang of manual focus. You might focus on the wrong subject giving you an undesirable result.

Such kind of problems become more evident or prominent when you are shooting at a shallow depth of field. If you know shallow DOP then you must be aware that it is used to put the focus on the subject while blurring out the background.


Focus, Photography Mistakes


The worst part of clicking a poorly focused image is that it cannot be improved with editing. It is true that you can blur a clear image by editing but cannot do it the other way around.


3. Not capturing what you are seeing

Now here’s where the problem begins. Beginner photographers often struggle with fitting everything into the frame. By everything, we mean the subject and its surroundings that you want to capture.


Not capturing, photography mistakes


Beginners tend to crop out some parts of the subject from the frame in order to fit everything which is a big mistake. For example, while capturing a long shot of a person, you might cut off the limbs or top of the head so that the background fits into the frame perfectly with the main subject. Or sometimes the main subject goes out of focus while the background gets in focus.

Wrong subject, photography mistakes


This can make your photo less appealing. In order to avoid such scenarios, you have to be more creative towards your approach. If you notice that the subject is not fitting perfectly into the frame, try to change the angle a bit or move closer or further from the main subject. Practice this as often as you can while doing photography and you will start seeing improvement in no time.


4. Not paying attention to the background

Another big mistake you might be making while doing photography is not paying enough attention to the background and focusing more on the subject. Now the problem starts to arise when the background is too loud in terms of grabbing the attention or it is too inappropriate with respect to your subject.


attention to background, Photography mistakes


Whenever you want to click a picture, make sure the background is subtle so that all the focus is on your subject. But if you want to show a scenic view behind your subject then you must work on your subject placement. Also, see if the background compliments your subject as it can be the biggest deciding factor whether your photo will look good or not.


5. An expensive camera ≠ Good Photography

A common misconception among beginner photographers is that an expensive piece of equipment guarantees optimum quality pictures and improved photography skills. An expensive camera might be a good investment in the long term but if you have little knowledge and unfurnished skills, a cheap camera can do just the job.


Expensive camera, photography mistakes


The skills don’t come from high-end equipment. They actually come from practice and clicking more and more pictures. So, rather than focusing on saving money to buy that expensive camera, focus on improving your photography skills. At the end of the day, it’s the skills that matter the most.


6. Not exploring different angles


camera angles, photography


Most of the photographers try to follow the footsteps of those who have already made a mark in the photography industry. They click from the same angle, use the same filter and sometimes even copy their style. But that’s exactly where the problem begins. Photography is about standing out.

Photography is about bringing something new to the table. So, if you are taking a picture which is similar to something that is trending all over Internet then it is absolutely not worth the effort.


Explore angles, photography mistakes


Aim for uniqueness, aim towards capturing something that is out-of-the-box. If necessary, click the same picture from different angles until you get that one perfect shot.


7. Capturing Symmetrical Landscapes


landscape, photography


There are some unwritten rules of photography that many budding photographers are not aware of. One of those rules revolve around capturing landscapes. Now, when a fresh mind approaches a landscape and raises the camera.

The general thought is to capture symmetry keeping the ratio of sky to land 1:1. Now, this might look like an aesthetically pleasing idea. But in the photography industry, doing this can raise a few eyebrows. When the ratio of sky and land is the same, the motive gets diminished.


Landscapes, photography mistakes


The viewer gets confused about whether to look at the sky or to look at the land. So, if you are showing an amazing sky but there’s the same proportion of land in the photo, that message might not get across.


8. Being strict with the posing


Pose, Photography


Do you think being a photographer is hard? Well, being a subject is equally challenging. When you are a portrait photographer and ask for a friend or a known person to model for you, you obviously have some expectations.

The person might not know how to pose, or maybe the person is camera shy. In such cases, if you ask the person to pose in a certain way that might make him uncomfortable, that discomfort passes on to the photos.

As a photographer, your aim should be to make the model as comfortable as possible. Don’t just leave the model in an uncomfortable pose. Make a conversation, make eye contact and make sure that the model is comfortable in front of the lens.


9. Using the same settings all the time

Another major blunder that a photographer can make is using the same settings for clicking all types of photos. This actually happens when a photographer gets good results from a certain photography setting.


camera settings, photography mistakes


Then the photographer starts using similar settings to click every time. This is a very bad thing to do in the photography industry as different shots require different camera settings or at least some kind of variation depending on the demand of the photoshoot.

So, if you are using the same settings for indoor photoshoots as well as outdoor photoshoots then there’s something majorly wrong. The key is to explore more.


10. Breaking the photography rules

It is considered that in the photography world, breaking the rules gives you amazing results. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. In order to break the photography rules, you have to know them in the first place.


photography rules, photography mistakes


A lot of times, beginner photographers, without knowing all the rules of photography, break them intentionally or unintentionally.

This results in pictures that are not pleasing enough or pictures that are not good in general. So, if you want to avoid any unintentional mistakes, you must learn all the rules of photography. There are many such as the rule of thirds, a frame within a frame, balancing the frame.


11. Staying in a box

So, you have been clicking photos for a while. Initially, it was fun and all but now that X-factor seems to be fading away. You may be thinking that there’s something wrong with your photographers or maybe the people are not understanding them. But keep in mind that a style can be impacted by the ongoing trend. 


In a box, photography


If you have had the same style ever since you first picked up a camera then maybe the problem is you. Trends change and so should your style. In order to keep that x-factor alive in your photography, keep experimenting. Don’t be stuck in a box where everything seems perfect to you.

Since photography is about bringing something new, you should do more and more experimenting in order to keep up with the changing trends.


12. Not using bulb mode

Bulb mode is basically shooting at the slowest shutter speed possible. It’s basically about capturing pictures at long exposure. A lot of times newbies get caught up in clicking aesthetically pleasing photos and professionals in perfecting their photography skills that they forget about bulb mode or long exposure shots.


bulb mode, photography mistakes


Capturing long exposure shots helps you in capturing the true magic of photography. You will realize how you can paint with light. It is an amazing way to explore the other side of photography and click some magnificent yet unbelievable photographs.


13. Not seeing other people’s work

The best way to improve your own skills is by observing what other photographers are doing. As we said before, you won’t achieve anything by staying in a box. You have to get out, take inspiration, look at other people’s work, seeing what people are doing to stay in the game.


other people's work, photography mistakes

other's work, photography mistakes


It’s actually a mistake that you should definitely avoid making because you have to have knowledge about what’s going on in the photography industry. You don’t necessarily have to copy their work but a general observation can help you in identifying the wrongs you are doing or what else you can do to improve your work.


14. Using the wrong lens 


lens, photography


Before doing photography, you must know your equipment. A lot of people use the wrong lens for wrong purposes. For example, a telephoto lens is used to take pictures of subjects far from the photographer. Now, you can’t use a wide-angle lens for that. It is not only unprofessional but also affects the final result as you won’t be able to capture a clear image. So, you must know when to use a prime lens, a macro lens, or a telephoto lens.


Bonus Mistake-

This one is about a mistake that is pretty common among photographers who keep their photos offline. That era is gone when a photographer had to keep a big folder containing the work he has done. Also, it is sooo 2016 to keep your portfolio in a pen-drive.

In order to gain attention to your work as well as create ease for yourself, you have to have a design portfolio website. A portfolio website should be a go-to page for potential clients as well as businesses where they can check out the work of a photographer.


Design portfolio


While working on other things like furnishing skills and making money from them, photographers tend to miss out on creating an online presence of themselves. If your aim is to just do photography for passion, then don’t bother creating a portfolio website but if it is serious business and you want to establish yourself as a brand then you have to have a presence over the internet.

Creating a portfolio website, not only gives exposure to your work but also gives you a CTA feature that allows the visitors of your website to contact you for inquiries. So, if you want to create a design portfolio website to showcase the best of your work, click here – https://www.spyne.ai/v2/register.



There are many mistakes a photographer makes on a daily basis that holds him back from achieving success or making it big. But there are things you can do, or precautions you can take in order to avoid such mistakes.

The photography mistakes mentioned above are not something very significant. They are the little things that add up and create a barrier for a photographer and stop them from growing. The scary part is that both beginner and professional photographers can become victim of such mistakes. So, it’s never too late or too early to avoid such mistakes and save yourself from the trouble that may appear out of nowhere.

At last, if you are a budding photographer and don’t know which path to choose then you must know that there are different types of photography genres that you can make your career in. So, you must be open to explore more and experience the true beauty that photography has to offer.

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