9 Different Types Of Product Photography You Must Know

9 Different Types Of Product Photography You Must Know

Whether you are a newbie in e-commerce or a veteran, amateur at photography or a professional, we have compiled a detailed list of product photography types. The list will help you in deciding to categorize your products and perhaps when you decide to do professional product photography of your products. 

Why product photography?

Before we jump to the types of product photography, let's decode why product photography is necessary. Over 21% of the world's population shop online. However, it is very competitive to attract such a huge amount of online buyers. 21% of the population account for 1.66 billion people, 90% of whom believe that image quality is a significant element in online sales.


professional product photography


Now think of this, why would a buyer shop online when they can buy from a local store allowing them to touch, hold, and feel the product, which on the other hand isn't offered by e-commerce marketplaces.

But, what online retailers offer is a professional product image that helps the shopper to decide whether they should make a purchase. 

Now, providing online shoppers with multiple, high-quality product images helps them in virtually experiencing the product. It enables them to look at the product from all the angles, provided the imagery of the product is qualitative and 360-degree. So, in simple terms, the better the product image quality, the higher the chances of sales.


9 Main Types of product photography


1. Studio Photography For Products

As the competition in online retail thrives by each day, the necessity of clean, clear, quality and detailed pictures has become inevitable for any business. As e-commerce marketplaces sell a diversity of products, creating efficient, high-quality visual content to sell the product is necessary. 

With everything set up in a studio, perfect lighting and camera setup, you can speed up your photoshoot and get it done by professional photographers specialized in-studio shoots. Some studios, like Spyne, offer AI-driven bulk editing as per the marketplace standards that help you in saving time and costs.

types of product photography, professional product photography

Types of Product Photography, professional product photography


2. White Background Photos

To highlight the product that you want to sell online, you need elegant and quality pictures that attract the customer's eye instantly. Perhaps, all marketplaces use a white background for product photography to offer a sharp and detailed look at the product.  

White background photography helps you to edit the pictures instantly, add colours if needed and keep the catalog look consistent and elegant. 

Three reasons why successful online retailers use a white background for product photography. 


types of product photography

A) Highlight The Product

In order to steal the eyes of a viewer, you need to create a flawless product image that totally grabs the attention of a viewer without any distractions. To keep the product as a focal point, avoid distortion, and provide a detailed view, white background is the ultimate choice. 


types of product photography

B) Consistency

The best example of consistency in white background product photography is Amazon. Have you ever gone through the Amazon inventory, where thousands of retailers sell products? Every image has a white background, allowing you to have a detailed look just at the product. It doesn't create any confusion, no colour distraction, and makes it look professional and consistent. Consistency eventually leads to brand recognition and trust. 

types of product photography

C) Cost-Effective

Some brands use a whiteboard or a sheet for white background photography, allowing them to save money. These pictures are easy to edit and also save a lot of time while editing, making your smart effort efficient and cost-effective. 


3. Large Product 

Whether you are into kitchen accessories or furniture, large product photography is one of the challenging types of product photography due to the size and weight of the products. 

Large product photography is costly as it requires extra manpower for handling and positioning in the studio during the photoshoot. Mostly these types of product photoshoots are done outside the studios. Professional photographers set up a temporary setup in the factory or the showroom to capture these huge products. 


types of product photography, professional product photography


4. Product Grouping

You might have observed while shopping that similar products appear to be grouped and are endorsed to be purchased together. It is a peculiar marketing strategy and leveraging Artificial Intelligence to cross-selling and group selling of the relevant items you are purchasing. 

For example, if you are buying just a badminton racquet, before checking out, you will see a grouped product option of racquet and shuttlecock, endorsing a buyer to purchase both the products. It makes the buyer stress on the necessity of the shuttlecock and prompts him to buy (racquet + shuttlecock). This is why Product grouping is one of the important types of product photography, allowing retailers with bulk selling.


types of product photography

Photo: Flipkart


5. Hanging Products

What matters is the overall view of the product. It depends on how you use your creative head to capture the product. For a fit and feel perspective of apparel, photographers use mannequins. Similarly, in this type of product photography, a product is hanged by strings, which later are edited out, to showcase the 3-dimensional view of the product. 

 professional product photography

Types of product photography

professional product photography


6. The Component Shot

Often, the items you purchase online will have add-ons with it. For Instance, a cell phone with a USB cable, headphone, adapter, holster, bumper, etc or a computer with a monitor, keyboard, UPS, Mouse, etc. Photographing all these components together adds value to the original product and it is likely to be sold faster as it gives an impression of getting multiple products for the price of one. 


professional product photography

Types of product photography

7. Lifestyle Shots

Most of the online buyers look for a product that is displayed properly, which gives them the perspective of look, feel, and fit of the product. For example, a person wearing sports shoes or a watch gives the wearable look of the product. Helping customers with better decision making.


types of product photography


8. Close Up Photography

close up photography or detailed photography is one of the crucial types of product photography where the product being sold is given attention to detail, arousing the curiosity and urgency to buy the product. 

This photography involves a specific camera and lighting settings to capture high-quality, zoomable pictures, allowing viewers to see every detail minutely. Particularly, this kind of photography is used for jewellery photography - to capture a single detail of the entire photographed product.


types of product photography


9. Mannequin Photography

Mannequins are mostly used to capture the apparels. It is used to provide customers with and experience of the feel and fit of the product. When a customer sees the product being donned by some persons, it enables the buyer to imagine how the product will fit on them. 

types of product photography


According to the research by Forbes, 50 per cent of online buyers say high-quality, large product images are "more important than product information, descriptions or even reviews.” So, if you are a seller, you need to understand how professional product photography is important for your business. Spyne is a photography company that helps you to sell your products 22% faster with high-quality visual content. If you are looking for any kind of photoshoot, Spyne is an all in one solution for all your visual content needs. 

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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 31 Mar, 2020