Maternity Photography : A Complete Guide to Poses & Tips

Everything That You Need To Know About Maternity Photography

Maternity Photoshoot, pre maternity photoshoot

Why Should You Get A Maternity Photoshoot?

This might be the first question that pops into most people's mind. But the answer for this is simple, pregnancy is a blessing, and a miracle in itself. We all want someone to capture and freeze in time some of the greatest moments of our lives, and Maternity Photography is no different. Pregnancy is a very special phase for the mother as well as the whole family.

As this phase is so special, you should seize each and every moment because as years go by, you would love to take a gander at this time to feel nostalgic. And that would only be possible if you get a Pregnancy Photoshoot.

And this is not just for mothers either, the child can also look at the Pregnancy Photoshoot down the line and understand the journey. Maternity Photography is the way you can relive these special moments that you are experiencing now. Photography or Videography? That's up to you, you just have to make sure that whatever you do makes this phase more memorable.

When Should You Get A Maternity Photoshoot?

The ideal time for a maternity shoot is somewhere around the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy. This is the case because your baby bump is clearly visible around the 8th month of your pregnancy. Having a shoot later than that might be a little uncomfortable for the mother, hence it is advised that the 8th month is the best to get those cute pregnancy photos.

Maternity Photography, pre maternity photoshoot

Where should you get your Maternity Photography?

This is totally dependent upon your vision of a Pregnancy Photo Shoot. Most people have their shoot outside, with the light coming from the sun. The natural light makes a huge difference and it almost breathes life into pregnancy couple photos. And if you decide to get your shoot outside, make sure you cover multiple locations so that your Maternity Photoshoot is fun to look at. You can do parks, gardens, museums and whatnot. Your pregnancy shoot is what you make of it. 

Maternity Photography, pre maternity photoshoot

What Should You Wear For Your Pre Baby Shoot?

For a Maternity Shoot like this, you should definitely go for body-hugging clothes as this is the time you want to confidently show your baby bump to everyone. So you can wear anything that shows your baby bump to the fullest.

Also, you should not be shy wearing body-hugging clothes for your Pre Baby Shoot as that is the time no one really cares if you look a little chubby. On the contrary, people love looking at Maternity Photos.

Maternity photography, pre maternity photoshoot

What Are The Different Types Of Maternity Photoshoots?

Majorly, there are 3 types of Maternity Photoshoots, so let's discuss them in brief:

A. Classic Pregnancy Photo Shoot

This is more of a controlled photography studio setup. Artificial light, as well as natural light, can be used for this shoot. Out of all the 3 types, this is the most popular dynamic. This Studio setup is perfect for a whimsical and fashionable Baby Bump Shoot. And this is also a perfect setup for a couple photoshoot, where you can include your husband in the shoot. And to top that up, you can also include your other children to have a great family maternity photo shoot.

Maternity Photography

Image Credit - Phoenix Freedom

B) Glamourous Pregnancy Photo Shoot

A Glamorous Maternity Photoshoot is also a studio based setup. As the name suggests, your baby shoot photographers try and click glamours and more happening pictures in this setup. This dynamic best works when there is only the mother involved. This maternity photoshoot has a very fashion photography vibe.

Maternity Photoshoot

C) Outdoor Pregnancy Photo Shoot

As the name suggests, this is a shoot that takes place outdoors. Gardens, Parks, and Museums work best for this. One of the most important aspects while deciding the best type of shoot for you is the Weather. It is not a good idea to have outdoor maternity Photography during extreme hot or cold weather.

maternity couple photoshoot, outdoor maternity photoshoot

maternity couple photoshoot, outdoor maternity photoshoot

How Can You Have An Amazing Maternity Shoot?

If you want your maternity shoot to go flawlessly, then we here at Spyne have brought you some tips that you will need to follow to get the best Maternity Photoshoot.

Tips For A Flawless Maternity Photoshoot

1. Keep It Simple

Maternity shoot

The point of this shoot is to create timeless memories for you and your family. It will portray your journey as a mother. If it’s your first time being a mother, the shoot must be really special for you. You can just simply get it done in your apartment with your husband or you can choose an outdoor setting as well. 

Maternity Shoot

Just remember to choose the time carefully. A maternity shoot is all about proudly showing your baby bump to the world. So just make sure that the bump is in a full shape when you get the shoot done. But the most important thing to consider is your comfort. Don’t wait for the end days to get the shoot done as you might be uncomfortable during that time.

2. Choose Your Outfits And The Location of The Shoot Wisely

Maternity shoot, seattle

The outfits you and your family would wear will somewhat decide the outcome of your shoot. Your baby bump is the focus of this shoot so wear clothes that will highlight it in a flattering way. Highlighting the baby bump does not necessarily mean wearing tight clothes. Rather, wearing too tight clothes can portray you being uncomfortable.

Maternity Shoot

On the other hand, if you wear clothes that are too loose, the baby bump will be hidden. So wear something that is comfortable but does not defeat the purpose of the shoot. Also, choose the location according to the whole concept and theme of the shoot. 

3. Plan in Advance With Your Photographer


Maternity photography is as important and special as any other shoot. Planning the details of the shoot in advance with your photographer will help you get to know him as well. This will make sure that you are comfortable in front of the camera. A maternity shoot is not silly but it may get awkward when you are posing for the camera. This can be prevented if you and your photographer sit down and talk about it. 

Maternity Shoot

Also, let the photographer know if you have some creative ideas in mind. He will give his ideas too! Just share your vision with him and you will be ready. Tell him that you want to look beautiful and flattering with the baby bump and he will make sure you look like that.

4. Family Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot, Maternity Photoshoot

If it's not your first time being a mama, you can choose to get your maternity shoot done with your little ones and your life partner. There are so many creative ideas you can opt for. A maternity shoot with your family can turn out to be really fun. It can also be a way to spend quality time with your family.

You can choose an outdoor location where your kids can play and just have fun. The candid moments captured with your family will turn out to be some of the best photos. Also, the natural light will enhance the beauty of the photos. You can also have a romantic moment with your partner while getting the shoot done. Your little ones can just talk to your bump and that can be captured, it will be the cutest shot.

5. Just Relax and Be Comfortable

Maternity Shoot

Don’t forget to just relax and take deep breaths. You must be in your true personality while you get the shoot done. All that pregnancy glow on your face must be captured. For this to happen, you must be happy and relaxed. So, get the shoot done when the time is right. Who says that the shoot must be perfect? It must be a portrayal of a beautiful journey of motherhood. If you are comfortable, you will look more flattering in the photos.

Maternity Shoot, Maternity Photoshoot

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These were some things to ponder about before getting your maternity shoot done. Just have fun and experiment with your photographer. If you are more comfortable sitting while getting captured, do that without hesitating. It is all about love, happiness and accepting change. All the best! Congratulations on being a mother.

There are many other ways you can charm up your Pre Baby Shoot, and 2 of the most common ways are through Props and Poses.

Let's take a look at some amazing and fascinating props:

Cute Chalkboards

Maternity Shoot

One can use these cut chalkboards creatively to make your shoot more fun. For instance, you can write "coming soon" on the board with an arrow pointing towards your baby bump.

Little Kids Shoes

maternity couple photoshoot, outdoor maternity photoshoot

This is one of the favourite props when it comes to pregnancy photography. You can use this in various ways. For example, You both can stand beside each other while keeping those cute little shoes in between and letting the creative maternity photographer take pictures of just your feet, implying that there is a 3rd member that is soon to come.

Stuffed Toys

maternity couple photoshoot, outdoor maternity photoshoot

This is another prop that is very popular among couples getting pregnancy photography. For this, you and your partner can hold each of the stuffed toys hands.

Baby Clothing

maternity couple photoshoot, outdoor maternity photoshoot

People love wearing their creative hats when it comes to pregnancy photoshoots like these. The mother can either just hold the clothing or it can also be suspended from a wire. The point is, you can't go wrong with those adorable little pants.

Another thing that your maternity photography revolvers around is your poses. Hence, here are some ideas and inspirations for you to get the best maternity photos.

The Mom Alone

Maternity Photoshoot

The primary subject of any pregnancy photoshoot is the mother, you just need to make sure there are some solo pictures of her. In a shoot like this, there have to be some pictures of the mother, just holding her belly and looking afar with a mesmerizing backdrop.

The Charming One

Pregnancy Shoot

This is another fabulous way to step up your pregnancy photos. A great attire can only make your shoot better, the only thing that you have to keep in mind that your dress has to be body-hugging so that the dress doesn't hide your baby bump.

The One With The Flowers

Maternity Photography

Flowers are an evergreen prop for photoshoots like these. This might be one of the most commonly used props but you should definitely try this too.

The One With Other Children

What else can make the pregnancy photoshoot more adorable than your other children being a part of the shoot? For an Idea, you can make them hold a chalkboard saying, "Only Child. Not for Long".

Here are some more Maternity Photography for ideas and inspirations

Who Should Do Your Maternity Shoot?

Without a doubt, you should only get your shoot done by Professional baby shoot photographers. And the reason for that is simple, Professional Maternity Photographers do this every day, and the chances of your shoot going south because of them are minimalistic. Also, no one can do a better job for your maternity shoot other than a professional photographer. Photographers have ideas and inspirations that can help you a lot with the shoot. They are experts who know how to tackle any difficult situation that might come up. And apart from that, professional photographers also have best in class equipment that makes a huge difference when compared with an ordinary DSLR.

The mistake that most people make is by hiring their friend who owns a DSLR. Owning a DSLR doesn't make someone a photographer, the experience and skill that you gather along the road does, that only professionals exhibit. Hence you should only hire Professional Photographers. searching for 'baby photo studio near me"? You have come to just the place as Spyne can get you the best maternity photography anywhere in India.

Why Choose Spyne Studio for your Maternity Photoshoot?

Spyne is a tech company driven by 'artificial intelligence' that fulfils all the visual content requirements of businesses, vendors, online sellers, and much more. We, at Spyne, believe in providing the smoothest, most Hassle-Free photography experience in a number of ways. 

Here are some of our services:

- Photography 

- Videography and Cinematography

- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

- Drone Photography

- 360 Degree Shot

How is Spyne better than other Photography Services?

We, at Spyne, ensure all our clients that we work to get the best results. And if you opt for Spyne services for your maternity photography, you'll get:

- Unmatched Picture Quality: We comprehend that you don't expect anything yet the best maternity photographs from your shoot and that is the thing that we intend to convey. We realize you'll be transferring these photos to web-based life like Facebook and Instagram with the goal that you can spread the blissful news to every one of your loved ones, and how might we let those photographs be of average quality? Every one of our picture takers utilizes the most recent photography hardware like proficient full-outline DSLRs and imported lighting arrangements to furnish you with the best picture quality. What's more, that not every one of, our Experiences In House Photo Editors likewise ensures the pictures that contact you are of incredible goals.

- Cost-Effective Photoshoots: Regardless of giving our customers the best quality substance, we here at Spyne offer the best photography bargains in the business. We charge an insignificant sum for all our photography administrations and this is the explanation, we have shoots beginning at truly sensible costs.

- Faster Deliveries: We have a devoted group of expert photographers, in-house photograph editors, and project managers who ensure that your substance conveyance is powerful and proficient.

- Creative Shoots: For Maternity Shoots like these, most of the time clients have crazy huge expectations furthermore, we don't plan to allow them to feel down. Our photographers are always up to date on their market research so that they know what all things people nowadays find appealing.

- Easy To Use Dashboard: After months of R&D, we have come up with a new User Interface that can help you to book your shoot, track it and download your Maternity Photography through the convenience of your screens. 

- Best Photographers: All the Photographers that have partnered with Spyne are Experienced and also Well Versed in their respective fields. Their top priority is to give you mind-blowing results from the shoot.

- Consistency: With the help of our efficient team, we have a score of 99% on-time deliveries

- Ready To Use Images: Most photographers click pictures in RAW format, which is not compatible for most people to use right away. But you don't have to worry a bit as our In-House team of editors takes care of that. They alter and modify all your photographs so that once your photographs are sent to you, you can use them immediately.

How Does Spyne Work?

Booking your Photoshoot using Spyne is a piece of cake. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the process through which you can get your desired photoshoot:

1. Order Your Shoot: This is the initial step of a simple 5 stage process. To start the procedure you need to go to the "Book Now" button to arrange your pre baby shoot. 

2. Spyne Connects You and Photographer: When you have booked your shoot, at that point, it is our job to get you the infant baby shoot photographer. 

3. Shoot: Shoot Execution: This is the most significant step where you meet the photographer for the execution of your Maternity Shoot. This is the part your entire photoshoot relies on.

4. We Retouch Your Photos: In this, our editors correct your photographs to make them look far better.

5. Seamless Delivery: This is the most energizing piece of the procedure as once the editing is done, you should simply press the "Download" button and all your photography will consequently download into your system.

And if you are looking to get a Maternity Photoshoot, then we here at Spyne can certainly help you with that. 

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 06 Apr, 2020