Indian Wedding Photography : Inspirational Tips, Poses & Ideas

Indian Wedding Photography : Inspirational Tips, Poses & Ideas

India, being a populous country, features people from all backgrounds and religious values. So, that diversity in the culture is reflected in Indian weddings photography is inevitable. Indians are known for a lot of things and big fat weddings are one of them.

No matter what social, political, or financial background a person comes from, the wedding of that person is supposed to be a huge affair. And it's not about showing off the riches or social status, it's just how it is here. The best part is, Indians enjoy each and every part of their wedding.

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Once the weddings are done, it's time for the Indian wedding photography album. A wedding album in India is not just a testimony of the bond shared by the couple or who's who attended the event. It is about making memories last. The fun, the laughter, the flood of emotions, and the money you spent on those beautiful dresses, all stays inside that one album. One glance at the album and all the memories from the wedding come back knocking at your door. That's why one can cherish a wedding album for a lifetime. Indian wedding photography is like that only.

What is Indian Wedding Photography All About?

Indian wedding photography is about capturing the entire wedding in a detailed way. Why detailed? If you see Indian Wedding Photos, you will see that importance is given, not just to the couple, but also the guests, the decor, and the food which is served and for more info about Indian Food Photography you can click on the link and you will get one of the best food across India. 

Indian wedding couple photography is about a photographer who is always on his toes to capture the most candid moments and the most crucial moments that become memories for the future.

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Source: Nitin Arora Photography 

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Source: Studio RGB

Indian weddings are happening events where too many things happen at once. Whether it is Haldi ceremony, engagement, or wedding day, you will see that nobody is sitting idle. 'Fun' is in the air if it's an Indian wedding, which becomes visible in Indian wedding photos.

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Source: Vintage Films

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Source: Red Veds Photography 

Different Types Of Indian Wedding Photography

1. Sikh Wedding Photography -

Sikh weddings in India are one of the most beautiful events. Popularly known as Anand Karaj, Sikh weddings are known for going on for days before and even after the actual wedding. That’s how much the Sikhs love celebrating their weddings.

You will see a lot of kirtan happening which is a huge part of Sikh weddings. Also, before the wedding, there’s Roka and Thaka. Some of the rituals in Indian Sikh Weddings that you will notice are Baraat, Milni, Sehra Bandi, Lavaan Pheras, and Anand Karaj and then there’s more. Then there are post-wedding rituals Vidai, Doli, Sada Suhaagan etc.

Indian Wedding Photos


Best Indian Wedding Photography, indian wedding photography portfolios

Source: Coolbluez Photography

Best \Indian wedding photography, indian wedding photography portfolios


couple wedding photography

Source: Red Veds

2. Muslim Wedding Photography -

Muslim weddings are as unique and amazing as all the other religious weddings. Muslim Weddings start with Qubooling which is the Nikaah. The Nikaah can happen days or maybe months before the actual wedding day. Nikaah is the day when the bride and the groom declare their love and acceptance for each other. There can be a similarity between the rituals of Hindu Weddings and Muslim Weddings.

Muslim wedding rituals can involve Mangni and Ring Ceremony. Another similarity is that just like the Haldi ceremony in Hindu Weddings, there’s the Manjha ceremony in Muslim weddings. The ceremony involves smearing turmeric on the bride by the in-laws. Being a part of Muslim weddings is a delight of its own and Muslim wedding photography is the proof of that. So, if you ever get a chance to attend a Muslim wedding then don’t let go of that chance and experience that amazing culture.

Some may say that these types of Indian wedding photography are different. But the reality is, all of them are more or less the same. Only the traditions of the wedding may differ but the very soul of their weddings remain the same.

muslim Wedding Photography


Indian muslim Wedding Photos


3. Christian Wedding Photography -

One of the most emotional and beautiful weddings are Christian weddings where the bride walks down the aisle with her best man and then unites with the groom at the altar. Once united, the priest starts to recite the holy vows of matrimony. The most astounding part about Christian weddings is the elegance and the orderly manner in which things happen.

Unlike a typical Hindu or Muslim Wedding, in Christian weddings, the bride usually wears a beautiful white gown. In Christian weddings, there are a few ceremonies like Bachelor’s party and bridal shower, etc. It is always a delight to have experienced a Christian Wedding.

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christian couple Photography

Source: Rajesh Digital

Indian Wedding Photography, indian wedding couple photography

Source: Nitin Arora Photography

4. Hindu Wedding Photography -

A typical Hindu wedding looks as lavish and colourful as a festival. Some people say that the Indian weddings shown in movies are an exaggeration of reality but it’s the opposite of that. Indian weddings are much more vibrant, and fun in a reality where all of the family and friends get together to celebrate the togetherness of a couple.

If you have ever seen Hindu wedding photography then you must have noticed that there are a few rituals that happen. From Haldi to Mehndi ceremony and Sangeet, there’s a lot that happens before and after a wedding. Hindu weddings are one of the prominent parts of Indian Wedding Photography as the celebration is not just about the couple but also about the families who get to be part of such an amazing journey of a couple together.  

hindu wedding couple photography

Source: Snapsoul

Indian Wedding Photography,indian wedding couple photography


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Some of the Popular Indian Wedding Photography Trends

With unchanged values and culture in Indian society, there is one other thing that remains constant. It is the ever-changing and accepting nature of our traditions that makes every event joyful and fun for people of all ages.

This is what gave rise to the trends in wedding photography in India. Back then, weddings were about the couple who gets married and photography was pretty much limited to traditional posed pictures. Pictures of couples and pictures of guests with couples.

Now that the Internet has swept over an entire generation, wedding photography seems to have changed. There are a few trends that have gained quite a momentum in the past few years.

Pre wedding couple photography

indian wedding photography trends

1. Pre Wedding Photography -

As the name suggests, pre-wedding photography is done days, weeks or months before the actual wedding. It gives the couple some quality time to spend with each other and also gives them a chance to get to know the photographer. This is especially good for those couples who are camera shy or want to experiment with different angles and poses.

Pre Wedding Photography is one of those trends that gained massive popularity in a very short period. Now it's like every other couple wants to have a pre-wedding photoshoot.

pre wedding photoshoot


pre wedding photography

pre wedding photography

pre wedding photography

2. Candid Wedding Photography

The art of capturing the candid moments shook the world of photography when almost everyone on social media was posting #candid photos.

Why candid? What makes it so popular? It seems that candid photographs beat the traditional posed pictures and gives a more natural and real feel to it. It not only looks aesthetically good but it also helps in telling the story as it is.

Indian Wedding photography has changed ever since. People are becoming more open towards the idea of getting candid shots, unlike old times where the entire album used to look like a staged act.

candid wedding photos indian


indian candid wedding photography

Want to know more Candid Photography?

3. Drone Photography

Trends in Indian Wedding Photography are not just limited to photography styles but they are also influenced by new technology. In the photography world, tech has always played a major role. Now if a photographer can imagine a shot in his head, tech can make it turn into reality. One of those techs in the drone. Drones are the thing of 2019.

Taking a shot from the sky, taking unbelievably smooth videos from the air and seeing what one might not be able to see his entire life. Drones can help one achieve anything. This trend managed to make its way to Indian Wedding Photography.

Nowadays, wedding photographers are using drones to capture special moments of a couple.

indian marriage photoshoot


indian wedding outdoor photoshoot

4. Same-Day-Edit Videos

There was a time when couples used to wait for days, if not months to get the video of their wedding. The process that used to take so much time, is something that photographers are now doing within hours or minutes. Yes! Same-Day-Edit videos are a thing now.

While the wedding is going on, the photographer will capture start shooting and then he or she will edit the video within few minutes and display the video during the wedding only. For the next step, the photographer will capture the expressions of the guests who will react to the video.

5. Bridal Dance Videos

Another Indian Wedding Photography trend that is making the noise is bridal dance videos. Bridal dance videos are gaining quite a popularity among couples as well as on social media. Instagram is flooded with videos and photos of bridal dance that captures the interest of a lot of people.

Usually, the bridal dance videos are seen as a way to celebrate the big day of the couple by including the bride in the dance performance. The best part is that the dance practice starts months before the wedding which makes it quite a sight to savour when the bride, along with the brothers and sisters shake a leg to adorable songs together.

bridal dance, indian wedding photography

Some Of The Best Wedding Photographers in India


1. Snapsoul

Led by Mr Aditya and Ms Rashi, Snapsoul is among the top Indian Wedding Photography companies. It is also one of the few best candid photography and cinematography companies that provide services all across Asia. Snapsoul has a very unique approach to photographing the couple.

best wedding photographer in india

Rather than clicking random pictures at a wedding, Snapsoul aims towards capturing stories through a very non-intrusive style.

The award-winning company's work has been featured in renowned publications such as Femina, Brides Today, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar Bride, etc.

If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in India, you must experience the services of Snapsoul because it will help you tell your wedding story, the right way.

2. Nitin Arora Photography

While talking about the companies providing the best Indian wedding photography in Delhi, one can not mention Nitin Arora Photography. Run by Duo Nitin Arora, and Shanaya Arora, Nitin Arora Photography is proof that you can achieve heights if you keep hustling for your dreams.

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The reason why the NAP is so famous is that NAP has a unique style of photography that is loved by their clients. With more than a decade of experience in the photography industry, Nitin Arora celebrates his life by clicking the most breathtaking pictures.

The same goes for Shanaya Arora, who is amazing at capturing pictures that can be called priceless. She believes in story-telling through photographs.

3. Vintage Films

With more than 7 years of experience in photographing weddings, 'Vintage films' is one of the best Indian wedding couple photography company in India. Vintage Films has captured one of the most amazing weddings in Delhi and Chandigarh.

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The company believes that every couple has a story and it needs to be said in the best way possible. That is why 'Vintage films' leave no stones unturned in making every wedding album a piece of art that you would love to see again and again. Photos taken by Vintage Films are something that one can cherish for a lifetime.

4. Israni Photography

If you want to create memories for a lifetime and want the best out of your wedding album, Israni Photography is the answer. Run by Luv and Megha R Israni, Israni Photography is among the best Indian Wedding Photography companies in India. This sibling duo can turn any wedding into a dreamy Bollywood wedding with their amazing photography style and technical skills.

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The best part about them is that the sibling duo knows how to balance creativity and tech usage. This is the reason why their team effort and use of the latest gear can create such magical photos that one can't help but stare at all day.

5. Studio RGB

Indian Wedding Photography has gone through a lot of changes over the years. One of those changes is the rise of candid photography. While many are still trying to adapt to the photography style, there is one who has built expertise and experience in candid photography and stands out from the crowd.

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It is the Indian Wedding Couple Photography company, Studio RGB. Run by Raunak Sharma, Studio RGB is the dream project of a photographer Raunak Sharma whose amazing candid photography skills have left the wedding world spellbound.

The best part about Studio RGB is that the company isn't afraid of challenges and always comes up with new and creative ways to enhance the wedding album of a couple.

6. Portfolio Studio

Portfolio studio is one of the most experienced photography studios. In existence since 1978, Portfolio Studio has captured more than 8000 couples. In more than 12 countries, Portfolio Studio has created a reputation for best Indian wedding photography companies.

indian marriage photos hd

The Portfolio studio can turn any pictures into a piece of art and it can help a couple in picturizing the most beautiful memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.

If you are looking for the best wedding photographer in India, you can totally rely on Portfolio Studio for their services. There are one too many reasons why your dream weddings should hire Portfolio Studio to capture it perfectly.

7. The Wedding Studio

The Wedding Studio is founded by Sanjay Balyan. This company is one of the most amazing wedding photography companies in India. The style of wedding photography by the wedding studio is heavily influenced by photojournalism and fine arts. Also, you can see that pictures of The Wedding Studio are somewhat similar to fashion photography.

indian wedding photoshoot, hindu wedding photography

The company doesn't strive to be the best photography company but to be the artist who can create something out of the box, something imagery. They also try to add vision to their photographs which help in understanding the motive and story behind it.

If you want your wedding pictures to be a real piece of art, you should totally check out The Wedding Studio for their services. During weddings, two families come together and celebrate the day with so much joy and laughter that it becomes necessary to capture such love and intimacy in pictures. And pictures are always a treat for the eyes when they only speak emotions.

Indian Wedding Photography

To get the best wedding photography and photo editing services 

Some Adorable Indian Wedding Photography Poses

The Varmala Shot

This is one of the best moment in a Hindu Wedding as this symbolises the that the couple has bonded for life.

hindu wedding photography, indian wedding photography portfolios

Source: Portfolio Studio

Show Off That Ring!

Not to worry is you have more of a ring wedding, it can also be flaunted to get some really amazing pictures.

indian wedding photography portfolios, hindu wedding photography

Source: Rajesh Digital

The Happy Glance

Weddings are all about some really precious moment packed together in a couple of days. And you should do everything to show who happy you are.

indian wedding photography portfolios, hindu wedding photography

Source: Portfolio Studio

Laugh Your Heart Out

Rather than a Pose, this is more of a candid moment, but we here at Spyne wanted to remind you for letting your hair down and living in the moment.

indian wedding candid photography, candid indian wedding photographySource: Rajesh Digital

Embrace Em' From The Back

This is another lovely Pose. And you should definitely try this if you want to give your wedding album a touch of romance.

indian wedding candid photography, candid indian wedding photography

Source: Portfolio Studio

 Don't Be Shy To Show Your Style

The wedding is something that revolves around the bride and the groom, so they should feel free to burst out any poses they like.

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Source: Rajesh Digital

The Slow Dance

This is again one of the most elegant moments when the couple dances for the first time as a couple at their wedding. Hence this is a moment that is worth capturing in the camera.

indian wedding candid photography, candid indian wedding photography

Source: Portfolio Studio

The Classic Hug

Even though this might be one of the most common poses in Indian Wedding Photography, your wedding album would really be incomplete without it.

indian wedding candid photography, candid indian wedding photography

Source: Rajesh Digital

The Twirl

If you are going for a classic wedding? Why not go old-school all the way?

top wedding photographers in india, indian wedding candid photography

Source: Portfolio Studio

The Photo Frame

This is another amazing pose that you should try at your wedding. These photos go amazing with a hashtag.

indian wedding photography portfolios, best indian wedding photos

Source: Portfolio Studio

Some Amazing Indian Wedding Photography Ideas to Try in 2020

Shift Focus Photography

This is a great way to make your wedding album more exciting through creativity and innovation.

indian wedding photography portfolios, best indian wedding photos

Source: Rajesh Digital

Give Fair Attention To The Gown

We all know that the Bride's gown is one of the most impressive and fascinating things at weddings. So why not give the gown the attention that it deserves.

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Source: Vintage Films

The Classic Kiss On The Forehead

Talk about a classic wedding. This is one of those ideas that can never look bad. The kiss signifies the pure and unconditional love that the bride and groom have for each other.

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Source: Rajesh Digital

indian wedding photography portfolios, best indian wedding photos

Source: Rajesh Digital

Lead The Way

This is an amazing idea if you are looking for a very dreamy vibe from your wedding album.

indian wedding photography portfolios, best indian wedding photos

Source: Vintage Films

The Propose Moment

This is also a special picture as it tells us the story of how the bride and groom started their journey of love.

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Source: Rajesh Digital

Wedding Games

The Wedding Games have some of the best moments of the wedding and it is important for you to have those memories with you like the rest of the wedding.

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Source: Vintage Films

Dramatic Lighting

This is a great way of adding drama to your wedding shoot, and who doesn't like dramatic and moody pictures?

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Source: Rajesh Digital


Close Up Shots are a must for brides as these shoots really help emphasize the jewelry and makeup.

indian wedding images, wedding photos

Source: Rajesh Digital

Black and White Pictures

If you are planning for some stunning and detail-oriented wedding pictures, then you definitely have to try Black and White Photos.

indian wedding images, wedding photos

Source: Rajesh Digital

Some Great Indian Wedding Photography Tips to Follow:

Don't Forget About The Candid Moments 

When you are planning your wedding photography, never forget to hire a candid wedding photographer so that you have some really natural and authentic-looking wedding pictures.

indian wedding photography poses bride and groom

Source: Rajesh Digital

Do Not Miss Out On The Bridal Portrait Experience 

Bridal Portrait is a shoot that solely focuses on the bride. These shoots are really special as they help the bride tell her story. 

indian wedding images, wedding photos

Source: Vintage Films

indian wedding images, amazing indian wedding photography

Source: Vintage Films

amazing indian wedding photography, indian wedding photography poses

Source: Nitin Arora Photography

Behind the Scenes

We all have seen some amazing wedding pictures, but there is a lot that we don't usually see in a wedding album. But these behind the scenes moments should also be captured as they are also some of the most treasured memories of the wedding.

amazing indian wedding photography, indian wedding photography poses

Source: Vintage Films

Get Innovative with Lights and Shadows

To save your Indian wedding photography from becoming monotonous, you have to try out new things.

amazing indian wedding photography, indian wedding photography poses

Source: Vintage Films

Give Special Attention to Bride's Jewellery

This is also another important aspect of a wedding that should not be ignored.

indian wedding photography poses, vintage films, hindu wedding photography

Source: Vintage Films

Fairytale Lights

These lights look magical and they really help your photos look like a scene taken out of a romantic flic

indian wedding photography poses, nitin arora photography, hindu wedding photography

Source: Nitin Arora Photography

The Outfit Tease

You might have seen the Outfit tease shoot before. When done right, they can really look amazing.

indian wedding photography poses, hindu wedding photography

Source: Rajesh Digital
indian wedding photos

india's best photographer

Price of Indian Wedding Photography

Just like everything else, Indian Wedding Photography also comes with a price. Now, it's not like something insanely expensive. The best way to budget for Indian Wedding Couple Photography is by taking 15% out of the budget of your entire wedding. That 15% can be used to pay for a photographer. Find an Indian wedding photographer should not be very hard as there are so many available who can fit into your budget. The prices of Indian wedding photographers can differ. Remember one thing. You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to find the best Indian wedding photographer. Try to remain within your budget and you will surely find someone to do your Indian Wedding Couple Photography.

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