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12 Tips To Improve Your Candid Photography Skills[A Complete Beginner Guides]

One of the most creative and fruitful tools in photography is candid photography. It is a great way to capture the most interactive moments that speak the emotions through the picture. 

best candid photography

Now if you are a photographer who wants to know the difference between taking action shots and candid photography then you have come to the right place. We will clear all your misconceptions and doubts so that you can click creative candid pictures. These 20 quick tips will get you better prepared for any moment that might appear.

best candid photography

What is Candid Photography and Why is it so different?

If you are new to this concept of candid photos then let us tell you in simple terms that Candid Photography is the act of taking pictures without disturbing the subject. With candid photography, things are somewhat raw where one gets to capture moments and emotions. There are multiple examples of this type of photography. There’s candid wedding photography, candid beach photography, candid portrait photography, candid couple photography, and so on.

In order to develop the skills, you need to start observing more and more and be quick with click pictures. Doing more and more practice can get you there. Now, there’s a reason why candid photography is different from other types of photography. 

Candid Photography captures an ongoing moment, an expression, or an emotion that sets it apart from traditional photography where pictures are mostly posed. When one clicks candid photos, it instantly becomes a memory that one can cherish for years to come. 

best candid photography, candid photos

How do you take candid photography?

In order to take candid photography, all you need to do is remember not to disturb the subject and take the picture. Since you haven’t disturbed the subject, it will remain in the moment and you can have some natural shots that can work as a piece of memory for the subject. 

best candid photography, candid photos

Candid photography has gained a lot of popularity over the years. From being a hashtag in every other Facebook post to being a major trend in India Wedding Photography, candid photography has become a mandate for every photographic event. 

Candid Photography vs Traditional Photography

A candid photo and a traditional picture can be differentiated from miles away. While traditional photography is focused more on poses, candid photography revolves around capturing the subject in its natural state. 

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between the two is by seeing whether the picture is trying to tell a story or not. If it’s a regular picture, you won’t find anything but if it’s a candid picture, you can easily tell. 

Which one is better?

Is candid photography better than traditional photography? This can be answered by taking the example of Wedding Photography. Nowadays, more and more couples are looking for candid wedding photographers who can capture their moments as it is. But there are also couples who look for a traditional photoshoot which creates confusion about which one’s better. 

In reality, it’s not about which one’s better. It’s about which one’s in demand. Every client will have different needs. Some clients might like the concept of candid wedding photography, candid pre-wedding photography, or engagement candid photography but go with the traditional one. 

So, rather than looking at the negatives and positives of candid Indian wedding photography and traditional wedding photography, you must know how to click both types of pictures. It’s just that for traditional wedding photography, you won’t have to run around a lot but while taking candid pictures, you have to be on your feet all the time. 


Candid Portrait Photography

If you are a portrait photographer or you are supposed to do portrait photography for clients, the best way to utilize your frame and come up with astonishing pictures is by doing candid portrait photography. 

Here are some of the examples of Candid Portrait Photography:

candid portrait photography, best candid photography

candid portrait photography, best candid photography

candid portrait photography, best candid photography

candid portrait photography, best candid photography

Importance of Candid Photography

There is an importance of candid photography in the industry. Whether you take the example of marriages where candid wedding photos are in high demand because every couple wants memories for the future that reflect the beautiful present that they are living in or take the example of baby candid photography where the baby photography is done under a candid shoot because the smile and laughter that naturally comes to a child’s face is something priceless for the parents. This is why candid photography is so important.

12 Creative Candid Photography Tips


1. Setting Up the Equipment

It’s not just the photographer who must possess the eye for candid photography. It’s also the camera that should be in the right settings in order to capture moments in an instant. 

candid photos, candid photoshoot

Lens: For starters, you should be using a zoom lens instead of a prime lens. It’s because you might have to take a picture of a group dancing to a portrait of a particular person. So the zoom lens will come in handy. 

ISO: This is not a rule that you have to follow by heart but a basic idea to set your ISO right for the occasion. If you are shooting in daylight in an outside environment then try to keep a lower ISO. But if you are in a closed environment with not a lot of light then you can keep your ISO 6400-12800. 

Shutter Speed: You are supposed to take a shot faster during candid photography to not miss out on anything. So, if you are indoor candid photography, you can try keeping your camera’s shutter speed from1/100 to 1/200. 

For outdoor candid photography, you can keep the shutter speed to 1/600 to 1/1000. 


2. Move Around

candid photography, candid photoshoot

The key to click to candid pictures is to keep moving even if it’s around your subject. In order to get a candid shot, you won’t be able to move your subject but what you can do is move around the subject to get that right angle and position from which you can click the shot. 

candid photography, candid photoshoot


3. Try Not to Use Flash

candid photography

Always find ways to use natural light as much as you can before opting for a flashlight. For candid photography, the flash light is not so helpful as the photos won’t look so natural. Also, because it is so distracting and can ruin a perfectly good moment by getting you everybody’s attention when you’re trying no to.

So, make sure to leverage natural light as much as you can if the timing is right. For closed places, you can make sure to set your own artificial lights that aren’t grabbing too much attention. 


4. Shoot  from Your Hip

This is a fairly popular way of clicking photographs while being discreet. For this, you just have a lowly hang your camera and not look through the lens while clicking pictures. 

candid photography, candid photoshoot

It is a great way to capture some candid photographs without turning any heads. But remember that you might have to delete a few shots because of bad framing but that’s fine as long as you get the shot you needed. 


5. Engage Your Subject

candid photography, candid photoshoot

If you want to do better candid photography and take away the attention of your subject from the camera is to increase engagement. It happens a lot when a photographer tries to take candid photos of a subject but the camera makes the subject conscious. 

For such scenarios, you can try engaging your subject in conversations. You can ask them questions or ask them to think about their ‘wildest memory’, ‘happiest memory’, etc. Being a candid photographer, you have to be able to interact with the subject. 


6. Lock Lens for Emotion

candid photography, candid photoshoot

One of the best tricks to do better candid photography is to lock your lens on the subject and wait for the emotion to appear. Being a candid photographer does not mean that you need to point your camera and shoot at every head you see at a party. 

You have to wait for the emotion to build up or else you will be clicking a brunch of no emotion shots which kill the purpose of candid photography. So, try locking the lens on the subject for a few seconds and you will surely get what you want.

7. Stage People

candid photography, candid photos

If the subject already knows you are there and they know you might be capturing their pictures, it can make them very conscious. For this, you can ask them directly to not pay attention to the camera and maybe pretend that he’s not even there. 

This might be difficult to start with but once the subject is immersed in the moment again, taking candid photos becomes easy. 


8. Fake Posing

candid photography, candid photos

If you can’t seem to distract the subject with something and their attention is on you then you can try and make the subject feel comfortable. Talk to them about different things that might interest them. Once they are comfortable, you can ask them to pose for a candid picture. 

Now, this might sound like an oxymoron but yes, one can also pose for a candid picture, for example, freezing at an emotion, start an action, and many more. 


9. Get Closer to your Subject

candid photography, candid photos

When you are close to the subject, your presence will become normal to them. This is one of the best ways to stop getting attention from your subject and make them feel comfortable around you. The best way to do that is by getting close to them. 


10. Wait for the Action

candid photography, candid photoshoot

As we said before, you don’t necessarily have a pick your subject while moving around. You can just sit in one place and let the action come to you while you take some candid pictures. 

For this, you can try to lock your camera, not on a subject this time but, on an empty space and let the action come to you. But you need to observe and find for such a place where you can get max action. 

11. Take More Pictures

The key to doing good candid photography is to take more and more pictures. Whether you are a beginner or not, taking more pictures increases your chances of capturing a decent picture. A moment is called a moment for a reason. So, might have to take plenty of pictures to get that one shot. The more you’ll take, the higher will your chances be of capturing good candid photos. 

12. Give Time to Post-Processing

Post-processing is a crucial part of candid photography. It is possible to have imperfections in the pictures when you’re not even getting time to set the frame. You might have to crop the picture, set the right exposure, manage white balance, photo retouching, etc. 

You can also go for outsourcing photo editing if you are dealing with client projects in bulk or just want one part of your business to be taken care of by a professional agency. 

Unique Ideas and Inspirations for Candid Photography

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candid photoshoot, best candid photography

best candid photography, candid photoshoot

baby candid photography, candid photos

baby candid photography, candid photos

baby candid photography, candid photos

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candid shots photography, baby candid photography

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Candid Beach Photography

candid beach photography

candid beach photography

candid beach photography

candid beach photography

Candid Family Photography

candid family photography, candid beach photography

candid family photography, candid shots photography

candid family photography, candid shots photography

candid family photography, candid shots photography

candid family photography, candid shots photography

candid family photography, candid shots photography


How to Become a Professional Candid Photographer?

If you are wondering how to become a professional candid photographer and get clients then you can start in a number of ways. For starters, you can start by going for a professional course that teaches you the working of a camera. So, here’s a complete list of things that one can do in order to become a candid photographer. 

1. Learn the Equipment

This is for aspiring photographers who want to make a career in the industry. As we mentioned just now that you can go for a professional course or learn the equipment from youtube. This way you can start taking pictures and know how to handle a camera. 

2. Choose a Niche

If you want to be a professional candid photographer, you need to choose a niche. You can either go for candid wedding photography, candid couple photography, candid portrait photography, or photojournalism. There are plenty of other options that you will discover once you start to look for different types of photography

3. Work Experience

You can then go for having a working experience by interning or looking for photography jobs. The whole point of having work experience is to know how to deal with clients and get to know about the needs and trends in the industry. 

4. Building Portfolio

For doing Candid Photography, there are a bunch of things that you must keep in mind but you also need to keep your mind clear. What? Well, if it didn’t make sense, it will start to make sense once you start your new journey with a better approach to creative candid photography. 

Make sure that you have the best of your work being shown in the portfolio because that’s what’s going to gain the attention of your customers. It’s better if you have a portfolio website where you can not only show your best work but also set up your online business. 

5. Expanding Network

Being a photographer requires you to make contacts. Contacts with different people like event planners, make up artists, other photographers, etc so that you can get the reference business. Reference business is a major factor that drives the business to a photographer. Whether it is reference from the network or reference through your existing client, it can bring you the majority of your business. 


6. Testimonials

You need to have testimonials of your clients in order to lure potential customers. For this, you can ask for reviews on the albums that you deliver. You can choose to showcase the best ones on your website so that you can authenticate your business to others. 


7. Marketing

One of the most important parts of being in the photography business when you are working independently is to get involved in a bit of marketing. From bringing your website on top of google searches to generating organic traffic, there are a lot of goals that you can achieve. 

You can expand the reach of your business, do branding, beat competitors, gain social media followers and come out as a top candid photographer. There are a number of SEO tactics and social media marketing tools that you can use to promote your photography business online. 


Photo-Sharing and Album Delivery

For a candid wedding photographer or a fashion photographer, the most important part of the job is to deliver the album on time. This is not only for good client service but also to align your business. 

This is because a photographer only gets paid around 80% of the total amount while the rest is paid after the album delivery. But the photo-sharing and selection process takes up a lot of time which leads to multiple payments being stuck. So, you need to have an effective photo-sharing tool other than a pen drive or Google Drive. Let us introduce you to one such platform. 



It’s a SaaS platform driven by AI that helps photographers in sharing unlimited albums with their clients. The platform makes your entire business smooth by solving the problem of bulk photo-sharing and generating leads. 

Yes! Spyne not only helps you share your photos, but it also helps you in generating leads through references

SpyneShare also cuts the time of the selection process in half by providing real-time selection tracking through its dashboard. So, this way you can deliver your work to the client faster than ever. And did we tell you that it is one such platform that allows you to capture 100% reviews on your work? Well, it’s true and you can easily make them visible on your website. 

With SPYNE, you can 5GB of data storage for a lifetime by doing a free sign-up. If you want to know more about SpyneShare, you can check out our website or you can just Sign Up for free. 

At last, we’d just say that for doing Candid Photography, there are a bunch of things that you must keep in mind but you also need to keep your mind clear. What? Well, if it didn’t make sense, it will start to make sense once you start your new journey with a better approach to creative candid photography.

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