15+ Travel Photography Easy Tips & Ideas For Beginners

15+ Ultimate Travel Photography Easy, Tips and Ideas For Clicking Better Pictures

Are you a photographer who doesn’t want to work in a studio and travel around the world? Well, if you do then you’re not alone in this. A lot of photographers aspire to make a career in travel photography because why not? Travelling is something nobody can say no to and doing it for work sounds dreamy.

So, if you’re also stepping into the world of travel photography, there are some things that you should know. There are some basics to travel photography that you should be aware of.

Important Hacks for Travel Photography

1. Pack The Right Equipment

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When it comes to travel photography, it is always best to pack light. Your luggage will be divided into two sections. One for travelling and other for photography. But since you will be moving a lot, make sure that you keep the ratio of sections in such a way that you can focus on photography, rather than trying to keep your belongings safe. Now, you already know what you pack for clothing and other accessories like toothbrushes and extra pair of undergarments.

But when it comes to photography, it goes without saying that you have to have a camera. Apart from that, different lenses and a portable tripod. Moreover, make sure that you charge the batteries whenever possible.

2. Do Your Research

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It’s good to choose a destination you know nothing about as you get to explore something new. But before going to a new destination, make sure that you know the does and don’ts. Also, look up for popular spots of that destination. Travel photography is incomplete without capturing the most visited place. And then you can go on to explore the unseen beauty of that location.

3. Make an Effort to Fit In

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Even though people around the world are welcoming when it comes to treating the guests. But try to make an effort to learn a few phrases from their local language. Trust us, your effort will definitely pay as these are the people who can tell you about the beautiful places that are not yet seen by travellers.

4. Ask before you click

Travel photography is not about taking your camera to an exotic location, or a crowded junction and capturing the photos of random people and building. It is wise to ask before you click as some people find it offensive and sometimes a destination comes with certain rules for photographing. If you want to capture a portrait, make sure that you talk to the person casually and then ask whether you can click their photo or not. This is a rather polite way to capture good pictures.

5. Be Safe

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It goes without saying that your safety should be the priority. A true traveller gets lost on purpose but a smart traveller knows how to find his way out. So, while doing ravel photography, don’t wander into places that might look shady as new places come with uncertainties. Also, keep in mind that your equipment is expensive so make sure to play it safe.

Tips For Breathtaking Travel Photography

1. Make use of the Golden Hour

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2. Try Different Compositions

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3. Take as Many Photos As Possible

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4. Use a timer to be in your own photos

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5. Always shoot in manual mode

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6. Don't be afraid to get lost

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7. Always carry backup batteries and memory cards

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8. Don't forget post-processing

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Travel Photography Ideas to try in 2020!

1. Seizing The Sky 

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2. Trying Out Different Filters

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3. Clicking Random Signs

4. The One From The Plane

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5. Including Your Loved One for Some Couple Photos

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6. Climb High for a Better View.

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7. Mountains Are Calling 

8. Exploring Water Bodies

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9. The Carefree Beach Picture 

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How Do I Become A Travelling Photographer?

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To become a professional travel photographer, you need to have:

1. A Great Skillset for Photography 

2. A High Patience Level

3. Great Communications so that you can survive in any and all situations

4. Familiarity with all the different customs and cultures of different places

5. Great Survival Skills, in case you end up getting lost or hurt.


Why is travel photography important?

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Travel Photography is not just about taking pictures and trying to sell them for money. Travel Photography is a whole different experience that is nothing like anything that you usually come across in life. Travel Photography gives you a chance to witness new places and meet new people. And this is one of the biggest aspects of travel photography.

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Travel Photography is perfect for people who love visiting new places and have an eye for photography. Travel Photography also helps us freeze time and keep the fun moments with us for the time to come. With these photos, you can always look back in time and cherish the carefree moments.

How much money do travelling photographers make?

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This is something that varies from photographer to photographer. According to a survey, on an average, a travel photographer makes $45,000 in a year. But as we said before, this number can hugely vary. When you plan on starting a career in travel photography, you have to make sure that you either have a job or savings to fall back to. And this is because, as a new photographer, you also have to have a flow of cash to make a living. 

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If you manage to sell your work to big publications, you can even make $500 from a single photo. Hence, all you have to remember is the income varies from photographer too photographer. And there is no literature value for a travel photographer's income.  

What are the Different Types of Photography?

There are many different genres of photography like fashion, automobile, food etc. And if you are someone who is interested in learning about all of them then you should definitely check out our recent blog on Types Of Photography. In our blog, you will find some of the most popular photography genres of 2020.

Among all types of photography, travel photography has formed a pretty good reputation. It attracts a lot of photography enthusiasts every year. Now whether you are working as a freelancer or with a company, make sure that you follow these basic guidelines and make the best out of your travel photography.

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Written By - Ramnish on 06 Sep, 2019