How Instagram is Transforming the User Shopping Behavior

How Instagram is Transforming the User Shopping Behavior - Spyne

If you are a business owner whose majority of the audience can be found on social media then we have something for you that might help grow your business.

It is Instagram! 

Instagram is a place where millions of users share pictures, put up stories and stalk their favourite influencers. The question is, “How can a business operate in such chaos?”

Well, there are studies and findings that prove how such platforms can influence consumer’s buying behaviour. 

This specific research was made by Facebook that took a sample of 21 k Instagram users aged between 13-64. The users were selected from 13 different countries to get better results and a vivid idea of how Instagram can influence consumer behaviour. The decipher of study and the conclusion tells a lot about how the platform works. 

Instagram shopping behavior

Instagram is Transforming the User Shopping Behavior

Source - FB

But before getting into details about the findings from the study and how a business can benefit from such platforms, let’s first take a look at how the platforms use artificial intelligence to organize data and make it easy for the users to navigate their way to where their interest lies. 


1. The Hashtag

The tags on Instagram are one of the most 21st century ways of knowing what’s trending around the world along with finding the exact content that you are looking for over social media. Using these tags, an Instagram user can navigate his/her way on the internet to find the topics or posts of relevance. 

Since there’s tons of content available on social platforms, tags help in shaping the map. Now, these tags aren’t just for the daily users but also for businesses to create strategies to showcase their brand through those tags. 

Instagram is Transforming the User Shopping Behavior


2. Personalized Experience

Instagram is a huge place and it has something for all of us. But how has it been able to keep the interest of so many people for such a long time? Well, one can thank the algorithm of the platform which decides what content to show to each user. You can easily see this personalization of the platform by checking your Instagram feed and the feed of a person sitting right next to you. You will find this huge difference which will directly indicate the difference of interests. It sure is a challenging job but the platform has overcome it. This is the reason why it is easy for brands to locate and target their potential customers. 


3. Selling the Advertising

Instagram has all this data of users from engagement insights to search preferences. To make it valuable, the platform sells advertising to brands so that they can target their audience. This is, the power of machine learning and, how leveraging artificial intelligence can help a business to promote its business from brand awareness to influencing consumer buying behaviour. 

The platform owns all the data, which includes the personal preferences of a user, likes, dislikes, and personal interests. So, if a brand wants to advertise using the platform, it is very easily possible to target and reach the customers or audience that is actually interested in what the brand is selling. And it doesn't make the selling easy but also influences the customers in buying the product or service without actually telling them to do so. 

Now that you know how Instagram has made it easy for you, here are the takeaways from the study conducted by Facebook.

1. Instagram Presence Can Boost the Brand’s Appeal

If you aren’t on Instagram then there’s high time that you should. The study simply states that mere presence on the platform can actually boost your brand’s appeal and attract more customers. The users showed more interest in the brand when they were on social media, and found them 78% more popular. 

So, if you are on Instagram, there are higher chances of making sales, creating your brand awareness or gain some interested followers which will lead to business growth. 


2. Your Content Can Help Customer in Decision Making

The report also concludes that there’s a high possibility that the customer will solely base their buying decision on the type of content you are posting. 87% of all the participants of the study reportedly took action on Instagram after seeing the product. 

Now when it comes to action, it doesn’t mean that they directly made the purchase. It means that they proceeded to the next step of their buying decision including making the purchase. Now, this is something that the platform has made possible which nothing else could do. 

So, being a brand, your responsibility should be to expand your visibility where your target customer is wandering. 


3. The Content has the Ability to Control Potential Buyer’s Journey

There are different stages and journey of a buyer. Firstly, the buyer will discover something which is trending on the platform. Then the buyer will see/study other people’s opinions through the comment section, reviews, and overall engagement and will then end the journey by deciding whether to make the purchase or not. 

So, being a brand, you can actually create your strategy in such a way to appear in all those stages. You can create posts that communicate your brand in an interesting way. Also, you can advertise them on specific hashtags that your potential buyer might be interested in. 


What Should You Do as a Brand?

As a brand, there’s more than what you could do 10 years back. Now platforms like Instagram give you a chance to find, reach out and sell your products to your potential buyers without ever bringing them to your website. For that, you need to improve your social marketing strategy and take full advantage of tags that give you access to a seamless interested audience. 

You have to study the behaviour of the buyers which will help you target them through the buying process. The easier you will make for them to find you or purchase from you, the higher are the chances of influencing their buying behaviour.

So, if you are not on Instagram yet, make your profile now!

Written By - Ramnish on 02 Mar, 2020