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High-End Image Editing Tips For Stunning Results :Online Businesses

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The world is witnessing a rapid growth of the e-commerce industry. The Indian e-commerce market which was amounted to 38.5 billion dollars in 2017 is expected to grow $200 billion by 2026. There are several reasons why e-commerce is witnessing such a growth these days. However, one such reason behind its growth is how by using visual presentation, brands are able to convince customers to experience the product online eventually leading them to make a purchase. The visuals play a significant role in determining the sales in the industry.


Image Editing in San Antonio ,Spyne Touch ,


Remember, one must not underestimate the impact of visuals on your audience or prospective customers. Over 75% of shoppers believe that images play an important role while deciding whether to make a purchase.

Post with high-quality product images tend to produce a 650% greater engagement rate than a regular text post, high-quality product images can cut down your return rates by 22%, and products with 360 view can improve conversions by over 30%.

Image Editing Tips, importance of image editing in San Diego

Since every retailer and high-street shop owners going all-digital, it becomes difficult for small brands to survive the market. However, what theres one thing that differentiates a brand from another, which is the visual presentation. If your visual content presentation stands out, you can easily win a customers heart all it takes is stunning images of your brand.

So, it is important to have well refined and retouched images on all the online platforms you use. From website to your market place inventory to the social channels, you just need high-quality, perfectly retouched images to stay ahead of your competition.

Whether you prefer doing DIY product photography or hiring the best product photographer, you will always need the best person to edit the pictures as per your requirement, unless youre pro at it too. Nonetheless, we will tell you the importance of Photo editing and some tips to improve your photo editing skills.

Let me tell you if you are no pro at your photo-editing skills, you can always outsource your images for editing at 40% lower costs.


Importance of Image Editing


1. Images are the face of your brand

Product descriptions will not alone suffice. You need high-quality images to help your customers experience the product virtually. Image editing makes pictures look more attractive and aesthetic. By using high-quality images, you can impress your viewers and build a good trust factor with your customers.

Importance of Image editing in Dallas , Images are the face of your brand


2. Marketplace customized images

With the growing competition on e-commerce, more and more businesses are expanding their product inventory to different marketplaces by following an Omnichannel strategy to improve brand presence. Every marketplace has its image specifications and characteristics. So, to improve your visibility on each platform you need to adopt different image editing factors. 

Importance of Image editing in San Jose , Marketplace customized images

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3. Customers demand to see pictures

Like I said over 75% of the customers like to see the images of the products they are purchasing and about 60% want the images to be large and HD. So, give them what they need, it will help them in trusting your brand and convince them to shop again on your site. Professionally edited images hit the customers mind very well leaving no chance to doubt the product. You can make it more creative by adding props or show the product being used in real life. It adds authenticity to the picture.

Importance of Image editing in Austin, Customers demand to see pictures


4. Images are inevitable for e-commerce businesses

As it appears that high-quality editing images create a lasting impact on a customer. It improves the appearance and performance of the site and improves your optimization.

Images are inevitable for ecommerce businesses , Importance of Image editing in Fort Worth


5. Boost your sales

Specially edited pictures by an editing pro help you attract more visitors to your site, improve their stay duration on the website with high-quality visuals and eventually, increase the chances of improving sales.   

Boost your sales , Importance of Image editing in Seattle


Use these 5 Tips to pro Image editing


1. Fix the size and Zooming

Before you start editing your pictures, you must keep in mind what is the picture for or where you shall use the picture. Do you need it for your website? Is it a banner image? For a marketplace? Or you want to post it on your social media channels? Instagram? Or Twitter?

You should know where you are going to use your imagination. You might prepare images of different sizes to distribute it across channels. So, knowing what it is for is important. Just to remind you that all the marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Etsy, etc. have different image guidelines. So, make sure you have image specifications and guidelines during the image editing process. During the process, frame size should be taken into consideration. Also, to provide clarity and help customers see the products clearly, you must enable the zooming of the image. Ensure the image is not compromised when zoomed.

Image editing in Washington DC , Fix the size and Zooming

You can simply follow the Golden ratio, which is a rectangle of pleasing proportions with the long side over 61% longer than the shorter side.

2. Correct the Color

Using the color correction tool you can fix the color tone of an image, exposure, saturation, vibrancy, contracts, etc. However, what makes this tool so important in image editing is its ability to allow you to produce different colors of one product. For example, if you are an e-commerce seller who sells bedsheets, you will have a variety of color-collections but you would not photography all of them due to high costs. You will click one or two crated different colors out of the same product. With too many colors and collections available, there is a high chance of improving sales.

Image editing in Boston , Correct the color


3. Stick to a uniform background

While editing images for your e-commerce site, background plays an important role. Every marketplace has its image background guidelines that maintain uniformity across the product inventory. For example, if you are a seller and looking for Amazon Photo Editing Services, and you need to set the background of all the images to white since white being the highly accepted background on the marketplace unless the picture is product lifestyle image. Images with colorful backgrounds tend to steal the focus of the main product, causing distraction. So, most of the brands use white background photography to maintain uniformity and drive full attention towards the product.

Image editing in Las Vegas , Stick to a uniform background


4. Drop some shadow

When manipulating the background during image editing, the image loses its original shadow inviting doubts over its authenticity. While manipulating or changing the background to white, make sure you drop shadow on the product to make it look real. Products without shadow look unreal thus discouraging shoppers from buying it. A technique called drop shadow helps you to create a fake shadow of the subject during image editing. Use it like a pro to make the picture look real.

Image editing in Atlanta , Drop some shadow


5. Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is a trending style in the apparel industry to display the object for the better experience of customers. It helps them see the object and imagine how it may looks and fits on them. These mannequin images are used to make a 360 view of a product or a panorama image that helps a viewer to see the product from almost all the angles. How to create a ghost mannequin image? Use the dress on a mannequin and then use the manipulation techniques to remove the mannequin from the image. The image will look like a ghost wearing the dress.

Image editing in Omaha , Ghost Mannequin


6. Fix the contrast and brightness

To improve the quality of your image, you can remove the unwanted objects from the image, fix the contrast, and enhance the brightness to your advantage. Uploading enhanced and quality image on a marketplace will not only improve your visibility but also build trust among your customers. So, use image editing tools to fix the brightness.

Since you are here, let me tell you that Spyne is helping international businesses with image editing services using its AI-powered technology providing service 63% faster and at a 40% lower cost. If you have any need to outsource your image editing and cut your costs by 40%, then you can contact us from amazing results. 

Image editing in Miami , Fix the contrast and brightness

We help them with fixing resolutions, removing elements, background setting, and manipulation, shadow generation, image restoration, adding margins, cropping images, marketplace-customized editing (Amazon-like auto-editing), photo enhancement, color correction, custom editing, and so on.


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