AI Image Editing: The New Revolution In Car Reselling Industry

AI Image Editing: The New Revolution In Car Reselling Industry

The game of Artificial Intelligence has just begun, and businesses already have started leveraging the tools driven by algorithms right from the customer acquisition at the first point of contact (inception) — the smartphone to smart image editing that takes a few seconds to do what manual pro editor would pull off in hours.

Even experts believe that the inset of Artificial Intelligence in image editing will give machines the ability to outperform a manual image editor's relational reasoning. Not only in terms of time consumption but in terms of the decision-making process and ability to analyze the image, considering the minute details. 

In this blog, we will tell you how AI image editing powered by machine learning will bring a revolution in the car reselling industry

But first, let’s have a brief look at the car buyer’s journey (the progress) and the challenges that will send the potential buyer backward (in the journey of decision making). And your car images have a lot to do with it! 

Studies show that car buyers’ journey can be influenced by many factors when they make progress in decision making. Below, we’ve discussed the factors that can drive away your potential buyer who’s on the verge of choosing your competitor over you.


Pro tip: Later in the blog, we will tell you how you can impress your potential buyers with your impressive Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP). 

Limitless options

Internet is loaded with car sellers and re-sellers, which means there are limitless options available for a potential buyer to consider while making a decision. 

Buyer learns (through the journey) 

When a buyer begins the journey of purchasing the ideal car, the buyer will learn new information through the process, each time they learn something new could prevent them from reaching the final decision of purchasing a particular car. So, it is always better to help your buyers make an informed decision at every step. And this informed decision begins with real, high-quality car images

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High-quality images

High-quality car images play an important role in a buyer’s purchase decision. It not only drives the attention of a potential buyer but helps the buyer to make an informed decision, which prevents the buyer from going backward in the journey of buying. 

When it comes to selling used cars, you need to make sure everything from images to the presentation of your VDP is really impressive because car buyers spend 59% of their time online researching. But do car images matter at all?  

Why do you care about Car Images?

Before making any purchase or vising the showroom manually, 76% of Indian potential buyers research online while only a few per cent of consumers visit local showrooms directly. It means brands that online have an upper edge over those with zero online presence. 

Why are images so important?

Like I said image can make or break your business and this has been proved time and again by the high-quality visuals attracting customers’ attention and driving them to make an informed purchase. 


      56% of online customers abandon the buying process due to a lack of high-quality images and product information.
What does it mean for used car sellers?

Even 80% of used car buyers surf the internet before actually visiting the car dealership or showroom. 

So images are really important for used-car sellers and dealers or those selling on a marketplace. High-quality car images can help them attract more buyers and drive more sales. 

How is AI image editing a new revolution for the car reselling industry?

The car reselling businesses needs more compelling, alluring car images that engage customers more than the new car images could. Why? Simple, those buyers looking for used cars are anticipating to see what they are intended to purchase. In other words, the car reselling business must provide beautiful yet detailed images of the used cars so that the buyer makes an informed purchase decision. Helping them with this can cut down the abandonment rate of ‘not interested buyers’. 

In an industry where quality, consistency, and standardization in car photos play a crucial role, AI and machine learning algorithms have given ‘used car sellers’ an increasing advantage in cost-effectiveness and time saving with regard to image editing. 

AI is helping these businesses to create images 

Traditionally, the automotive businesses and used car sellers highly relied on high cost and manpower-driven post-processing, which eventually became tedious as it required a significant number of hours to create images that could wow the customers and win their attention. 

However, the AI-powered Image Editing in used car images made this process easier and seamless for Car dealership businesses, resellers, etc by helping them turn not-so-great images into stunning images with high-selling backgrounds. This AI image editing allows users to remove image background from car images and simply replace car image background and floor with a premium backdrop. And all it takes is a few seconds. Try Our Car Editor Online and Instantly Replace Your Car Background Image With Few Simple Steps.

Transform Your Marketplace Using AI Image Editing

Spyne is India’s first-of-its-kind AI-driven company that is helping businesses with all sorts of photoshoots and AI-based image editing. Spyne recently launched a new AI Car Background Replacement tool that helps car sellers to turn not-appealing car images into attractive, professional images in less than 7 seconds and this happens 100% automatically - you don’t have to do a thing!

The tool doesn’t just replace the background but also adds a new turntable-like floor that resembles the ones in the showrooms, automatically increases the depth of field, extends the floor, add shadow to make the image look natural and aesthetic. 

Faster than you’ve ever imagined

AI tools offer your automated post-production or image editing requirements that ensure better quality in faster turnaround times and more efficient workflow. The car background replacement tool helps you create stunning yet impressive images in less than 7 seconds that can help you sell more cars. 

The AI image editing ensures that you don’t have to wait for long hours to get images edited. This tool can help you turn your marketplace car images (that have different backgrounds, cluttered and dirty backgrounds) into really amazing and clean images (with new high-selling backgrounds that make your marketplace look unique and ensure consistency across your VDPs). 

Way more affordable than manual editing

Let’s talk money! Would you like to boost your sales by a whopping 40%? Yes, our AI car image editing ensures that you sell your cars faster than those with dirty backgrounds and floors. You don’t only sell faster but get your Car background replacement done at a 30% lower cost. 

This way you can save money and improve see your business growth progressing rapidly. Now you don’t have to queue up your car images in a manual editor’s computer, you can do it on your own as it is 100% automatic. This AI-based car background replacement tool puts AI to do heavy work for you intelligently.  

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Faster turnaound time

Less than 7 seconds is all it takes to make your car look perfectly amazing - a car image that can instantly drive customers’ eyes and drive them to click on your ad, listing, or wherever you use it. You make your image editing faster than you’ve ever seen before. It is AI, not a manul editor at the desk - doing your job and ensuring delivery at 60% faster

Algorithms learn as you put them to task

Our algorithms are trained in millions of real images to get the best results, the algorithms are so smart that they automatically learn from each image that’s processed in the AI tool, therefore getting more accurate and smart with every edit. This level of efficiency and accuracy is unprecedented as far as manual editing is concerned.


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Written By - Younus Sideeq on 17 Feb, 2021