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How to Create Virtual Car Showroom for Better Online Sales

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Virtual Car Showroom

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Technology is rapidly changing, and that’s not something new. But the application of that technology in real life, for businesses, corporates, consumers, etc., is wonderful. For automotive retailers, one of the biggest examples of evolving technology is the virtual car showroom, which is becoming increasingly common in this digital era.

With changing preferences, attitudes, and behavior of automobile buyers, the channels for selling automobiles also need to change. With people steadily preferring digital channels over physical ones, virtual showrooms are changing the face of automobile shopping.

Digital sales platforms are a growing market trend; majorly, all big companies are shifting towards digital platforms to stay updated and up-tracked in the market. Companies like Tesla, BMW, Ford, etc., are moving towards the virtual space for their sales channels. Even used car retailers like Carvana offer people the convenience of purchasing cars digitally.

Therefore, an automotive virtual showroom provides a convenient and personalized experience to buyers. It can help them find, compare, and finalize their desired car, without the need to step out of their homes!

So, in this article, we will thoroughly discuss what a virtual automobile showroom is, how it is changing the automotive market, and why you need to embrace vr showroom car technology. Let’s begin!

What is a Virtual Car Showroom?

A virtual car showroom or a digital car showroom is a digital replica of a dealership for online shoppers. People can purchase vehicles on these digital platforms from the comfort of their homes. A virtual automotive showroom provides high-quality, engaging car images and videos – often including interactive 360-degree car views – for people to research and compare their options. This provides a deep, rich, and informative virtual experience that makes researching and comparing cars easy and fun for customers.



With virtual showrooms, dealerships can replicate the in-person car buying experience in a digital form. This solution helps car retailers create an easy and convenient car way for shoppers to check vehicles out and purchase them.

Traditionally, buying a car or any other automobile requires visiting the store, identifying the desired model, comparing it with other models, and evaluating its pros and cons, before making the purchase. Virtual car shopping eases the entire process by allowing shoppers to do all this at their own pace while seated comfortably on their couch.

VR car showrooms provide detailed and high-quality pictures and videos of vehicles for consumer research, along with all the necessary details, and provide an interactive 360 car photography showroom allowing consumer to get a comprehensive view of the car from the comfort of their home. Images from both interiors and exteriors are showcased for customer benefit. Therefore,  the combination of these high-quality images, along with a realistic virtual experience of the showroom, makes automobile shopping through digital dealerships fun, easy, and trustworthy.



How do Virtual Car Showrooms Simplify Online Car Hunting?

Buying a car through traditional means can be troublesome and challenging. Thankfully, technological leaps have given way to more simplified and convenient ways to purchase automobiles. Therefore, online car hunting allows buyers to view, compare, and review vehicles, along with their parts, features, etc., from the comfort of their house and at their own pace.

Some key aspects that simplify online car hunting are-

1. Customised Experience

Give your buyers a customized virtual car shopping experience according to their requirements. One can look for a desired model with desired features by applying filters on your online inventory, comparing different models and features, etc. You can also check their history on your website, get them to submit their contact details, and then send them personalized deals and offers.

2. Convenience

The ease and convenience that it provides while online car hunting is hard to miss. Now, even if buyers feel like looking for a car at 2 AM, they have the option to do that. Be it in formal wear or pajamas, online car hunting is fun. Virtual dealerships are 24×7 accessible in the truest sense.

3. No hassle

A trip to the showroom can simply be avoided now. Buyers can view, compare, and judge without stepping out of their houses. Once bought, the car will be simply delivered to your doorstep. No more running between different dealerships!

4. Zero interference

Buyers are often uncomfortable dealing with salespeople. So, if you need a car, you simply visit the virtual showroom. Smart website design and system recommendations will assist the buyers thoroughly in finding their dream car, without involving salespeople and their opinions.

5. High-tech experience

Virtual showrooms provide a unique, high-tech car buying experience to buyers. No more haggling – they can check out all the discounts and offers directly on your website. You can also add a chatbot system to improve engagement; your potential buyers will get quick responses to their queries and easily schedule test drives or request a call from your dealership’s sales representative.

6. Increased sales

The engaging and interactive online dealership experience, along with easy and convenient car buying, attracts plenty of shoppers and helps improve sales significantly. Over 90% of people begin their car buying journey online, shifting to an in-person experience in the later stages. Creating an Automotive Digital Retailing platform will help you capture the attention of these buyers too!

It’s essential to shift gears and move along with trends to increase car sales and stay on top of the industry.


What are the Benefits of Virtual Car Showroom?

There has been a huge revolution in how we purchase cars due to the introduction of 3D car showroom. Consumers can now get comprehensive views and details of the car, which helps them buy their dream car. A digital showroom automotive can provide an efficient car-buying experience since it gives every bit of information about car. Some other benefits that one can get from virtual showroom automotive are:

1. Encourage Immersion

Virtual Car showrooms can easily give interactive experiences to their potential customers by transporting them to a digital world. Using 3D models, lifelike animations, and intricate visualizations, customers can find their preferred car as though they were physically at a dealership. From exterior aesthetics to interior features, potential buyers can look at their future vehicle in remarkable detail.

2. All the information at the tip of your finger

One of the main benefits that a virtual vehicle showroom offers is that it can provide all the information that car buyers are looking for. Customers don’t need to rely on salespeople or printed brochures, and Shoppers can digitally access in-depth information about each car’s specifications, features, and performance. So, virtual showrooms will provide informative pop-ups, videos, and interactive elements for valuable insights.

3. Personalized mentoring

In virtual car showrooms, you’ll find customized assistance designed according to your preferences. Smart chatbots and virtual assistants engage with customers, answering queries, offering suggestions, and steering them through the car selection process. Therefore, by understanding the buyer’s needs and tastes, these virtual assistants can provide fitting models, conduct comparisons, and assist users in refining their options.

4. Decision-making without stress

Virtual showrooms can eliminate the stress often found in traditional car purchasing by empowering buyers to look for things at their own pace. So, buyers have ample amount of time to check various models, compare features, and envision themselves behind the wheel.

5. Comfortable test driving schedule

A virtual car dealer can easily provide a convenient in-person test drive according to the preference of interested buyers. On an online car showroom, one has to click a few times, and he/she can choose a suitable time slot and schedule a test drive, reducing the inconvenience of coordinating schedules through phone calls or in-person meetings. When buyers arrive for their test drive, they’re already familiar with the car, making the experience more efficient and purposeful.


Use Spyne Virtual Studio to Create a Better Car-Buying Experience

Do you know what makes a virtual car dealership experience great? The answer is simple – high-quality pictures and videos that attract the interest of the customers and convince them to make the purchase. The high-quality pictures make the selection part of automobiles highly smooth and convenient.

Traditional Car Photography is expensive and time-exhaustive – you need to build/rent a studio, hire a car photographer, and then wait until the shoot and post-production are done. It also increases your dependence on external factors; if the studio is busy or a crew member takes a day off, you’ll have to wait even longer. There’s a faster and better way to do this – use a virtual studio for your car photography requirements!

So, our Virtual Car Photography Studios can help you create a digital showroom experience quickly and affordably, no matter the size of your inventory. You can shoot and/or edit car visuals (images and videos) without any professional help, and without any compromises in quality.


Spyne Auto Console


Spyne is a one-stop solution to create breathtaking virtual car showrooms for a winning digital retailing experience. Our car merchandising solutions – virtual studio and 360 spin – assist car retailers in developing high-quality catalogs that provide a rich and detailed experience to buyers.

Since buyers rely on online platforms for their car purchases, either partially or completely, it is necessary to give them a comforting digital experience. We ensure that the virtual experience of retailers is high-tech and of high quality to attract a large number of customers online, gain their trust, and ultimately boost sales numbers.


Cost of Creating Virtual Car Showroom With Spyne AI

Our AI-powered merchandising platform helps you create a virtual car showroom at an affordable price. Using our smartphone app (iOS and Android), you can shoot pictures and videos quickly, with the on-screen guides helping you out at every move.

Using our AI, you can edit your car images and videos at speed and scale – no matter the volume of work, the AI systems will process all your visuals quickly while adhering to the top quality standards. So, no need to hire expensive Car Dealership Photography crews or build a studio!

For car retailers (dealerships and independent sellers), we have different subscription models; You can pick between our monthly and annual plans. The monthly plans start at USD 149 per month, while the annual subscription starts at USD 1440 per year (edit up to 50 cars monthly in both plans).



We also offer a direct credit purchase plan – purchase as many credits as you need. For franchise dealerships with a massive inventory, this turns out to be a better deal.

Head over to the Spyne pricing plans to check out our different subscription models. For a detailed explanation or further information, you can book a discovery call and talk to our experts.

The Future of Virtual Reality Car Showrooms

Trends in the automotive market point towards virtual reality being the future of car showrooms. However, the shift in automobile sales from traditional methods to online methods is evident. The future belongs to the Gen Z generation and beyond, whose preferences lie in the digital space. A virtual automobile showroom allows buyers to explore any vehicle model, just like in an actual showroom.

Although physical dealerships won’t disappear, every automobile retailer will have a digital sales channel in the future. Some will offer a complete VR experience, complete with a virtual car simulator, while others will stick to showcasing cars through interactive VDPs (Vehicle Display Pages).

So, every company, big or small, will have to adapt to the changing consumer trends to keep up with the market, embracing digital platforms to engage customers and provide them with a better experience.

Final Thoughts

Technology is evolving, and your business needs to evolve alongside it. The better you understand your consumers, the better you can attract and engage them. Therefore, for successful digital retailing, you need to create a top-quality virtual car showroom, with informative and interactive VDPs for each and every vehicle in your inventory.

All your Vehicle Display Pages need good-quality images and videos, along with all other information that buyers need when making a decision. Once you take care of that, you’ll have a high-conversion online sales channel in your arsenal!



  • Do virtual car tours improve sales?

    Yes, they do! Virtual car tours – including virtual car 360-degree views and detailed walkthroughs videos – are a modern, interactive way for consumers to research vehicles. Such digital tours improve sales by capturing a consumer’s attention, engaging them on your website, and building trusted relations with them through transparency in your online inventory display, eventually leading them to purchase their next vehicle from your dealership.

  • What is a virtual tour of a car?

    A virtual tour of a car is a solution that helps sellers showcase a vehicle in a detailed and engaging manner digitally. It involves listing an automobile with high-resolution images from different angles, along with videos, which gives the resemblance of actually viewing the car. It helps buyers to compare and purchase a car using their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Why do dealerships need to move to digital space to survive?

    The automobile market space is changing, and along with it, the likes, dislikes, and preferences of customers. To match customers’ demands and provide them with the best shopping experience, it is necessary to understand their needs and requirements. Most car shoppers begin their buying journey online, with some completing it in-person by visiting a physical dealership. A digital car showroom provides ease, comfort, and safety in the car purchase journey, which is beneficial for retailers to retain customers and make long-lasting relations with them.

  • How do I create a digital showroom?

    You can easily create your own digital showroom with these simple steps

    Step 1: Select the car images or videos you want to upload on your website and categorize them.

    Step 2: Name your showroom according to seasonal trends.

    Step 3: Pick the language you want your website to function with.

    Step 4: Select the number of sections you want to have. Within Galleries, you have the freedom to select as many categories as you prefer. This allows users visiting your showroom to easily navigate between the uploaded content categories based on their preferences.

    Step 5: Select your user action, A valuable method to assess a garment’s performance is by analyzing the download frequency in comparison to other items in your collection.

    Step 6: Make your showroom personal, remember Whatever way you design your showroom, it should make the customer feel like exploring all the options.

  • Why is car virtual showroom important?

    A virtual car showroom has many benefits, the following points will showcase its importance

    1. Buyers don’t need to go to a dealership. They can easily find virtual car showroom free on the internet and can browse through cars from the comfort of their homes.


    1. Buyers can easily get all the detailed information about the car from the screen of their tablet or phone

  • What is the use of virtual reality in automotive?

    A VR can easily replicate the experience of car driving or designing. It can also be used for testing vehicles. Through VR engineers, designers and marketers can easily gain all the experience, and car capabilities in a simulated environment. This helps in improving the overall quality and safety of automobiles.

  • How do car virtual showrooms work?

    Virtual car showrooms provide a convenient means to research, explore, and buy vehicles without leaving your home. Through mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality, shoppers can examine a wide range of models, manipulate vehicles, customize paint colors, and “experience” the driver’s seat.

  • What is the objective of car virtual showroom?

    Virtual car showroom app provide an engaging and immersive environment where buyers can explore and get an interactive experience of the vehicle in a 3D life-like setting. Customers can personalize and tailor vehicles to their preferences, experience virtual test drives, and engage with live sales representatives for real-time interactions.

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