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If you’re an online car dealership, you already know that visuals are everything! To capture the attention of online shoppers, you need high-quality, innovative images and videos. Google research reveals that 56% of auto shoppers agreed that they would buy a car after watching a 360-degree video without the need to take a test drive! Want to know how to shoot such videos? Well, you’ll need a car turntable!

The traditional way to shoot a 360 spin video is to build or rent a car studio with a turntable integrated into the floor. You would also need to invest in expensive photography equipment – camera, lens, lights – and then hire a professional crew to click the pictures and videos. Also, you can completely outsource the job to a photography agency, but you’ll still have to constantly monitor the quality.

You could also opt to leave the turntable and studio out of the equation, and simply shoot your car images and videos on the lot. However, the results won’t be as impressive.

There’s another way to do this – the Spyne way! You can click a car’s hassle-free 360-degree photographs and also shoot Car Videos, without the overhead costs, time, and resources. How? With virtual studio and turntable!

Now the question is, will you take a ring-around-the-roses approach for a 360-degree car photograph or video? Or would you rather yield the benefits of a turntable? Even if you opt for the first option, you’ll return to the second one, and we’ll tell you why in this blog.


What is a Car Turntable?

A car turntable, also known as a driveway turntable, is a rotating platform designed for use by a car. It can be manually rotated or motorized, as per the requirement. It is primarily used by car studios for 360 photography, by dealerships for vehicle displays, and by car owners in their home garages for an easy automated car parking system. Usually, these rotating platforms are built into the floor, which means they aren’t easy to install and require professional help.


What is a car turntable


A turn table for cars has now become universally recognized as an effective selling tool for Car Dealerships. The movement of the turntable induces excitement in viewers, akin to that of a motor show. For your physical showroom, investing in a 360 car turntable is a smart choice. As for your virtual car showroom, a turntable will be great for clicking high-impact pictures and videos.

There are two basic kinds of turntables – in-ground and above-ground. An in-ground turntable lays flat on the floor, and it may require extensive remodeling of the garage turntable for installation. An above-ground turntable, on the other hand, protrudes above the floor. It can be built without any modifications to the dealership/garage floor.



Importance of Turntables for Online Car Sellers

Imagine driving your car back and forth repeatedly to get the perfect shots against the same background. The photo shoot would take hours, and if you’re unhappy with a few pictures, reshoots will take ages!


Turntables importance for online car sellers


In such situations, a turntable would make things significantly easier and more efficient. This is a boon for online car sellers who strive to create attractive Vehicle Display Pages for the cars in their inventory.

It allows automotive dealer photographers to easily capture a 360-degree view, including the front, back, and sides

Also, a car photo booth turntable would add a studio backdrop for all your car images and videos. It will help make your photographs look uniform, giving them a professional look. It helps automotive retailers take their online presence to a higher level and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

So, vehicle turntables ensure faster and more efficient Car Photography, and they are also great for in-store car displays. Their correct use will help garner more leads for your automobile sales business.


How Does a Car Turntable Work?

As stated previously, a turntable can be motorized or it can be manually rotated. Electro-mechanical turntables use a floor raceway and a single inner ring bearing for rotating. The central pivot drive assembly of a turntable is activated by the hydraulic motor drive unit of the system, causing the platform of the turntable to rotate with the vehicle above it.


How does a car turntable work


A car rotating platform comes equipped with basic controls, including a control panel with buttons to start, stop, and rotate left or right and speed control. It can also be set to spin continuously at a specific speed, which comes in handy when shooting 360-degree videos.

A standard vehicle turntable measures 177 inches across (diameter of around 4.5 meters) and has a weight-bearing capacity of 6600 lb (nearly 3000 kg). For heavier vehicles, like pickup trucks or large SUVs, you’d need larger ones. A bigger disc may also be added for dealership presentations.

You may also want to check out car turntable prices before running off to buy one. While you may come across plenty of budget-friendly options – costing around $3000 to $5000 – not all of those options would be good. For commercial needs, you may have to spend upwards of $10,000 for just one car turner. DIY car turntables cost a lot less, but the installation may be a hassle.


Factors for Selecting a Vehicle Turntable

With a wide range of rotating car display platform turntable prices in the market, there needs to be more clarity as to which is the most suitable for your purpose.

Given below are some important factors to consider when selecting a vehicle turntable:


Vehicle turntable selecting factors



1. Diameter of the turntable

The size of the car or vehicle predominantly decides the size of the turntable. You will need a sufficient diameter for your car to rotate efficiently, or else it will be a flop show. While most cars would work fine with spin automotive turntables measuring 4.5 meters in diameter, you can consider your car display turntable size and space when deciding the diameter of the turntable.

For a Car Photography Studio, you might need a one-size-fits-all approach, so choosing a larger one (5 meters or 5.5 meters) would be the better choice.

2. The space availability

Your turntable-buying decision should also factor in the space you have available in your studio (or garage, dealership). Here’s what you should consider:

1) Clearance Zone

The clearance zone is an additional space or meter on the radius of the turntable that facilitates rotation without collision. The clearance zone ensures that the car rotates efficiently. Hence, it would be best to consider a rotation zone of at least 6.5 meters (or more, depending on your requirements) for easy turning.

2) Anti-collision sensors

If the proper rotation zone is absent, anti-collision sensors would also work. If the automotive turntables are equipped with these sensors, they will prevent the car from colliding with surrounding elements if anything (or anyone) is in the way.

3. Power requirements

A car photo booth turntable requires adequate power to keep working efficiently and smoothly. In most cases, the power supply needed for a turntable to operate is 240 V/10 amp. Manually rotating turners do exist, and if you’re fine with a little manual labor, go for it!

4. Price

Lastly, you should consider the vehicle turntable cost when investing in one. Set a budget and look for plenty of options, both in stores and online. You can also find a nice used car turntable for sale at a fair price.

If you don’t like your options or if your budget doesn’t stretch too high, you can choose a DIY turntable option instead – just build your own!


Use Cases of Car Turntable

Car turntables offer a variety of benefits and use cases in both residential and commercial settings. Here’s a breakdown of the use cases:

Space Optimization

1) Limited driveway or garage: If you have a tight squeeze for parking, a turntable allows you to park your car and easily rotate it 180 degrees for exiting, eliminating the need for difficult maneuvering or backing out.

2) Multiple cars: Maximize parking space for multiple vehicles without sacrificing lawn or garden area.

3) Unique layouts: Accommodate odd-shaped driveways or garages where traditional parking might be challenging.

Convenience and Safety

1) Easy entry and exit: Eliminate the need for reversing, reducing the risk of accidents and making parking a breeze, especially for tight spaces or busy streets.

2) Accessibility: People with mobility limitations can benefit from easier car access and maneuvering.

3) Security: Some turntables offer built-in security features like weight limits and locking mechanisms, deterring theft or unauthorized use.

4) Road law compliance: In some areas, backing onto certain roads is prohibited. A turntable allows for forward-facing entry and exit, adhering to regulations.

5) Showroom appeal: Car dealerships can showcase vehicles more effectively with turntables, allowing customers to easily view them from all angles.

Car turntables offer a smart solution for various parking challenges, enhancing convenience, safety, and space utilization in both residential and commercial settings.


Types of Car Turntables

Car turntables have revolutionized the way vehicles are showcased, designed, and maneuvered in various settings. From traditional mechanical turntables to cutting-edge virtual solutions, these innovative devices cater to a wide range of applications in the automotive industry and beyond. In this overview, we will explore different types of car turntables, each offering unique benefits and functionalities.

1) Virtual Car Turntable

A digital representation of a car turntable that exists in a virtual or AI-generated virtual studio. These virtual turntables are used in digital marketing, car design, and 3D modeling to showcase vehicles from various angles and perspectives.

2) Motorized Car Turntables

Powered by electric motors, making it easier to rotate vehicles with the push of a button or using a remote control.

3) In-Ground Car Turntables

Installed flush with the ground, allowing the vehicle to drive onto the vehicle rotating platform smoothly. Commonly used in garages and showrooms.

4) Above-Ground Car Turntables

Installed on the surface and can be easily placed or relocated. More flexible in terms of car turntable installation and is commonly used for outdoor displays or events.

5) Single Car Turntables

Designed to accommodate a single vehicle at a time. Commonly used in residential properties or small commercial spaces.

6) Multi-Car Turntables

Larger and capable of holding multiple vehicles simultaneously. Often used in car dealerships or larger turntable car parking system.

7) Indoor Car Turntables

Specifically designed for indoor use, turntable for cars in garages, showrooms, or exhibition halls.

8) Outdoor Car Turntables

Built to withstand weather elements and often used for outdoor displays or temporary events.

9) Platform Size Variations

Car turntables come in various platform sizes to accommodate different vehicle dimensions, from small cars to larger trucks or SUVs.

10) Portable Car Turntables

Lightweight and easy to move, making them convenient for temporary displays or events.

11) Manual Car Turntables

Basic turntables that require manual operation to rotate the vehicle. Controlled by pushing the car or using a hand-operated mechanism.

12) Customisable e-Car Turntables

Some turntable manufacturers offer customizable options, allowing clients to choose specific sizes, load capacities, or design features according to their needs.

These various types of car turntables cater to different requirements, providing flexibility, convenience, and efficiency in rotating vehicles for diverse applications, including the innovative use of virtual environments for digital marketing and car design purposes.


Virtual Turntable – Next-Gen Solution for Automotive Photography

While there are several advantages of turntables, like making 360-degree videos and car photography easier for online car sellers, finding and installing the perfect car rotating platform can be difficult and extremely expensive. Maintenance and user control expertise is an addition to the effort that goes into buying or renting one.


Virtual Turntable automotive photography


Additionally, most cars require a turntable with at least 4.5 diameter, which requires a clearance zone for the car being at least 6.5 meters in the radius. Moreover, automobile turntables also require constructing an elevated floor around the turntable for aesthetic appeal. As an online car dealership, would you invest your time, energy, and resources into sourcing a turntable that matches the diameter and space requirements? If it is for multiple car photo shoots, chances are it might empty your pockets and test your patience.

What if there was a way to avail all the benefits of a 360-car turntable but without the disadvantages? Yes, there is! Virtual turntables are significantly easier and more effective for car photography and videography.

A virtual vehicle turntable, as the name suggests, is a virtual platform that can be added to car images and 360-degree videos for a professional look. The shoot can be done in a dealership lot or any other location. The virtual turntable can be added later digitally, along with a Virtual Car Studio background, life-like shadows and reflections on the floor, etc.



How to use Spyne’s Virtual Car Turntable

Spyne’s AI-powered photoshoot and photo editing platform makes shooting 360-degree car images a hassle-free experience. It gives you two rotating car view options – an outdoor shoot or an indoor shoot. The indoor 360 spin option consists of a car placed in a virtual studio on a rotating virtual turntable. The outdoor shoot option, on the other hand, comprises a fully digital, immersive, VR environment that rotates alongside the vehicle.

With an AI car on turntable, you don’t need an actual turntable or set up a real photoshoot studio. All you need is a smartphone with our AI-powered app!

It assists you in creating interactive 360 videos that are fully controllable by the viewer. This gives the viewer a feeling like they are physically inspecting the car in a digital setting.

Here’s how you can shoot 360-degree car images:

Download the AI app

1) Our AI self-serve photography app is available for Android and Apple smartphones.

Choose the relevant category and sub-category

1) Open the AI Image editing app and select ‘Automobile’ in the category label.

2) Choose the correct body style of the car, such as; SUV, sedan, hatchback, etc.

Photoshoot using guided overlays

1) As per the car’s body style selected, It offers overlay sketches on the screen for reference.

2) Just line up the car as directed in the overlay and click the picture.

3) This is your best friend for car photoshoots; if there are any inconsistencies with what you’ve clicked, the app will suggest a reshoot.

Wait for an AI-powered photo editor to edit the images:

1) The images of the car clicked are edited by Spyne’s sophisticated AI.

2) This includes background removal and replacement and stitching together images for an interactive 360-degree view.

3) The editing section is automated, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Note: In 360 spin car photography, you can choose to forgo background removal and replacement if you desire or if you’re limited by budget.


Spyne Automated Car Studio

Spyne provides the best car turntable platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate various aspects of car photography, making it easier and more efficient for dealerships and businesses to showcase their vehicles online. It offers several features, including:

1) Guided car photography app: This app helps users capture high-quality photos of their cars by providing instructions on angles, distance, and lighting.

2) Automatic image editing: The AI technology automatically cleans up and enhances photos, removing backgrounds, adjusting shadows, and ensuring consistent branding.

3) 360° virtual tours: Create interactive tours of vehicles, allowing potential buyers to inspect them from all angles.

4) Virtual backgrounds: Showcase cars in different settings without the need for a physical studio.

5) Virtual car turntable model: The platform offers a virtual car turntable feature, enabling users to display vehicles dynamically and engagingly.

Overall, Spyne Automated Car Studio revolutionizes the way vehicles are showcased online, offering a comprehensive solution that combines advanced AI technology with user-friendly tools to enhance the car photography and marketing process.

The Cost Comparison: Spyne vs. Physical Car Turntables

There’s a significant difference in cost between Spyne’s AI-powered car showroom turntables and physical turntables. Here’s a breakdown:


1) Free to use: Spyne offers a free app for shooting car photos and videos.

2) Custom plans: It provides custom plans for additional premium features tailored to your needs and provides features like higher resolution images, 360° spins, and virtual backgrounds.

3) No additional hardware: You don’t need any special equipment beyond your smartphone.

Physical Car Turntables

1) Costly equipment: Prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on size, weight capacity, and features.

2) Additional costs: You will need extra equipment like lighting, backdrops, and cameras, further increasing the cost.

3) Installation and maintenance: Setting up and maintaining a physical turntable can require time and effort.


Spyne offers a significantly more affordable & cheap car turntable than physical car turntables, especially for occasional use.

Physical turntables can be cost-effective for professional photographers or dealerships who need them frequently.

The best choice for you depends on your budget, needs, and expertise.



The traditional photoshoot methods of using a car turntable are effective, but they increase your dependency on external factors and also comprise a hefty investment. But with a virtual revolving car turntable, you get the same benefits and results, while saving a lot of time, money, and effort. With our virtual photo studio, you can create a 360-degree showroom experience with the benefit of automated editing. With innovative, high-impact visuals, you can make your inventory listing all the more captivating for prospective car buyers!



  • How much room do you need for an automobile turntable?

    A physical vehicle turntable requires a proper space wherever placed. So, it is essential to calculate and have an idea of how much room you would require to install one.

    Generally, a 4.5-meter diameter of the turntable is appropriate for most cars. In addition to this, you need a clearance zone around that so your car can rotate. Adding that, you’ll need a circular space that’s 6.5 meters wide in diameter.

  • Is using a virtual vehicle turntable better than installing a physical one?

    Yes! For car photography, it absolutely is! Using virtual turntable photography saves you time, money, and effort, while also getting rid of the headache of depending upon external factors.

    Spyne allows you to shoot car images and videos at any location, and then transform them into studio-grade visuals automatically. Your 360-degree videos will have a realistic turntable effect, thanks to the power of AI.

  • What is the purpose of a car turntable?

    A garage turntable makes parking cars simple by making it easy for drivers to pull in and out of a driveway. No need to maneuver back and forth between the garage walls!

    Dealership turntables are used to display cars in a showroom an interesting manner. The vehicle keeps rotating on its platform, which instantly catches a customer’s eye.

    A car studio turntable is used to make photoshoots easy. A photographer can click images from different angles without having to run circles around an automobile.

  • What is the price of 360 car turntable?

    The price of a 360 car turntable can vary depending on the size, weight capacity, and features of the turntable. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 for a high-quality turntable.

  • What is a turntable garage?

    A turntable garage where you may park one car, rotate the turntable, and then park the next car, saving room. It is a space saving technology. It consists of a circular platform installed on the ground, typically flush with the surface, that can rotate to reposition vehicles.

  • What is the rotating car parking system?

    A rotating car parking system, also known as a car turntable parking system or car revolving parking system, is an innovative and space-efficient method of parking and maneuvering vehicles. It involves a circular platform that can rotate horizontally, allowing cars to be driven onto the platform and then rotated to position the vehicle in the desired direction

  • Q. What kind of motor is used in a car turntable?

    Car turntable motors depend on

    1) Size & weight: Bigger and heavier need stronger motors.

    2) Speed: Precise control often means slower, different motor types.

    3) Budget: More powerful = more expensive.

    Common motor types used in a car turntable are listed below:

    1) AC induction: Most common, affordable, up to 10,000 lbs.

    2) DC: Wider speed control, smaller turntables/precise control needed.

    3) Hydraulic: Very powerful, large capacities, expensive & complex.

  • Q. What is a car turntable used for?

    Car rotating platforms are used for various purposes including accessibility, easy parking, car photography, and videography to make online car listings appealing.

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