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Automotive Solutions: Top 12 Custom Solution Providers

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Automotive Solutions

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Gone are the days when selling a car was as easy as putting down newspaper ads. Today, customers want to know the dealership’s journey; their credibility is governed by internet interactive automotive solutions reviews and the comfort that a dealership can render to customers from the comfort of their homes. Did you know that 95% of car sales today are made at the dealership; however, Google has found that all these car-buying journeys begin with an online search. Digital automotive solutions are the key to getting new leads as automotive dealer solutions and thriving in sales via your target audience. Therefore, this blog is a comprehensive guide to complete auto solutions so you can save yourself a lot of research time on the same!


What are Automotive Solutions?

Automotive solutions empower dealers to consistently sell more cars, services, accessories, and parts at a better profit margin. Additionally, it starts from leveraging vehicle information to drive sales through lead generation to the successful closure of deals. Some solutions incorporate additional features to make cars more reliable, and sale-worthy. But we are here to talk about automobile solutions like automotive software solutions, automotive e-commerce solutions, automotive logistics solutions, auto dealership marketing solutions, automotive parts solutions, etc, which are necessary for car dealerships.


What are Automotive Solutions


It is a well-known fact that consumers spend more time researching online, going through inventories, considering reviews, and arranging for test drives. Hence, automobile dealers need to opt for digital solutions and car digital marketing. Additionally, digital solutions comprise multiple elements, like digital tools and platforms, to effectively market vehicles and services to target audiences. Therefore, it also involves putting in efforts such as specifying the right information, putting in extra effort on vehicle photography, and enhancing your online presence with the right digital marketing strategies.



Types of Auto Solutions for Car Retailers

We cannot pick automotive solutions and services randomly. It needs market research or analysis. It is always related to the type of product we are dealing with. Therefore, there are different types of auto solutions for different domains of products in the automotive business. They can be categorized into two types i.e new car sales and used car sales, the factors that should be kept in mind are discussed below:

Automobile solutions for new car sales

Automotive dealerships must amp up their game about digital marketing and vehicle photography, as most players in this industry are still entrenched in traditional marketing tactics. Whereas you have the option to leverage custom automotive sales solutions, and shift your attention from traditional media to:

1) Keywords for new car sales

It is important to bid on obvious yet efficiently reaching keywords like “New Mercedes Benz.” Set up an automotive marketing campaign to tackle your competitors because this industry is fierce. When selling new cars, it is important to show up every time your competitor does, for which creative and compelling ad copies are key.

2) Finance and EMI calculation options

Buying a car seems like too much work; some people begin researching a new vehicle but leave it midway. Interested customers are bound to look for finance options, and one of the best practices is to offer finance and EMI options on your dealership website. Additionally, an F&I tool should ensure that F&I profit is maximized for online car sales, and an efficient automotive digital retailing practice is to decide the monthly payment (EMI) based on an accurate lender rate.

3) Seamless vehicle display page

Your dealership needs to have a Vehicle Display Page (VDP) for every new car model so that your target audience can check each vehicle out as per individual specifications. Therefore, these VDPs should comprise all relevant and essential information, such as features, equipment, engine fuel economy, and other specifications. A pro tip for attractive VDPs? Make them interactive with high-quality images and 360-degree car view videos.

4) Website optimization

Format all the requirements of your target audience into your website. Your website should not be limited to showcasing your inventory. Rather, it is a forefront for people to buy cars from your dealership. Make your website interactive with high-quality car photos and car dealership videos, pricing, and other essential information that captures the buyers’ attention. Whereas, even first-time visitors to your website should be convinced of the convenience you are willing to provide them with their new car buying experience.


Types Of Automotive Solutions


Automobile Solutions for used car sales

Automotive dealerships must level up their game in digital marketing and photography. As you have the option to utilize automotive digital solutions for used car sales, shift your attention from traditional media:

1) Begin with the Inventory

Automotive inventory software management is crucial for used car sales. One of the biggest challenges faced by most dealerships concerning used cars is maintaining the inventory. This happens because stocking up on used cars takes a lot of time, resources, and effort. Make sure you inspect each used car thoroughly and also make repairs wherever needed. Additionally, don’t take up or try to sell cars beyond fixing, as you will lose time and money.

2) Transparency

Used car sales online and offline demand transparency of information. The accurate condition of the used car, how long it has been used, and how it looks visually should be represented via photos and videos for the audience to check beforehand. This will not only make the experience of buying a used car more interactive but will also help customers retain this information for a long time and make it easy to compare with other competing dealerships.

3) Prioritize visual information

When dealing with used cars, make sure you showcase the condition of the car visually, including all damages and dents. Never hide anything from your target audience; specify any additional charges or conditions upfront. You can also use 360 automotive solutions spin videos to showcase the used car from all sides, leading to high-end customer interaction and efficient communication.


Choose the Best Auto Solutions for your Business

Selecting the right auto solutions for your business is not rocket science. Remember that your website is at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy and that your focus must lie on making the customer’s experience as visually satisfying and interactive as possible.


Choosing the Best Automotive Solutions for Your Business


The best automotive vehicle solutions for your business must consist of high-end car photography, automotive CRM, engaging web design, and immersive vehicle display pages for maximum user impact. Make sure you use specific and additional images as a part of your digital Automotive marketing solutions and merchandising strategy.

Specific images help customers take a detailed look at the cars, which are the main focus of your VDPs, while additional images are supplementary and create an enhanced impact on the client. These images just showcase any additional accessories and the like that entice the customer to buy the car.

Turning to automotive merchandising might seem like an expensive deal, and you might wonder if it’s worth your money. More so, if you are dealing with used cars, the additional investment might seem too much. Well, just like we provide detailed insights into automobile solutions, we also provide the best automotive merchandising solutions!


Top 12 Automotive Solutions Companies & Providers in 2024

The automotive industry is transforming rapidly, and user-friendly solutions for automotive industry and providers play an essential role. Therefore, we have mentioned the best companies and providers, and you must consider their products and services for your business.

Automotive Solutions Companies & Providers Features
Spyne Spyne is a leading computer vision & AI-based auto solution provider that enables dealerships to improve their online inventory at an affordable price.
FESCARO FESCARO specializes in cybersecurity. Its solution is dedicated to advancing Mobility for All and offers tailored solutions to customers’ needs.
HJWAVE HJWAVE produces high-performing end-of-line equipment and autonomous driving radar antennae to test radar performance.
Ambarella Ambarella designs cutting-edge system-on-chip solutions for auto applications and provides computer vision and low-power image solutions for ADAS and autonomous vehicles.
Applied Intuition They offer a testing & simulation platform for autonomous vehicles and assist tech companies and automakers in validating and testing autonomous driving technology.
AROBS AROBS provides software services for embedded systems, telematics, and vehicle connectivity to enhance the digital capabilities of modern vehicles.
Freetech Freetech specializes in manufacturing and designing road sweepers for autonomous and electric applications. Their products provide innovative urban transportation solutions.
CDK CDK is a (DMS) Dealer Management System supporting multi-site auto dealers with operational automation and task management.
Fullbay Fullbay is a cloud-based auto shop management software built for auto repair shops. It supports parts management, electronic work authorization, and invoicing and includes a customer portal.
IDM DealerSocket IDMS DealerSocket combines custom reporting with web-based design for DMS solutions. It is specifically designed for BHPHs and independent dealers. It gives them web-based access with more than 50 third-party integrations, mobile capabilities, and configurable workflows.
Karmak Fusion Karmak Fusion is a Windows-based application for auto repair shop management systems. It features back-office administrative workflow automation like accounting, vendor, and parts management.
dSpace dSPACE offers simulation software and development software for the auto industry. Their solutions allow businesses to validate and test electronic control units and vehicle systems to ensure cars are safe and reliable.


Benefits of Digital Auto Solutions to Upscale Your Dealership

Investing in digital automobile solutions offers numerous benefits for your brand, ranging from improved customer engagement and streamlined operations to data-driven insights and competitive advantage. Additionally, it helps dealerships to stay ahead of their competitors and attract new customers. Digital solutions give buyers a personalized experience and enable them to complete as many or as few online transactions as they prefer. Therefore, embracing technology and innovative automotive solutions can drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and position your brand for long-term success in the automotive industry.


Benefits of Digital Automotive Solutions


1) Lead Generation

Using the right keywords for your search ads, blogs, and website will ensure you target the right customers who are interested in buying a car. Therefore, leveraging the power of a creative and neat-looking vehicle display page is bound to generate leads for your brand.

It helps car dealerships collect vital information, such as customer interaction with ads and behavior, which can then be incorporated into marketing campaigns. By determining the demographics of your customers, you can target your online communication and help your automotive e-commerce website ranking. Furthermore, it can lead to better lead generation.

2) Reaching a wide audience on a budget

Digital solutions are your key to reaching a wide set of audience effectively and efficiently, compared to traditional marketing methods. You can target potential customers based on age, location, and interests, which is impossible by the age-old means of ‘word of mouth marketing.’ Therefore, by spending on such an solution automotive for your brand, you save up on spending money printing pamphlets and ads that don’t have that lucrative a chance at customer conversion.

3) Customers can find the information they seek.

Customers today want to know about every nook and corner of the vehicle they want to buy. So, automotive dealer software solutions are used to provide them with all the relevant descriptions of vehicles. So that they can compare, analyze, and buy.

This also means that salespersons don’t have to guess which vehicle they should praise in front of the customer who’s walked in with loads of information and research, having decided for themselves! You can present the most impactful information to help customers make an informed decision.

4) Improves customer engagement

You will be able to improve customer engagement with the automotive community as well as your target audience. Posting valuable and informative content gives your target audience something to resonate with. Therefore, this results in fruitful ranking for your auto SEO efforts and engagement on social media platforms.


Explore the Future of Automotive Solutions

The future of automotive solutions includes integrating IoT and AI to enhance users’ experiences, provide real-time insights, and predict vehicle maintenance needs. Additionally, the auto industry relies on adapting to evolving industry dynamics and consumer preferences, with data playing an essential role. One of the most prominent shifts is the widespread adoption of EVs(electric vehicles). With concerns about climate change and the environmental impact of traditional models, the Automakers are investing heavily in propulsion technology. Therefore, here are some key trends shaping the future of auto solutions:

1) Electric Vehicles (EVs): The automotive industry trend is moving towards electrification to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Therefore, EVs are becoming more affordable, with advancements in battery technology leading to increased range and faster charging times.

2) Autonomous Driving: Self-driving cars can revolutionize transportation. It can improve safety, reduce accidents, and enhance efficiency. As technology matures, we can expect more AVs on the roads, especially in controlled environments like urban areas and highways.

3) Connectivity: Vehicles are becoming increasingly connected, enabling real-time navigation, remote diagnostics,over-the-air updates, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Further, this connectivity enhances convenience, safety, and efficiency for drivers and passengers.

4) Shared Mobility: Ride-sharing, car-sharing, and other forms of shared mobility are gaining popularity, especially in urban areas. These services offer convenient and cost-effective alternatives to traditional car ownership. Hence, they play a significant role in future transportation solutions.

5) Sustainability: Environmental concerns are driving the automotive industry to adopt more sustainable practices, including the use of renewable materials, recycling, and reducing carbon emissions throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

6) Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): ADAS technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic emergency braking are becoming standard in modern vehicles, enhancing safety and reducing driver workload.

7) Personalization: Car solutions are tailored to individual preferences. It has features like customizable interiors, personalized infotainment systems, and adaptive driving modes that adjust to driver behavior and preferences.

8) Mobility as a Service (MaaS): MaaS platforms integrate various transportation services, including public transit, ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and more, into a single accessible platform.

These platforms aim to provide seamless, multi-modal transportation options and user-friendly solutions for the automotive industry. Technological innovation, sustainability efforts, evolving consumer preferences, and regulatory frameworks aimed at promoting safety and environmental responsibility will likely shape the future of automotive industry solutions.


Use Cases of Automotive Solutions

Automobile solutions encompass a wide range of products and automotive service solutions designed to improve various aspects of dealerships, like vehicles, driving experiences, and transportation systems. So before choosing the auto solution, we must know what their uses are. Here are some common use cases of automotive solutions:

1) Vehicle Diagnostics

Firstly, 1 auto solutions can include diagnostic tools and automotive management software that help identify and troubleshoot vehicle issues. Therefore, these tools can range from simple handheld diagnostic scanners to sophisticated software systems used by mechanics and technicians.

2) Connected Car Services

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, cars can be equipped with various connected services such as in-car entertainment, remote vehicle control (e.g., starting the engine or locking/unlocking doors via a smartphone app), real-time traffic information, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

3) Safety Features

Automobile solutions often include safety features aimed at preventing accidents and minimizing injuries. Additionally, these features can include adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning systems, blind-spot monitoring, and pedestrian detection systems.

4) Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) use sensors, cameras, and algorithms to assist drivers in various tasks such as parking, lane-keeping, adaptive headlights, and collision avoidance. Therefore, these systems can enhance driving safety and convenience.

5) Vehicle Electrification

With the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, solutions for the automotive industry. It  focuses on vehicle electrification, including hybrid and electric powertrains, battery management systems, charging infrastructure, and energy-efficient components.

6) Autonomous Driving

Auto solutions are advancing towards autonomous or self-driving vehicles, which can navigate and operate without human intervention. Additionally, these systems rely on sensors, cameras, radar, lidar, GPS, and AI algorithms to perceive the environment and make driving decisions.

7) Customization and Personalization

Automobile solutions also cater to the growing demand for customization and personalization, offering features. It includes customizable infotainment systems, interior lighting options, and driver profiles that adjust settings based on individual preferences.

8) Maintenance and Aftermarket Solutions

Beyond vehicle manufacturing, automotive solutions encompass aftermarket products and services such as spare parts, accessories, performance upgrades, and maintenance solutions aimed at enhancing vehicle performance, longevity, and customization options.


Spyne – The Best Automotive Merchandising Solution

Are we going overboard with calling ourselves the best automotive merchandising platform? Definitely not! Spyne is an AI-based car photo editor that enables dealerships to speed up their car merchandising process at an affordable price. Therefore, Spyne eliminates the hassle of bringing in professional car photographers, cameras, and production set-up, making the process of vehicle display pages and cataloging seamlessly easy and quick.



Spyne’s smart and modern auto solutions help you shoot high-quality pictures of cars without paying a team of assistants. Of course, you also get the benefit of automated image editing.

All you need is a smartphone with a functioning camera to access the best automotive merchandising solution. What’s even more interesting is that the Spyne AI smartphone app gives you guided photo shoots wherein you just need to match the car to the on-screen overlays and take pictures. The app takes care of the rest.

Advantages Of Using Spyne’s AI Solutions

Spyne, as an automotive solution, provides a complete solution to car dealers. We are responsible for bringing out the best in the product, from clicking the picture to making final edits. Listed below are some of the advantages that a dealer can enjoy using our application:

  • Automatically edit car photographs upon completion of the photo shoot.

  • Add shadow effects at the backdrop as well as the floor to give a realistic effect to the final output.
  • Choose from over 100 professional backgrounds for your car, including studio and outdoor backdrops and the option to upload your custom backdrops!
  • Transform the floor into a studio turntable, or simply use Spyne’s background removal tool to eliminate unwanted elements.
  • You can also add tint to the windows and windscreens as well as eliminate any reflections and shadows from the glass.
  • Mask number plates to protect the privacy of your customers.
  • Spread brand awareness by adding your dealership brand logo to the image.

Too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, try our AI photo editor yourself to believe what we claim is what we deliver!

Spyne is the pioneer in accelerating the digital transformation of the automotive retail industry and affordable auto solutions. We understand how important it is to create appealing VDPs and car listings as a part of automotive merchandising. Moreover, if you cannot convince buyers to strike a deal with you, you cannot take your dealership business to digital platforms. This is where you require high-quality photos and videos.

360-degree spin videos are no longer limited to celebrity social media handles. Therefore, they’re actively used to showcase cars in a more descriptive and interactive manner by social media auto pages. In the vehicle world, visual appeal still holds maximum value and professional looks. HD visuals are key to business credibility, customer acquisition, and sales!

With Spyne’s automotive merchandising, you can increase your audience base, improve engagement and sales, and acquire more leads.



The competition is cutthroat in the automotive industry. Therefore, dealers and sellers need to develop effective, dynamic, and relevant strategies to keep running. Therefore, without automotive solutions, it becomes easy for your competitors to overtake you. Spyne AI is consistent with its output and is one of the best automotive software solutions. Additionally, irrespective of the number of photographs clicked or processed through the app. Spyne’s efficient system can edit hundreds of photographs in an hour without compromising on our promise of high-quality standards. Therefore, this is what makes us the pioneer of complete auto industry solutions.




  • Q. What is the difference between automotive and automobile?

    Even though the two terms are used interchangeably, ‘automobile’ is used to refer to 4-wheeled vehicles only, whereas ‘automotive’ is the term referencing all motor vehicles.

  • Q. What is the importance of auto repairs?

    Regular auto repairs help maintain vehicle reliability and safety. If you take good care of your vehicle, you extend its life by many years, saving yourself thousands of dollars.

  • Q. Which software is used in the automobile industry?

    The top software used in the automobile industry are:

    • 3D CAD: For 3D modeling, design, and optimization. Best options: Siemens NX, SolidWorks, Creo Parametric, Autodesk Inventor, Rhino, Alias, and Blender.
    • Dealership Management Systems: For inventory management, website optimizations, and smooth functioning. Best options: DealerCenter, vAuto, CDK Global, DealerTrack.
    • Customer Relation Management: To improve customer engagement and gain qualified leads. Best options: DealerSocket, VinSolutions, Dominion, DealerPeak, and Easier. 
    • Car Photography: To edit car images for displaying on their Vehicle Display Pages Best option: Spyne.

  • Q. What is an Automotive software platform?

    Automotive software is a broad term that encompasses all the software applications and systems used in modern vehicles. It plays a vital role in the functionality, safety, and performance of cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles.

  • Q. What software is used for ECU?

    TOAD Pro OBD2 ECU tuning software is generally used for ECU

  • Q. What is an Automotive software developer?

    An automotive software engineer is responsible for the design and development of software systems used in car technology. As an automotive software engineer, your job duties include designing software solutions, programming software, and troubleshooting bugs.

  • Q. What are automotive circuit solutions?

    Automotive Circuit Solutions is a company that specializes in repairing electrical circuits in vehicles.

  • Q. What are automotive IT solutions?

    Automotive IT Solution refers to a comprehensive technological framework designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of the automotive industry.

  • Q. what are Automotive Logistics Solutions?

    Automotive logistics is the meticulous planning and execution of a complicated car transportation process. It covers all modes of transportation, such as rail, truck, and marine.

  • Q. Automotive solutions meaning?

    Automotive solutions empower dealers to sell more accessories, services, cars, and parts for a better profit margin.

  • Q. What is the quality standard for the automotive industry?

    There are three essential quality standards: IATF 16949, AEC-Q100 and AEC-Q200.


  • Q. How do you describe the automotive brand as practical?

    A practical automotive brand does what customers want, including being cost-effective, providing great reliability, and minimizing fuss.

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