How To Prepare Your Dealership For 2022

How To Prepare Your Dealership For 2022

As we head to the new beginning of the year 2022, car dealerships and marketplaces need to gear up to create a robust strategy to move forward. Despite the challenges faced in the last two years due to the pandemic - which caused massive difficulties in the supply chain and customer footfall - the automotive industry was trucking forward. 

A lot has changed and dealerships need to understand that their prime focus should be to value customers and replicate a store-like environment for a better online experience.

Growing your dealership can be a challenge, especially with the challenges like the continuous change and reliance on digital retail after the pandemic hit, digital presence, creating trust, and attracting customers to your online store. 

There are several things that need to be taken into consideration as we advance to 2022. However, in this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most important actions that you need to take now to prepare for the year ahead and thrive in the changing digital competitive landscape. 

Analyze What Worked In The Past And What Didn’t

A lot of dealerships will be consumed into deciding numbers, creating strategies, but they don’t understand that they should figure out first what worked for your dealership in the past year and what didn’t - and plan your strategy accordingly. 

Before you advance to 2022, take time to study your metrics and see what worked best for your dealership in the past year, take time to analyze your digital strategies so that you have a fair idea of how to go forward with your new strategy. 

  1. Analyze your campaigns across social media and your spending. 
  2. Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition will give you a fair idea about your customers and a better way to convert more.  
  3. Understand your click-through rate and engagement metrics - it will help you understand how customers are reacting to your posts and campaigns. Also, you’ll know what kind of content works well in your market and for your target audience. 
  4. Reviews are another part of it - check if you have got good reviews on platforms like Google reviews, and other review sites. 

There are more metrics but these are the basic ones that you need to understand in order to create a new plan for your journey ahead. This will help you understand what you did in the past year, which didn’t work well and should not be repeated. 

Understanding Your Customer Journey

Customers are moving digital, if you’re not investing in your digital presence yet, then you’re losing out - because almost all of your competitors are already leveraging digital for greater visibility and customer acquisition.

You should know that after the pandemic hit, people were more inclined towards shopping online, be it groceries or anything else. 

As a dealership, you need to understand a few points clearly:

  1. Did you witness a decrease in footfall, if yes, by how much? 
  2. How well did you do on digital - if you have a presence.
  3. How did your customers reach out to you? 
  4. Did you receive any feedback from your customers? 

These are the things that will help you understand the buyer completely. If you already have a dealership website, you need to make sure to improve your user experience and make it easy for customers to find the right car. 

Help them make customized searches and enable them to explore your cars with good high-quality photos and 360 car walkarounds. This will make sure that you give them an in-store-like experience. 


Focus on Digital

Post pandemic, everything has changed and so did the car buying process. Almost half of the car buyers are willing to make their car purchase purely online if possible such as the demand for online shopping in the post-pandemic era.

Whether you have a dealership website or not, you need to understand that having a good online presence will give you an edge over your competitors and will help you convert more customers. According to a recent Bain-Facebook study, 90% of the customers like to research online before purchasing a vehicle. They use car review sites and comparison websites to research their next car. Leverage those platforms to attract more and more customers to your store and gain their trust with the right information and better offerings.

  1. Make sure that your visitor has a good experience when exploring your online dealership website.
  2. Use customer-tailored information to attract their attention.
  3. Make sure you are honest and transparent with the buyer so that they don’t feel cheated.
  4. Use high-quality images and 360 videos for a better understanding of the car - inside and out.
  5. You should also make sure that your potential buyers are can run customized searches as per their needs and requirements. Try making it easy for them to search for a car according to their preferences.

Prepare Your Next Marketing Strategy

Now that you know the digital trends in your industry and how you did in the past year, you’ll be able to pull off a good marketing strategy. It will outline your marketing initiatives for the year 2022.

You’ll need to brainstorm ideas with your team on the basis of what worked for you last year and how are you going to improve the things that didn’t work at all.

  1. Double down your efforts on having a good presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  2. Leverage the tech to create good car images and videos that you would like to post on your website from time to time. Automate your workflow to make sure that you improve time to market.
  3. Plan your next campaigns and the channels of promotion
  4. Focus on your virtual sales events, and so on.

Written By - Younus Sideeq on 04 Dec, 2021