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SpyneAI Now Lets You Shoot Multiple Footwear Uninterrupted!

We at Spyne not only build industry-leading solutions, but we also spend a lot of time innovating & refining everything that we offer to take our products' user experience to a whole new level. 

We built SpyneAI to help sellers get professional product images for their online listings while avoiding all the hassle and unnecessary expenses that are associated with a traditional product photoshoot. And if you are interested in knowing how our app works, you should check out our step-by-step guide that takes you through how you can get studio-like footwear visuals with just your phone.

But as we are all about providing a seamless experience to all our users, we recently added a new Multi Shoot Feature to our app that lets you shoot multiple footwear one after the other, while our AI Automated Image Processors work their magic in the background. 

And to understand this better, let's see what it was like to shoot your footwear using SpyneAI before and what drastic change the new Multi Shoot Feature has brought to the app's shooting experience. 

Earlier, the user had to wait for every SKU to finish editing before moving on to another shoot. And even though it just takes 7 minutes for a project to edit, those minutes could really add up if you were shooting multiple footwear at once. 

However, our new Multi Shoot Feature now enables you to move on to a new shoot while the images of your last SKU get edited in the back. 

So, lets us take you through the process of shooting multiple SKUs to show you that getting the desired footwear images for your online listings was never easier. 

While shooting the 1st SKU, you can go the usual route by choosing your category, shooting the product, and submitting the images for editing.

footwear multiple shoot images

But as you come to the processing screen, you now also have a "home" button that takes you back and lets you start another shoot while the images of the current project are getting ready. 

footwear images shooting app

Hence, with the multi-shoot feature, you can move on to the next SKU without wasting any of your time!

footwear photoshoot app

And the best part? By the time you shoot and submit your 2nd SKU for editing, your 1st SKU will already be ready to publish in the "completed projects" section. 

footwear image editing app

And before long, the last SKU that you shot will also appear in your completed project, saving you a lot of time with 95% quicker TATs compared to getting an actual shoot. 

product image editing app

And once your projects are completed, you can simply download & upload them to your desired online marketplace!

footwear enhanced images

Hence, if you are a seller who wants to keep his/her sales high despite the social restrictions, you should definitely Download SpyneAI App and get marketplace-ready images for your business.

studio style footwear images

Furthermore, if you have hundreds of footwear SKUs to edit at once, then we can also offer you API Integration of our AI Footwear Tech. All you need to do is Book A Demo with us and see how our state-of-the-art editing tech can help you scale your business even more!

Download Spyne App And Try It Yourself or try our shoes background replacement tool.

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 23 Apr, 2021