The Ultimate Guide To Professional Fashion Photography

The Ultimate Guide To Professional Fashion Photography

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What is Fashion Photography?

Fashion Photography, a term that is so widely used yet so many fail to understand its true meaning. It’s not a term-limited to fashion studios and booked for high-end fashion designers. In reality, it is a phenomenon that makes up for a large percentile of visual data we feed on daily.

Fashion Photography Poses

Whether it is on social media, or on eCommerce websites, we are surrounded by fashion photography and influencers who are basically influencing our choice of clothing and trends that we follow.

Being a fashion photographer is much more than just clicking good pictures. It is about fulfilling the need of the client, need of the hour, and need to stand out among the rest.

Fashion Photography Poses

If you are thinking of making it a fashion photoshoot and have very little idea about how to start out, here’s a guide that contains almost all the practical information that you need to be aware of right now.


Types of Fashion Photography 

Fashion photography as a professional can be divided into 3 fundamental styles; catalogue, editorial, and high fashion shoot. There’s a fourth style too that is gradually picking up. It is called a street fashion photo shoot. It is easy to distinguish between catalog photography and street fashion shoot. But it’s not so much true for an editorial and high fashion photoshoot. So, here’s a small description of each one of them for you to understand the types of fashion photography, properly.


1. High Fashion

When it comes to advertising, big fashion brands advertise their products using this style of a fashion photoshoot. The photos, for the most part, include supermodels, acclaimed entertainers, and on-screen characters. The garments and frill included are regularly styled in a manner that it looks like it’s from some other world. The postures can be overstated and over-the-top. All components of the model; the closet, styling, hair/cosmetics, lighting, and area cooperate to make a perfect picture.

Fashion Photography Poses


2. Catalog Photography

This style is utilized by organizations that print to showcase their items to their shoppers. This is fundamentally a picture with loads of information where the model is made to stand against a specific background to showcase the piece of clothing more clearly.

Here, styling is very ordinary and the background used is white so that the detailing in the clothes is clearly visible.

fashion photography

fashion photography


3. Editorial Photography

Most fashion magazines include this style of photography. Here, styling takes a conspicuous bleeding edge. These shoots portray a topic and the photographer model needs to authorize the job they are given and act out to pass on their story. The entire picture is shot in order to make an incredible articulation.

fashion shoot


Scope of Fashion Photography in the Industry

As per the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics’ present Occupational Outlook Handbook, the activity standpoint for photographers is 8 per cent decline through 2026, which is more slow than normal for all occupations. This moderate development is brought about by declining advanced cameras costs and developing enthusiasm for photography by newcomers.

Photographers in conventional media will even now be hit hard due to diminishing interest for news photographers. Luckily, those needing to have practical experience in pictures or business photography will keep on being popular.

fashion photography


If you are a self-employed photographer, there are some perks that you can enjoy.

1. As an independently employed photographer, you’ll have increasingly imaginative control. You’ll have the option to take up the photography jobs that intrigue you and turn down the ones that don’t.

Also, in light of the fact that customers will decide to work with you depending on your exceptional style, they might be bound to give you more creative freedom for your projects.

2. Independently employed photographers, for the most part, have more adaptable hours than those in salaried photography occupations.

They move in the direction of complying with customer time constraints and work on their own time tables. Salaried photographers are bound to have a normal 40-hour week during customary business hours. This standard, be that as it may, doesn’t have any significant effect on all photographers—photojournalists, for example, frequently work the more hours to catch pictures and stories as they happen.

But if you are self-employed, you have to figure out how to advertise yourself and locate your own customers. A decent photography portfolio is a must for this procedure.

Fashion photography Poses

Fashion Photography Poses

Fashion Photography


What are the skills needed for Fashion Photography?

In order to qualify as a skilled professional to meet the demands of the industry, here are some of the requirements that you must fulfil.

1. Take photographs of models as per clients’ expectations.

2. Try to work more in-studio set up so that you know how to enhance the picture of the models and show them in the best lighting.

3. Create a good working environment for the models so that they can feel comfortable in your presence.

4. Try to create your own unique style of photography that can grab the attention of shoppers almost instantly.

5. Expand your horizon of photography and try to work with different lighting setups and areas.

6. Try to connect with makeup artists, fashion designers, and biggies of the industry.

7. Draw out the best in models during photograph shoots by guiding them through the photoshoot.

Fashion shoot


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other qualities such as –

1. Great eye and masterful capacity

2. Great capacity to catch rare and candid moments

3. Wonderful aesthetic detail

4. Knowledge in photography editing applications

5. Capacity to function admirably with models, executives, designers, specialists, and different customers


Commonly Used Lens for Fashion Photography

Here is a small table to give you the idea of how lenses can be used for different types of fashion photography for the ideal use as mentioned by moreyspellman.com


fashion portrait, lenses for fashion photography


What is high Fashion Photography and Why is everyone talking about it?

High-fashion photography, a style that looks very closely related to glamour photography, is in fact very different in reality. There’s a certain belief that the term itself originated from the photography encounters during catwalks. The stage for the catwalk used to be built on a high platform and the show took place at that platform which was higher from the audience.

High fashion photography

High style photography includes the use of subjects like glamour photography, but here the subjects are professional models. From hair and makeup to retouching and post-processing, everything is an important aspect of the photoshoot.

These components add to the ultimate objective. It is all about selling the items in the photograph, which are generally dresses, adornments, accessories, or beauty care products.

In any case, while high fashion photoshoot is used in distributions for promotional purposes through publications, influencing, and advertising, all being a major part of the job. High fashion photographers who can ace a mix of these things will likewise have the skill of selling a certain lifestyle through pictures and convey their message easily.

While high fashion photographers are typically hired by fashion designers, directors, and fashion publications, yet this is a style that can likewise be fused into your family or occasion photographs.


Fashion Photography Poses


Tips For Professional Fashion Photography


1. Choose The Right Camera

Fashion Photography ideas


2. Try A Lot Of Different Camera Angles

Fashion Photography ideas


3. Make Sure That The Lighting Is Proper

Fashion Photography ideas


4. Be Ready With The Poses

Fashion Photography ideas


5. Follow Composition Rules

Fashion Photography Poses


6. Tell A Story

Fashion Photography ideas


7. Select A Suitable Background

Fashion Photography ideas


8. Don’t Forget Props

Fashion Photography ideas


9. Emphasis on the Product

Fashion Photography ideas


10. Let The Outfits Do The Talking

Fashion Photography ideas


Fashion Photography Ideas For You To Try In 2021


1. Shoot Somewhere Other Than The Studio

Fashion Photography ideas


2. Include Accessories

Fashion Photography ideas


3. Go Black and White

Fashion Photography ideas


4. Use The Natural Light

Fashion Photography ideas


5. Think Out Of The Box

Fashion Photography ideas


6. The Shopping Spree

Fashion Photography ideas


7. Don’t Forget The Close-Ups

Fashion Photography Poses


How to get clients for Fashion Photography?

If you’re thinking of making it big into the fashion photography business, you probably must be thinking about how to get clients. Well, here are some of the ways to do that.

1. References 

Perhaps the fastest ways you can locate your first customer could be through somebody you already know. If you are new, it’s pretty obvious that you won’t have any contacts in the industry. It’s true that getting the first 5 clients is the hardest.

But you can always speed up the process by contacting the people you know in general. Asking them for your service. It’s not just magazines that ask for fashion photography. There are independent sellers out there who also need the services to showcase their product. So, reach out to them.

fashion portrait

So try to think: Do you know any person who may know someone who might be interested in using your services? You will definitely find someone. Get a pen and paper, and start to list down everybody you think could acquaint you with somebody. It may be as simple as asking your friends who they know.

At that point, you should simply connect with them, and inquire. So don’t be shy while bothering your close family or friends. You might be surprised by the support you might get from them and it can also open up opportunities for you.


2. Contacts

When you have somewhat of a network, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to begin utilizing it effectively. How would you do that? As a matter of first importance, keep a database of everybody you know, how you know them, what they do, their contact data, and when you last reached them. This is important as if you don’t make a list for any reason, you may miss out on someone who could have provided you with an actual work opportunity. So make that database.

Fashion Photos

It’s better to start with your list in a google sheet or an excel sheet rather than on a pen and paper. You will find it much easier to manage and it’s a better approach since we are not living in 1997.

When you have your database set up, begin to check in with them each couple of months. Your point is to remain in their talks.

Another way you can utilize your customer organization is to request that they allude you to anybody they think would likewise like your administrations

Another way of doing that is to ask your customers to recommend you to someone they might know and need your services. In the event that you made some great memories working with them, and they loved the work you did, there is no damage is sending your customer an email inquiring as to whether they know any individual who they think might likewise want to work with you.

Some of the time they don’t and that is alright. But if they do, it can open up opportunities for you to have worked as a fashion photographer.


3. Instagram

Instagram, the application we can’t live without! We can’t forget about that while talking about fashion. It has become the front stage for photographers to showcase their work and gain recognition.

You might be surprised at how the platform can bring you some amazing customers. Yes! You can find a lot of your customers through Instagram.

The best way to start out with Instagram to find customers is by using tags, locations, and then targeting their email and DMS. This way you can pursue them. You can find a lot of brands and stores that might be needing your services.

Start following the accounts that you think are the best or you think might be willing to give you work and try connecting with them. Postpositive comments on their posts and follow their journey to get a better idea about them. Not just customers, but you can also build contacts with others in the industry.


Here’s how to work with High-End Clients

If you are way past that stage and are already dealing with high-end clients then there are some things that you must know. High-end clients are different from your regular clients for a reason. It’s not about the money they are able to spend but the quality they expect. So, here are a few pointers that will help you deal with a high-end client in the fashion photography industry.

1. It is okay to give affordable pricing for your fashion photography services. You can make your services cheap and economical but the high-end client is always looking for something extraordinary. And extraordinary does not come at cheap prices. If you are thinking of raising prices for your high-end customers then make sure that you are also providing the quality that they are looking for.  You have to show that your business is utilizing premium hardware or innovation and has the best experts or specialists in the business.

2. The quality will draw in the top line of customers. It’s the little things that they notice; your attention to detail. Things like an all-around structured website, quality photographs, even the nature of the paper on your pieces of literature are altogether significant.

Your business should look deserving to them so that they can choose your service over hundreds and thousands of others. Show what makes you different.

3. Put a ton of thought into the rewards and exceptional benefits that you are providing for your high-end customers. These advantages are extraordinary indications of the business’s fine taste and quality of deal with enormous cash customers.

The key is to include things of high regard, that go as an extra something with what you are offering in the first place.

4. The most important aspect of all is generating high-potential leads from your clients. When you are dealing with customers who are willing to pay you a high price, you have to find ways to accomplish more than the target. So, don’t just keep it about money but also about creating more contacts and building a reputation in the industry so that you can get more and more work from them.

fashion photography poses

Sharing Pictures with Clients as a Professional Fashion Photographer

Now when it comes to professionalism in the fashion photography industry and delivering your client with the best, a lot of times photographers lose out on the brownie points. Yes, brownie points are generally earned while delivering. Times are gone when you use CDs and Pen drives. You probably don’t want to look like someone from medieval times.

So, when it comes to using a tool to share pictures, it’s better to use something that supports your business as well as make it easy for you to share pictures in bulk. There are dropbox and other cloud sharing platforms that can be used for such purposes where you send a link containing all the pictures from your fashion photoshoots that you can send directly to the client and they can download it through e-mail.

But there’s a reason why you shouldn’t use dropbox and similar platforms. But you can use SPYNESHARE. It’s an AI-driven SaaS platform that provides you with an easy solution to photo sharing. You can share unlimited photos and create personalized projects for all your clients.

But wait! Is that it?

SPYNESHARE is more than a photo-sharing platform. It is a business generation tool that helps you generate 2-5% leads just through photo sharing. It also promoted a 100% review collection on every album download.



If you are aiming of making it big as a fashion photographer, you must start out with furnishing your photography skills. Work with other photographers which will help you get exposure, and build contacts. Also, if you have customers, make sure you provide them with the best so that they don’t think twice before referring you and your work to someone else. The majority of a photographer’s work comes from references so make sure you go hard on that.




Q1. How do you become a fashion photographer?

Here are simple steps you can follow in order to become a fashion photographer.

1. Study photography

You can take up degree courses in order to learn photography. You will learn much more than just handling camera such as setting up the right light, editing, and learn a lot about fashion in general.

2. Build a portfolio

The most important thing to do as a photographer is building a portfolio. It basically speaks for you when you are looking for work. You can have a website where all your best work exists so that you can attract clients.

3. Step into the industry

This means that finding your first client, reaching out to publications etc. All you have to do is hustle and build contacts in order to start out as a fashion photographer.

4. Step up your business

Since most fashion photographers are self-employed, make sure that you handle aspects of your business like marketing, scheduling shoots,etc.

There are other steps too but this will give you a basic idea of how to become a fashion photographer.


Q2. Is Fashion Photography a good option for a career?

The answer depends on who is asking this question. Fashion photography is indeed about clicking the best pictures and standing out. It is about conveying your vision through the pictures that connect with the audience but it is certainly not for everyone.

Fashion photography requires much more than just photography skills. It requires social skills, in-depth knowledge of fashion and a hunger to learn more and more every day while keeping up with the on and off trends of fashion.


Q3. What is the demand for Fashion Photography?

Unlike certain beliefs, fashion photography is not just limited to magazines and editorials now. It is very much in demand in the eCommerce industry where the sellers are always looking forward to sell more and more of their product by presenting great visuals. But it is also true that the demand for fashion photography is declining but it is declining at a slower rate than other occupations. As far as the work is concerned, the demand for fashion photography is not going anywhere for the next decade.


Q4. What is the term “Urban Fashion Photography”?

It is another term for street fashion photography that embodies the reality of urban fashion photoshoot and how it is changing with times. It is about capturing the stylish and fashionable looks that can be spotted in the urban scenes. While urban fashion photography is about capturing the existing, some believe that it is also about influencing and selling more for some brands.


Q5. What are the different types of Fashion Photography

There are four different types of fashion photography that you should be aware of. These are the basics that are generally seen in the industry. Even though they are part of the same spectrum, they are very different from one another.

Here are the different types of fashion photography –

1. Catalog Photography

2. Editorial Photography

3. High-fashion Photography

4. Street fashion photography


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