Selling Cars And Trucks on Facebook Marketplace: Ace The Game in 3 Steps

Facebook is no longer just a place for garage sales. It has come a long way from posting life updates and memes to listing your marketplace cars and trucks. Since its launch in 2016, the Facebook marketplace has been an absolute favorite for car dealerships and buyers.

In fact, research says there were 18 million listings from the US alone within one year of launch.

That and: 

  • 78 percent of natives in the US are known to use Facebook to find new products. 
  • Also, 30 percent of shoppers said they would like to buy using Facebook. 

If you are someone dealing with cars and trucks and still haven’t explored this dynamic platform, it is time you kickstart your car dealership journey with the Facebook marketplace.

To make the process a breeze for you, we have divided it into three simple phases. This blog will dive into each of those phases in detail. Let’s dig in. 

Phase 1: Getting started with listing vehicles

Following are the points to consider in this phase:

  • Create Listings

You can create listings directly from car dealerships’ Facebook pages. You will find the listings under the Vehicles tab on the dealership Page. Your posts will redirect buyers to your Page, where they can message you directly for more info.

To create new listings, you can: 

  • Add details of each vehicle manually
  • Use inventory partners to connect the existing catalogs.
  • Use Sincro or Naked Lime to connect your catalog.

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  • Upload best product images and add accurate descriptions

Upload 10 best high-quality images. Images should have the best resolution and contrast and be taken from different angles. Also, try to add a 360-degree walk-around of the vehicles to the listing.

Similarly, for descriptions, include all the features of the car: brand, model, color, etc. Include proper tags and keywords to increase SERP rankings. Don’t forget to include keywords to rank for alternative searches as well.

  • Manage inventory and catalogs

You can create, list, manage, and advertise your inventory through the Facebook marketplace cars and trucks. Add filters to your inventory listing and tap into the potential buyers by changing the CTA to the ‘view inventory’ option.

Additionally, you can manage your catalogs using Sincro or Naked Lime options. These tools help you manage catalogs, keep them updated and reflect real-time changes. 

Selling on Marketplace Cars and Trucks

Phase 2: Increase the visibility of your listing

Once you are done listing your vehicle, it’s time for some outreach and increasing visibility. There are numerous ways you can do it: 

  • Use the ‘boost the listing’ feature

In your dashboard of the Facebook marketplace cars and trucks, you will find the ‘boost the listing’ feature. In case you are unable to increase the impressions of your listing, you can boost the visibility using this feature.

You can customize duration, target audience, and add budget. Facebook will screen through the audience list and boost your ad to potential buyers. 

  • Inventory Ads

Facebook ads are the best way to increase the visibility of your car dealerships. Interestingly, one Facebook ad can reach 562 million at a time! That’s why Facebook Marketplace for cars and trucks allows you to set up automotive inventory ads on dealership Pages.

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Facebook will review your ad campaign and send you a notification when it’s active. It will also help you retarget customers who have already bought cars or trucks from you in the past. 

Facebook groups are the best way to find potential buyers. There are numerous groups and closed communities that advertise cars. You can reach out to the admins and share your listings on those groups.

You can also redirect the audience there to your listings on the Facebook marketplace cars and trucks. 

Phase 3: Transaction stage

This last phase is a crucial and delicate point in conversion as it can make or break your sale. Follow these few tips and tricks for a successful sale: 

  • Ensure a timely response to buyers. Don’t take more than 24 hours to reply. 
  • Buyers hate hidden charges. If there are any registration or shipping costs involved, communicate them very clearly. 
  • Check buyers’ credentials and skim their Facebook profiles before finalizing the deal. 
  • Fill out the paperwork very carefully. Be nuanced and document warranty and maintenance records to avoid fraud. 

Final Words

You create a vehicle inventory listing on the Facebook marketplace cars and trucks. You enhance your catalogs, customize listings, boost them, and finally, reach your target group.

Then what? How are you going to convince them to try out your car? How are you going to differentiate? 

The answer is easy- through the visuals you offer. But many car dealerships often lose their audience on the Facebook marketplace cars and trucks because their listings have blurred and poorly filtered car images. In fact, 93 percent of buyers will consider visuals before making a purchase decision.

So, uploading high-quality visuals and images having accurate shadows, brightness, contrast, and filters is not an option for you. It’s a deal breaker. 

But this doesn’t mean you will have to spend your precious dollars on professional studio gadgets. By using AI smartly, you can achieve car visuals and images that buyers love. Contact our experts today to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with Facebook marketplace cars and trucks? 

Follow these few quick steps: 

  • Create an account or log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Facebook market option in the menu on the desktop. Click on the icon in the top right corner if using a mobile device.
  • Click on the ‘Listing option’. 
  • Upload a few high-quality images of the product. 
  • Include important tags and keywords in the title.
  • Include all the features and pricing info in detail in the description.
  • Hit the ‘publish’ button.

Can someone get scammed on the Facebook marketplace? 

Yes. There are chances of car dealerships getting scammed. One of the common frauds on the Facebook marketplace is buyers offering to pay more than the amount you quote on the listing.

Sometimes they also force you to accept payment through not-so-authentic channels or payment apps. Other red flags include: 

  • Payment service emails not from your bank or the contactless payment apps you use. 
  • Messages from less known or unknown payment service apps say they are holding or declining your transaction. (Even the email accounts are mostly spoofed or copycat)
  • Misspelled words in an email
  • Requests for an extra payment. Sellers never have to pay to receive from the buyer. 

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