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Here Is How Our AI Automated Editing Is Better Than Manual Editing

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No matter what industry you’re from, there is a high chance that a lot of your business is reliant on the editing of your visual content. And since image editing is such a large scale requirement for a lot of brands, we here at Spyne, with the help of our technological advancements have discovered a completely new and revolutionising way to edit images. We at Spyne call it AI Automated Image Editing. And in this blog, we will further talk about what it is and how it is much better than manual editing that most of the firms offer nowadays. So to begin with, let’s start with some of the basics.

What Is Manual Editing?

Manual Editing is a process where an image editor personally edits each and every image manually. This process is not only time taking, it is also a much more expensive process considering it takes up so many man-hours.

Plus, manually editing images is now a thing of the past since most of the time brands have thousands of images to be edited for eCommerce sites and manual editing may take quite long to deliver all those images. Seeing this, we here at Spyne developed a whole new way to edit and deliver thousands of images in bulk. And if you are not familiar with the concept, here is everything that you need to know about AI Automated Editing.

What Is AI Automated Editing?

As the name suggests, it is an automated image editing process that is completely driven by Artificial Intelligence. This means that the process of editing is no longer limited by human capabilities. We at Spyne have developed SpyneTouch to process thousands of image editing projects in a blink of an eye. And to paint you a better picture here is a little more about AI Automated Editing.

What All Comes Under AI Automated Editing?

Background Removal

This is one of the most popular services required by online sellers. Here, we are easily able to remove the background of any image in no time.

Most of the time, it is necessary to remove the background from all the eCommerce images so that the image can fit the visual content criteria for the online portal. And not only that but having a white background also gives the image a much more professional look.

Shadow Generation

Shadow Generation

Once the background is removed, the image might tend to look a little 2D. So to fix that, our software automatically applies shadows to the image so that it can give the viewer a good perspective of depth.

Background Addition

Background Addition

People may use a white background for most of their online eCommerce images, but it is not a complete necessity. And to make the images a tad more innovative and creative, we can also add background to images through AI Automated Editing. This can be an image, solid colour or anything.

Image Cropping

The images that we get to edit, are targeted for a very specific purpose. Hence, they also need to be cropped accordingly. For example: if an image needs to go on an e-commerce portal, SpyneTouch will automatically crop the image to look its best and meet all the guidelines of the site.

Margin Addition

Margin Addition

While dealing with visual content that is meant for sites like Amazon and Flipkart, the images need to have margins to be fully compliant with the websites. And margin addition is something that is flawlessly executed through our AI Automated Editing.


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Except for background removal and margin addition, there is a lot more that goes on in making an image compatible with any online marketplace. And for that, SpyneTouch gives you an option to choose all your target marketplaces at the time of uploading your photos so that the software can specifically tailor each and every image for all the marketplaces of your choosing.


Why AI Automated Editing Has An Edge Over Manual Editing?

As you already might have guessed, AI Automated Editing is a lot faster than manual editing due to which we here at Spyne are able to process thousands of images in bulk. And to show you how our editing is better, here are 3 aspects in which AI Editing beats Manual Editing.


Advantages Of AI Automated Editing

1. Speed

As we already said, our image editing workflow is much faster than an ordinary one. But how much faster? It roughly takes a day for an editor to post-process 150 images manually, whereas, with AI Automated Editing, an editor can process up to 1500 images in a single day.

2. Accuracy

Since humans make mistakes and machines don’t, the AI Automated Editing is a lot more accurate. Hence, with AI Editing you get 99% consistent results with the utmost precision.

3. Cost-Effectiveness 

Since this process is a lot smoother and effective, it automatically turns out to be low cost. And this is one of the most appealing features of AI Automated Editing.


How Can AI Automated Editing Benefit Your Business?

1. 60% Faster Deliveries: With the help of bulk image editing and online image delivery, we at Spyne can deliver your images 60% faster than any image editing firm.

2. 30% Lower Costs: To help out business big and small, we have kept the prices on the lower end of the spectrum so that even the up and coming brands can have the best quality visual content for their brand, marketing and communication.

3. Up To 15% Higher Sales: With our creative edits and innovative designs, you are bound to see a great boost in your business. Our high-end editing can help you establish a brand image that your business needs in today’s stiff neck competition.

Brands That Trust Us

To give you a glimpse of our clientele, here are some of the biggest brands that we work with.

So, if you are looking to outsource your editing or even looking for a photoshoot for your business, then we here at Spyne would be happy to help. All you need to do is write to us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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