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Increase Your Brand’s Awareness And Sales With Videos And GIFs

According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. And this is due to the fact that Videos are the most creative and interesting forms of visual content. They are self-explanatory and hence, hold more value in the world of marketing. In this fast-moving world, people hardly have any time to sit back and read about a particular product or service. They want everything at a click. And that’s exactly what videos are for. While videos can be more formal and informative, a GIF can effectively convey a short message and set a casual and lighthearted mood. And hence, a good pitch is one that involves one or the other or even both. 

As a footwear brand, incorporating these strategies in your marketing campaigns becomes a must for many reasons. Below we'll see in detail how videos and GIFs can increase your brand's visibility and help it grow.


1. They’re Self-Explanatory & Creative


According to TechCrunch, nearly 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched around the world each day. These figures clearly indicate the dominance of videos in digital marketing. Similarly, it goes without saying that GIFs have become the most beloved form of image format used on the internet today. Both of these modes of communication, are not restricted by anything and can be made as self-explanatory and creative as possible. And aren't these two a perfect recipe for a successful marketing campaign? While these modes are being used by all businesses today, their presence is especially significant in the case of footwear brands. For instance, Nike’s Instagram account is flooded with different videos. And many other footwear brands are following this trend to give complete information (sizes, quality, durability) about their products in a more interesting and captivating way.


2. They’re Appealing & Eye-Catchy


A brand, in order to increase its visibility, has to enamour the clients with its content. And as we said, written text is just not enough to do so. Thus, in order to catch the audience’s attention, the content needs to be made quick and easy to understand. It also needs to give all the details that would entice the audience to buy it. Videos and GIFs do this task just the best. They also appeal to people of all age groups and people coming from all sectors of society. Video and GIFs can even let you overcome any language barriers that may come between you and your audience. 


3. They Leave A Stronger Impact On The Viewers 


Videos and GIFs resonate with people and create a personal atmosphere. This impact directs the viewers to put their faith into a brand which in turn helps the brand increase its sales. In fact, a study by eyeviewdigital.com reveals that the use of video on landing pages has the power to increase conversion rates by 80%. In addition to this, this form of visual content fascinates the viewers and increases audience retention. 


studio style footwear images


So if you're looking to increase your brand visibility, then incorporating videos and GIFs in your marketing campaigns is a must. And Spyne is here to give you the best approach and content for the same. You can Try our new launched AI-based Shoe Photo Editor ( shoes photo editing tool). 

Who Are We?



We here at Spyne are a Deep-Tech Creative Agency that uses end-to-end AI Automation Editing to give your videos and photoshoots an impeccable and sharp look. With a team of 8800+ photographers in 90+ Cities, Spyne can get you a world-class photoshoot and mind-boggling content including Photos, Videos, GIFs & More! What makes us stand out is our ability to deliver the best quality images and videos at 60% faster speed. We offer the Quickest TATs and a reshoot rate of just 0.01%. To name a few of our prestigious clients: Amazon, BigBasket, Levis, Oyo, Timex, and many more! And Fun Fact: We provide these services at 30% lower costs.


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So if you are looking to get world-class content for your brands like Nike and Reebok, then we here at Spyne are here to help. We can offer you unbelievable prices to get your brand increased sales and awareness. So download our app or Book A Demo with Spyne to use our services.

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Written By - Jamila Anis on 24 Feb, 2021