Our 5 predictions for Future of Photography is Here!!! Photograhy News

Our 5 predictions for Future of Photography is Here!!! Photograhy News

The wedding Photography industry has always been known to have people who love experimenting in every genre. Whether it is vintage style or trendy, this industry has all under one roof. We know that due to the current course of events due to COVID-19, a lot of things have been changed, that’s why we are here with some important updates on How the future of Photography looks like? What all changes you can expect due to COVID-19 and What can you do to successfully sail through this wave?

– Return of Vintage 

Needless to say, the beauty that Vintage photography has, experts in the photography domain say that the Vintage style of photography and equipment will be in huge demand in the upcoming wedding seasons. People would ask their wedding photographers to capture them in black and white classic themes and would also demand polaroid photography. So, if you really wanna up-scale your packages, do include something from the Vintage baggage.


– 3-D Will be on the trend Chart in the upcoming seasons. 

Something more than just pictures is the trend of the hour quotes. 3-D enables people to see more than just pictures, it gives a holistic and a dimensional view to the viewer. This is the sole reason why people would love to have such kind of photography done during their special functions. COVID-19 has made them sit in their homes and get married in the presence of only a limited amount of guests. It becomes more important for people to see the view that says more than just still.


– AI will change everything 

The process of sharing wedding albums is very traditional in the Indian market and due to which photographers get delayed payments and reviews on their photography. A product called Spyne has revolutionized in this, with a fast photo-sharing Ai-driven app and instant review collection. This technology will surely speed up the process.


– Smartphones will kill off compacts 

Photography giant, canon company recently reported that there is 50% downfall in buying of the camera and mobile phones are taking that number away. So, implementing mobile photography ideas in your package can be a good move in the near future.


– Gifs and Smaller videos will be in demand.

Gifs is the best way to hold on to the attention of your clients. Smaller duration videos will be loved by your clients. So, you prep for that.


To conclude, it’s time to move past Covid-19 and prepare to Bounce Back Faster. Join hands with SpyneShare’s AI-technology for Smart photographers to build automatic referral client networks, acquire new clients, and digitally grow your brand.

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