What Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Photo Editing

Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Photo Editing

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Technology advancement is changing the future of the photography industry with artificial intelligence. The concept of AI still sounds futuristic to many, but it has entered the human race long back.

With AI reshaping the industry through its tremendous application, it has added a new layer to the long-established photo editing process. According to Statista, the global Artificial Intelligence software is expected to reach around $126 billion by 2025.

From e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, to media, AI is already making wonders in various industries. It is transforming the way industries work with faster and easier solutions giving more space to creativity and experiments.

Lowering the barriers in the photo editing industry, AI will empower artists to expand the horizon of their creativity. More and so, artificial intelligence has enhanced photo editing tools.

The AI-based photo editing tools can identify content, style, and context within photographs and make quick edits within seconds. It spends the bare minimum amount of time and is cost-effective.

Recent mechanisms like machine learning, color enhancements have legitimately changed the world of photo editing online. Let’s explore how!


Why Is Artificial Intelligence Important In Photo Editing?

Before digitization, photography was limited to modeling, acting, and a few brand shoots. Even though brands opted for photoshoots back then, editing was not a major concern. But online business has turned the tables around and now images are used across every space.

The initial selling process begins with the product/service picture display. The better the picture quality is, the higher the chances of people buying it. Not every time a brand can post an original picture as it is.

Editing has to be done to make the picture look aesthetically pleasing and to improve overall quality. But this process often takes up 74% of a photographer’s time.

So, here’s where AI and image recognition technology are setting up a near revolution. Photo editing doesn’t have to be long hours of increasing and decreasing the brightness levels and contrast levels. Not even one has to carefully select redundant elements and change the background or foreground.

AI simply bypasses all complicated editing parameters and does the work in a few seconds, or at the maximum, a few minutes.

Now, let’s dive deep into some specific areas of Artificial Intelligence In Photography where you can expect wonders:

AI Picks Up The Best Photo For You 

To any photographer, the clicks are most precious to them. This is the reason why choosing the best picture from a slew of images gets difficult. Usually, the photographer has to check and recheck thousands of pictures to get that ‘ONE’. This process gets more burdensome when there’s a deadline near.

Additionally, on the quest for picking the right picture, photographers often face burnout. Because of this, they might reject key images and pick up a photo that’s not so worthy.

Eliminating the manual process, AI comes to the rescue. Artificial Intelligence identifies the best shot from a series of similar images within a few seconds. Photographers can even check multiple images at once, which was nowhere possible in the manual process.

AI Refines Low-Resolution Image To Create A Wow Effect 

The best part about AI photo editing tools is it gives the user market-ready, high-quality images. Even if you have picked up any low-quality image, tools like spyne.ai can quickly upscale it into a high-resolution picture.

This feature of AI photo editing tools works wonders for beginners. They just have to upload the image, choose the right background, and no additional actions are needed. The technology is getting better every day, providing quality that is undoubtedly superior to the traditional upscaling methods.

AI Replaces Background And Adds A New One With Zero Hassles 

Background replacement is one of the best features of AI-powered photo editing tools. The method works exactly as it sounds – you just have to pick up a product image, choose your background or foreground requirements, and the program does the work for you in seconds.

Companies can even adjust the background as per specific brand guidelines in real-time. They can either use a specific background like transparent, white, or grey, or can customize by adding any elements. Just like Spyne, the tool has the power to transform randomly clicked images into studio images with few clicks.

Background correction was a time-consuming process with an essential requirement for an editor to have a knack for editing. But with AI, editing skills never really matter, because the tool turns boring images into an exciting one in less than 20 seconds.

AI Does Automatic Masking Within Seconds 

Photo masking plays an essential role while white labeling products. In this process, editors can isolate or layer the product to adjust certain portions so that the product aligns with the seller’s brand.

Masking is also known as selective editing and it’s quite a tedious task, but again, not with AI. The tool does the heavy lifting in just a few clicks and crops up the wanted content in the mask.

AI Adjusts Colour And Exposure With A Click

The more users use AI for photo editing, the better the technology learns from the images. 

AI photo editing tools are highly trained and sensor-guided, hence adjusting colors, contrast, and exposure can simply be done in a few seconds. This feature comes in handy for those brands that don’t have many resources to spend on photo editing. AI tools choose the best adjustment for any photos 500x faster.


Has Artificial Intelligence Truly Changed The World Of Photo Editing?

In the present scenario, Artificial Intelligence has marked its footprint on every industry. But this is still the beginning of this innovative technology. In the next five years, this technology would be creating a lot more magic than imagined.

We at Spyne.ai understand how AI can be a game-changer in the photography industry. Hence we are making the most out of this technology. Our tool converts poor images into studio-grade, premium images 100% automatically impeccably.

The tool has subtly enhanced the picture quality of brands like Bata, Grofers, Big basket, Karvi, and many more. It saves 90% of the editor’s time by automating repetitive tasks, which minimizes the operational costs drastically.

We can say “AI is the future which is truly changing the world of photo editing, FOR GOOD”.

Written By – Divya Jain on 12 Jan, 2022


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