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AI Photo Editor 101- What Are They And How do They Work?

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Ever since the concept of AI photo editor has come into existence, we’ve all heard about how futuristic and amazing they are. However, can AI photo editors help your car dealership boost customer engagement? 

According to a study by PetaPixel, photo editors spend 74% of the time doing manual and repetitive tasks. 

This is precisely the reason why AI photo editors are a big hit in the market. With their cutting-edge technology, these intelligent editors eliminate the need to revisit tedious work over and over again. 

Here, we introduce you to the world of AI photo editors in as depth as possible. 

What is an AI photo editor? 

AI stands for artificial intelligence and is intended to replicate human intelligence. Over time AI learns the pattern of the Big Data, therefore, building independent decision-making and the ability to forecast the input. 

The more this technology is fed with data, the more human-like it gets. 

AI photo editors go beyond the traditional editing software and help undertake manually intensive tasks in lesser time and cost. These photo editors can perform complex work quickly with close to zero chances of error. This means more time to experiment with your car photos for superior outcomes. 

However, what is it about AI photo editors that makes them so fascinating? 

One of the major reasons for this is that AI photo editors make ordinary photography, extraordinary. A photograph speaks more than 1000 words when edited via AI technology. It can invoke emotions of positivity in the audience. 

For example, when you shoot a car image through your smartphone, there is not much you can do with basic editing. The background, shadow, angle, exposure, placement, and much more needs to be just about right to produce a professional-looking output. 

AI photo editors reduce this herculean task to just a few clicks. A bonus- this all looks super realistic. 

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How do AI photo editors work? 

AI photo editors are able to detect the subject in your image, enhance it, remove and replace the background around it, apply corrective effects wherever required, color correct, and much more. Everything with the single click of a button! 

Basically, AI photo editors do the hard work of photo editing without the manual hassle hence saving time, cost and effort. 

AI photo editors are the best tools for correcting mistakes and removing unwanted elements from a picture. A study conducted by Google Research and the University of California Berkeley shows that AI can remove unwanted shadows from photographs. 

While this is just the beginning, AI photo editors have become increasingly helpful with removing, replacing, and editing backgrounds while taking small details into account like natural-looking lighting, filling missing parts, and bokeh; a blur background effect. 

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Now that we know the what’s and the how’s; let’s see the benefits of using AI photo editors

  • AI photos give your dealership the competitive edge
  • Photo editing on AI software will make your object stand out
  • AI photo editors are cost-effective
  • Give you a shot at the faster product and inventory cataloging for businesses

AI-powered image editing used in car photos makes the process of making excellent catalogs and VDPs effortless for dealerships and resellers. It helps them turn ordinary-looking car photos into high-definition, professional-looking images, all in a matter of a few minutes. 

Can AI replace photos?

While AI enhances photos, it cannot replace photos altogether. There is a certain scope of photographs that goes beyond artificial intelligence, especially the narrative nuances of photos. 

While AI renders effortless enhancement and beautification, there must be a balance between photography and how much AI editing will be allowed against a humanized level of artistic expressions captured in photos. 

This will make the perfect combination of photography, aesthetics, and customer acquisition via visuals. 

Is AI killing photography?

No! AI is not killing photography. For all that matters, AI is adding to quality improvement in photographs eliminating the hassle of constantly editing a few parts over and over. 

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People who enjoy the process of photography might not enjoy the process of manual editing as much. This is where AI comes into the “picture” literally and cuts the time taken for manual editing in half. 

AI does not take away what you envision in photos, it only makes it easier for you to achieve it. It is reshaping the workflow and allowing you to move quickly and creatively. It is only by embracing this new technology and incorporating it into your business that you’ll acquire an audience and sophistication in digital media. 


Spyne.ai has built an AI proprietary tool that converts the average-looking background of your car photos into a professional studio-like background. Spyne provides custom backgrounds as well as tools that create rotating floors beneath the car. 

With Spyne’s AI technology, you won’t have to spend money on setting up a studio or rather invest time and money in driving your cars to a studio for photoshoots. The aftermath of sending the photos to post-production is even more frustrating, time-consuming, and definitely not cost-efficient. 



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