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5 Essentials to Creating VDP That Acts as Lead Magnet

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A Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) is an essential factor in determining the success rate of dealerships’ vehicle sales. This is the landing page of the potential buyer who is interested in buying the car. A space to educate the buyer about car specifications, photos, videos, and other important details.

If you are planning to or have just started selling cars online, you should aim for structured and detailed VDPs to drive your sales. 

This article talks about everything that you need to get right on your VDP.

What is a VDP or Vehicle Detail Page?

The vehicle detail page (VDP) is the landing page on your car selling website that informs a buyer about the details and specifications of the vehicle. This is where your buyer gets to know your inventory.

Once a potential buyer searches for a car model on the web, this is the page they land on after clicking on the search results.

Clearly, this makes it really important to optimize your VDP with the best practices.

5 Essentials to Creating Dealership VDP That Acts as Conversion Magnet

1. Make your VDP all-inclusive in terms of vehicle details

Buying a car is a big purchase and is usually done just a handful of times in a lifetime. So, don’t leave out any piece of information concerned with the vehicle you are selling.

Customers would want to know each detail of the vehicle before making the purchase. This includes vehicle specs, owner history, accidents, repairs, scratches, dents, and the lot.

Being detailed helps in establishing your product as a genuine one, and your site being more trustworthy.

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2. Use real images

Real images give specific details about the car you are selling on your website. While stock photos may be perfect, they tell nothing to the customer about the actual vehicle. Also, having real images make you look authentic and helps in building trust.

Your customers would have already seen the stock images enough during their research on the web. Using the same images for your VDP will plummet their trust and decrease vehicle sales.

Make sure that you put lots of photos (the real ones) as customers want to scan the vehicle inside out. Having relevant photos makes it easier for them to pre-decide before they come to your physical shop.

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3. Include 360-degree walkarounds

Having a 360-degree walkaround on your VDP page help in giving your customer a perspective of how the vehicle would look from different angles.

360-degree vehicle walkarounds engage and educate the customer about both the interior and exterior of the vehicle and cast an impression as well.

With a 360-degree vehicle walkaround view on your webpage, you will be enabling your customer to have a completely transparent view of the product you are selling. This helps in establishing you as a genuine car seller and bringing the customer one step closer to conversion.

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4. Keep keywords location specific

If your VDPs have to show up on Google’s vehicle search, then you will have to work on your keywords. As the rule of thumb goes, these keywords should be mentioned in the title, body copy, meta description, image alt text, URL, and other relevant places. 

But most important is keeping the keywords location specific. What does that mean?

Let’s say your car store is in location X. Naturally, you would first want to target people of location X. Your keywords should mention that location.

Mentioning just the car model is not going to make you turn up anywhere.

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5. Be 100% transparent on your VDP

Always work on the principle of what you see is what you get. Do not skip out on the information you feel will make your inventory look bad and drop its value. A small negative review can have big consequences for your business.

Always be honest about the product you are selling. This will give you credibility and establish your business in the long run.

And there you are! With the perfectly crafted VDP that generates sales lead for you and top-notch experience for your buyers.


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