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Alternatives to VC360

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The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with dealerships and professionals always seeking innovative strategies to stay ahead. While VC360, or VirtualCar 360, is a popular car photo editing platform for dealerships and automobile marketplaces, keeping up with the fast-paced changes in the industry requires exploring other options that may offer similar or better services.

Digital marketing can drive website traffic, improve conversion rates, and increase customer engagement. This requires the use of high-quality images. Fortunately, there are numerous photo editing platforms available that car retail businesses can use to create captivating images and 360 views to engage their target audience.

This article highlights the top 15 alternatives to Virtual Car 360 that car dealerships and automotive professionals can explore to enhance their marketing strategies. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or retain existing ones, this guide provides valuable insights to help you make the right choice.


What is VC360 (VirtualCar 360)?

VC360 is a vehicle merchandising application designed to streamline the process of taking photos of vehicles. It’s a tool that enables users to capture high-quality photos while reducing the time and effort required to perform photo sessions. The smartphone application offers a step-by-step guide on how to shoot, making it easy to use for professionals and amateurs alike. Users can customize the app settings to suit their needs and capture photos as directed by the application.

VC360 offers background replacement service, which enables users to shoot in any location and environment and change the background visible in the photo. This car visualizer customizer system provides several pre-set backgrounds to choose from, or can even create a personalized version. Using their platform, users can ensure all published photos are consistent and aesthetically pleasing.



What Products and Services Does VC360 Offer?

VC360 is a cutting-edge tool that streamlines the vehicle photography process. It’s an app that helps users to take great photos while saving time and energy on photo shoots. This product provides users with a guided experience, making it simple to use without requiring staff training. Users can easily shoot high-quality images, saving time and resources while preserving quality.

Here are the products and services virtual car 360 have to offer:

Photo App

The smartphone application is an excellent tool for DIY car photography, with guided steps to help people with the 360-degree photoshoot.

Photo Studio

Standardized, automated shooting process inside a physical car photography studio setup ensures that you get high-quality visuals, of the interior as well as exterior. The company’s studios are present in different locations across Europe.

Offer Manager

Manage your car 360 videos, create standardized ad listings, and automate their publications.

Inspection App & Digital Certification

Scan the condition of the cars in your inventory and create detailed reports for online viewers.


What are the Advantages of VC360?

Virtual Car 360’s merchandising solutions – background removal and automotive 360 view – helps dealerships offer an improved visualization to buyers, while also helping them better judge the vehicles they see online. You can present your automobiles in an aesthetically pleasing manner, thus attracting more eyeballs online!

Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of VC360 is that buyers can experience multiple walkaround views of a car (or several cars) within a smaller period through their computer screen! The 360 car viewer helps people check out the car they want from different angles, which drives consumer engagement, increasing the chances of a purchase.

Majorly for car dealers, having the automotive 360 view help cuts down a lot of overhand expense for them since it eliminates the physical display of their car in the showrooms.



What are the Disadvantages of VC360?

Virtual Car 360 offers impressive merchandising solutions, yet it has a few specific drawbacks, ranging from availability to technology. The company only has a handful of studios across Europe, and none in the US.

As per reviews on App Store/Playstore, the VC360 app is prone to odd, unexpected crashes. This could make using the Photo App and Vehicle Inspection App a bit risky and troublesome, as you might lose the data in the event of a crash and would have to restart the process. The possibility of digital glitches certainly brings down the efficiency and effectiveness of the 3D car visualizer.


Top 15 Alternatives to VC360

Today’s world is heavily dependent on technology, and it’s a great way for car marketplaces to construct their selling ways and diversify their products amongst customers. Automotive 360 viewer and automated image background replacement are the correct tools for the job! Hence, we have come up with a list of the best alternatives to VC360.

1. Spyne

If you are a dealership or car marketplace looking to expand your digital car market sales, Spyne has the right tools for you! The company offers three main services – Background replacement, 360 car video shoot, and automatic hotspot tagging – all of which are powered by state-of-the-art AI systems.



The company offers multi-channel platforms for users – you can use the desktop browser application, or download the DIY photoshoot and editing app on your smartphone (available on both Android and iOS). The DIY app offers on-screen guide, which ease the shoot process. The AI systems ensure that the output is high-quality, with a professional look and feel.

2. AutoUplink Tech

Every car seller wants their vehicle to have a distinguishing touch to get an extra advantage over other brands in the car marketplace; AutoUplink Tech is a tool that helps you achieve the same. Using this, you can get realistic and uniform alterations to your car’s background. You can also use its vehicle photo spin cloning to get a detailed view of its interiors, exterior, and even features. No matter what kind of vehicle you have a dealership in, AutoUplink Tech can provide you with editing services.

3. EZ360

EZ360 offers advanced features allow your photo studio to have a 4K HD quality display of each vehicle along with color-corrected pictures so that your products look spot on. One of the best features of this tool is that it can generate high-quality pictures in under 10 minutes directly to your selling platform. Moreover, one can easily change the background effects and add VR car features using this tool. However, EZ360 is not free to access tool. Instead, you have to register to avail the benefits.

4. CarMedia 2.0

CarMedia 2.0 is a self-serve tool with a background team supporting you through your automation journey, like the accounts manager, photography team, etc. Using their app you can easily organize your car’s images, capture them, and upload them instantly to your e-commerce page within 3 minutes. Their 360 feature allows your cars to have a 360-car viewer with pop-up hotspots displaying specific vehicle features like model number, mileage, tire thickness, etc.

5. Impel

This AI tool acts as a bridge of interaction and engagement between potential buyers and the manufacturer. Impel’s digital platform focuses on three major services: merchandising, communication, and imaging. These services include features like 360 WalkArounds, VR car tours, and specific merchandising features.

Impel also allows you to have a sales and AI service on your platform as a communication tool between the manufacturers and the buyers. Not only these but Impel provides excellent image cloning, background removal, and picture capturing services. Usually, dealership groups or local car dealers use this as a substitute for car studio photography.

6. Optifo

Optifo is an online professional car photo editing software that deals in the car marketplace and provides a consistent virtual image of its products. This tool optimizes your product’s online reach in the market. It takes your vehicle’s picture and automatically modifies it by adjusting the size and adding a unique background you can download directly.

 7. is an effective AI tool to generate beautiful display pictures for your digital dealership. This tool assigns each service to a further sub-tool like Piranha for getting a 360 spin and Gecko for customizing backgrounds. Likewise, it carries tools like Ocra, Eagle, Meg, and Natas for specific solutions like clicking pictures, inventory management, clipping additional pictures, and so on.



8. Pixel Guru

Inventory management is crucial for a dealership. Pixel Guru deals exactly with that by providing quick, easy, and in-bulk images that are processed, edited, and organized along with an attached data file for each image. These high-quality images can be used for marketing and digital advertising solutions.

9. Glo3D

It is a one-stop solution for media content creation and distribution for car dealers or individual car sellers. The best part of Glo3D is that you can operate it from your smartphone.  Using this, you can make interactive 360 car views for your website and even video tours of the interiors in just under 5 minutes.

Glo3D is an affordable AI tool for customizing and editing your product pictures. Some of their services include a personalized banner, custom backgrounds which you can automatically link to your website or selling platform, and even ad templates.

10. Car Studio

Car Studio is an effective AI tool to boost your online car sales since it allows you to generate aesthetically pleasing vehicle images, which helps convert your online shoppers into buyers. It saves you from the inconsistent presentation of images on your site, manual production, and longer time to market, which impacts your dealership growth.

Car Studio’s virtual studio clicks images like a real-life studio and even transforms your average-quality pictures into studio-grade ones. It also provides an interactive 360-car viewer feature.

11. Fyusion

Fyusion is an AI-Based Lightfield Information Suite [ALIS]. It makes use of Artificial Intelligence to create beautiful 3D images of your product. Fyusion uses three simple steps to generate an automotive 360 view for any picture.

First, it captures the image of your car. Second, it generates 3D images of the car’s elements for a clear and minute view. Thirdly, Fyusion loads the information and data on each element in a file-like format. This allows you to have a detailed 360-degree view in high resolution.

12. MotorCut

MototrCut is an AI tool that you can use for your vehicle’s advertisement since it creates beautiful, visually appealing backgrounds. MotorCut aims to remove the long manual editing time, the need for costly car studio photography, and the poor finishing most dealerships face. Instead, it provides advanced editing options to edit all desired aspects of the image, bulk picture processing for that last-minute revamp of your page, along with an API-integrated feed that allows you to monitor your editing through MotorCut directly.

13. Remove.BG is a fully automatic AI tool that helps remove, enhance, and use other Photoshop features at a very affordable price. What distinguishes it from other alternatives to VC360 is the command line interference, which automatically allows users to remove the backdrop of their images using a text-based command.

Remove. bg could be used on Android, IOS, Windows, or Mac devices. Apart from these, remove. bg has a special feature that works directly with Photoshop plugins for further and even more enhanced editing tools.

14. Dealermade

Dealermade is another AI-based tool that promises studio-quality automotive pictures and various other solutions for car sellers and their e-commerce platform. These include processing high-volume pictures in a short period, a carousel photo studio providing a controlled environment, automotive 360 spins, and perfect images all the time.

It has a Media Maker AI background removal feature allowing you to seamlessly remove and change the image’s background to a much more high-quality and attractive one. Using Dealermade’s car studio could be expensive.

15. Motor Street 360

Motor Street 360 provides dealerships and automobile marketplaces with personalised turntable car photo booth. It also offer the underlighting F/X which you can use to give your vehicle a highlighting display on your page. Motor Street 360 has a customizable 360-spinning view that is easily compatible with most DMS platforms and dealership websites. You can develop a 3D showroom to showcase your vehicles on the website.



When it comes to selling cars in the competitive market, dealers have to be innovative with their selling techniques by making them attractive and engaging. Virtual Car 360 offers modern, innovative solutions for that, which can help your car retail business expand in the online space.

However, to ensure that you’re getting the most for your money, or that you’re getting the best solutions to your problems, it’s necessary to consider all the alternatives to VC360 as well. In today’s world, your buyers spend a lot of time on the web, researching all their options thoroughly before going for a purchase. You need to ensure that your online presentation looks attractive while relaying all necessary information to your potential buyers.


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