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The rise of artificial intelligence-based solutions available in the market has increased. Their adoption is important for businesses in all sectors, including the automotive industry. Dealerships have begun exploring automotive solutions that are quick and help increase sales. Among such solutions is AutoFox AI for vehicle image editing. But it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding them and exploring alternatives to find solutions that meet your specific needs is important. Luckily, we have done the research for you and made a list of the top 15 alternatives of Autofox. Let’s explore and find the ideal editing software for your requirements.


What is Autofox?

Autofox is a smartphone app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize car images and save downtime while increasing sales through digital channels. Their proprietary technology extracts the automobiles from the source photographs and places them in a digital showroom. They add an appropriate background and a genuine surface, which is finished with natural-looking shadows and other effects. Editing to optimize a photo takes less than 10 seconds, and the outcome is instantly visible on all devices.

Their user interface assists you through the procedure to provide a cohesive view sequence. Its AI transforms your photos into flawless images in a matter of seconds, and the results are kept on your own account.


What Services Does Autofox Offer?

Car photo capture: Autofox car photo app provides tools for capturing high-quality photos of cars with your smartphone or tablet camera. These tools may include manual controls for adjusting exposure, white balance, and focus.

Car photo editing: The car photo app allows you to edit your photos to enhance their quality or create a specific aesthetic. Editing tools may include filters, presets, and basic photo adjustments such as cropping, rotating, and adjusting brightness and contrast.

Car photo sharing: The software allows you to share your photos with others via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Car photo management: They help you organize your car photos by making the process of tagging, categorizing, and sorting easy. This can make finding specific photos easier or create collections based on certain themes or subjects.



What are the Advantages of Autofox?

Autofox offers several advantages.

Better control: It offers greater control over the camera settings, allowing users to adjust settings such as shutter speed, ISO, and aperture to capture the perfect shot.

High-quality output: Their app can capture high-resolution images with excellent clarity and detail, even in low-light conditions.

Time-saving: You can take photos of cars quickly and efficiently without having to spend time editing or processing the images afterward.


What are the Disadvantages of Autofox?

Like plenty of other resources, Autofox has some disadvantages as well. They are as follows:

  1. It is a subscription-based program. Thus, in order to use its capabilities, customers must pay a monthly charge. This might be pricey for smaller organizations.
  2. They do not offer a free trial period. This aspect can be inconvenient for users unsure about the software’s capabilities and features.
  3. It is challenging for consumers to utilize their services on different platforms because it is restricted to a few operating systems and browsers.
  4. They need a customer service staff. Customers must rely on their expertise to solve any problems they may encounter with the program due to the lack of customer service staff.
  5. Since they lack various capabilities, users find it challenging to tailor the program to meet their unique requirements.
  6. Developers that need to combine Autofox with other programs may find it difficult because the software needs an open API.
  7. Due to a lack of customization possibilities, users find it challenging to adapt the program to their unique requirements.
  8. There are no window tinting options available, so reflections from the original image are seen in the windows of the edited car image.


Alternatives to Autofox

1. Spyne

Spyne is a comprehensive AI tool that can swiftly edit images and produce outcomes. It enables you to display your cars in high-quality, professional-grade pictures without requiring the services of photographers or studios. With a vast selection of backgrounds, including showroom, outdoor, storefront, studio, and plain, you can choose one that suits your needs and make customizations to create your desired showroom settings. Doing this can save money and boost sales and customer conversions.



You can use Spyne to generate 360-degree spin videos that showcase all angles of your cars. You can also remove unnecessary reflections by adding window tints and mask number plates. Additionally, Spyne can help you create videos and enhance images of the car’s interiors and exteriors. This tool is versatile and can be applied to various industries, including e-commerce, food, fashion, and footwear.

Not only does Spyne cater to dealerships, but it also serves marketplaces. The tool has iOS and Android apps, a dashboard for creating catalogs, and API and SDK solutions for developers.


2. Pixel Guru

Pixel Guru is a creative photo editing mobile app that can edit your images of new and used vehicles. It offers professional photography services specifically designed for dealerships. You need to click your car images from their app. The editing is done automatically, and the images are made available to you in an hour.


3. Redline Automotive

Redline Automotive offers many merchandising solutions in the form of SaaS and physical service offerings. These are based around Redline Inventory, thor inventory management tool. The tools are ult for easy use, and offer many products and services that offer effectiveness to their users. They help you capture your inventory images and provide editing services. You can work on hybrid services, videos, SMS-based lead generation tools, and other merchandising solutions that help dealerships increase traffic, leads, and sales.


4. CarMedia 2.0

CarMedia 2.0 lets you schedule a photo shoot for your inventory or use their self-serve software to photograph the inventory yourself. They ensure that your vehicle images meet manufacturer compliance requirements. The software can also detect the same vehicles in your inventory and duplicate images for it automatically to save time and effort.

They also offer 360 views of your car’s interior and exterior. You can highlight features such as the car’s infotainment system and any defects the buyer should know about, such as dents and scratches. These help you create a great first impression on your customers, thus increasing sales.


5. XciteAuto

Xcite Automotive is a rapidly expanding automobile servicing and software firm that assists dealers in getting vehicles frontline-ready swiftly and effectively. Xcite Automotive aims to make the automobile business quicker, more inventive, and profitable. Xcite’s team of 500+ employees currently provides on-site car picture, video, and 360° spin image-capturing services to over 1,300 automobile dealers nationwide.

With its PureVin and Xcode software solutions, Xcite delivers digital and point-of-purchase vehicle-specific marketing material. The items are compatible with an in-house, extensive Window Sticker program and several dealer website suppliers. In addition, Xcite has established Reconlogic, which offers car cleaning, reconditioning, and vehicle marketing at its reconditioning centers.


6. Fyusion

Fyusion is a leading computer vision and AI company. They develop technology to capture and analyze 3D motion and spatial data. This startup was founded in 2015 and aimed to change how people communicate in this rapidly growing competitive and digital environment with AI. Fyusion’s technology is used in various applications, from automotive to industrial, healthcare, and consumer goods. Fyusion’s core product is a 3D motion and spatial data capture and analysis platform.


7. Glo3D

Glo3D is a low-cost 360-degree automobile photography tool that assists automotive dealers with all media, content development, and delivery aspects. With only a smartphone, you can create interactive virtual tours and professional video tours of your vehicle in under 5 minutes. Custom backdrops, customized banners, automatic sync to your website, social networking, and inventory management are also available.



8. Home Net Auto

HomeNet Automotive is the premier retail automotive expert for online car merchandising information and services designed to assist dealers and partners in increasing visibility and profitability. With complete merchandising capabilities and online syndication to all third-party advertising sources from a single unified platform, their array of efficient, user-friendly solutions helps dealers differentiate their inventory from the competition.

Their car merchandising solutions incorporate extensive data and photographs mapped from numerous sources, allowing us to quickly exhibit inventory with the rich, engaging material that today’s vehicle purchasers demand.


9. Car Cutter

CarCutter specializes in artificial intelligence-powered automotive photography solutions. They are able to deliver the finest possible assistance for each project because of our high degree of personal accountability, team spirit, and seamless customer service.

The firm’s purpose began in 2016, when Florian König, Patrick Schwarzenberger, and Stefan Fedl realized their goal and created a start-up. Because they had seen how difficult it was to obtain consistent and quality vehicle photographs, their ambition was to develop an automated image editing procedure for car dealers and platforms.


10. eVN

eVN AutoGraph sends VIN-specific, “photo-real” pictures of your complete inventory to your website automatically – 20+ absolutely product-correct, emotional images to captivate your consumers. With a personalized backdrop of your business, you may showcase your brand and cars at your location. You can effortlessly shoot images and have them professionally altered by their retouching experts.

eVN AutoGraph sends photos for every new car allocated to your dealership, wherever you want them to go. You’ll have photographs of each car in stock or on the way, so utilize them anywhere you want customers to know you have them: online, mobile, and third-party.


11. Optifo

Optifo is a vehicle dealer’s expert photo editor. Their automatic car editing tool enables your dealership to consistently create excellent photos of your autos. Optifo optimizes photographs for online markets using cutting-edge AI technology, significantly boosting your business.

There is no need for manual editing – or expert assistance – with Optifo’s software. Your backdrop is your company’s trademark. Pick from one of our numerous backdrops or submit your own to represent your Automotive Dealership and online showroom.


12. AutoUplinkTech

AutoUpLink Tech offers products and services that will produce demonstrable outcomes for your company. AutoUpLink’s products and technology-enabled services work in tandem to power your digital retailing. Depending on your existing company requirements, you can check their offerings to find the best one for you.

They provide excellent service while leaving gimmicks and jargon at the door. AutoUplinkTech understands how to create interesting content that sells your merchandise. They offer different services like:

  •  Vehicle Photo Services
  • Photo Background replacement,
  • New Car Photo & Spin Cloning,
  • Vehicle Spins With Hot Spots,
  • Vehicle Videos


13. Car studio AI

Car Studio AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps automotive designers create better car images faster. It leverages AI-driven algorithms to analyze and understand car image elements, including curves, shapes, proportions, and color, while providing instant feedback for improvement.

This technology makes it easier for automotive designers to create highly detailed, realistic car images without spending hours manually tweaking them. With Car Studio AI, designers can quickly create a variety of car images that look and feel like real-world cars.


14. MotorCut

MotorCut is intended to make photo editing for automotive advertisements an easy process. Their AI-assisted program replaces and improves car backgrounds to make the online experience more interesting and memorable for all viewers. With MotorCut, all advertisements are instantaneously synchronized across mobile and web apps for convenient download.

Adverts may be processed in seconds with MotorCut compared to hours of manual editing. You may photograph your vehicles anywhere, at any time, and yet produce professional, uniform advertisements at a fraction of the cost. They offer different services like:

  • Half Cut photography,
  • Full Cut Background, and surface.
  •  Web & Mobile Synchronisation


15. Auto Imaging

High-quality photos, stock movies, personalized films, QA, and digital backgrounds are some of the services offered by Auto Imaging. After its introduction in 2018, their app has been favored by major groups and Manufacturers across the United Kingdom and globally.

They supply all of the software, hardware, and support that retailers require to improve quality and speed to market at a lesser cost than employing various manual services.



There are several alternative vehicle image apps available in the market that offer similar features to Autofox. Each of these apps has unique features and advantages, so choosing the one that best suits your needs is important. The wide variety of alternative vehicle image apps available in the market makes it easier than ever to take high-quality photos of your vehicle and make informed buying and selling decisions. You must check out Spyne if you are looking for the perfect choice for your Car Photography needs.



  • What are some alternatives to Autofox for buying cars online?

    Top alternatives to Autofox include Spyne, Pixel Guru, and Redline Automotive. You can check out our list of top 15 alternatives to Autofox for more options. 

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