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5 Brilliant Ways AI Can Increase Auto Sales For Dealerships

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The advent of post-pandemic digitization has left most car dealerships struggling with online business expansion. The otherwise traditional marketing strategies of car dealerships are now falling short. There is an urgent need to go online and craft digital marketing strategies that increase visibility before potential customers and convert them into customers. 

While online marketing for car dealerships can be a huge hassle, technological innovation is playing a pivotal role in making the process convenient.

For example, AI (artificial intelligence) is helping dealerships increase auto sales through various measures. The humungous data generated and put together to make intelligent actions can make marketing efforts much more personalized, faster, and scalable.

Here, we have compiled the list of 5 ways in which AI can help car dealerships increase auto sales.

5 Ways AI Can Help Dealerships Increase Auto Sales

1. Smart sales lead generation funnel

Artificial intelligence creates a brilliant lead generation roadmap for the marketing and sales teams for dealerships. The vast amount of data gathered by AI can automatically identify and track potential buyers by their browsing behavior.

Depending upon the user’s lifestyle surfing on the internet, AI technology can automatically identify suitable leads and push the sales call. This generates high-quality sales leads that are closer to the buying goal and thus increases the revenue.

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2. Better-personalized experience

This advantage of AI in generating higher sales for car dealerships is the marketing extension of the first point. Just like data-driven lead tracking leads to faster conversion, AI-led personalization of the shopping experience creates higher customer satisfaction.

A potential buyer might tell you they just want to buy a car. But deep down, they want to buy a car with the least hassle and the greatest ease.

This is exactly what AI does. It creates more personalized advertisements and a shopping experience for the user to find exactly what they are looking for with the least work.

According to McKinsey, companies that choose to personalize user experience generate 40% higher revenue than the ones that don’t.

3. Faster and cheaper product cataloging 

Visuals play a prominent role when it comes to car dealership marketing strategies. 90% of car buyers research the vehicle online before making a purchase.

Needless to say, the inventory images of car dealerships can make or break a purchase decision and your marketing strategy.

But a vast challenge often stops the dealerships from generating high-quality car images that convert. This is because the entire process of car catalog creation is costly and complicated. From hiring a photographer, renting a studio, and staging the whole production to post-production editing and scalability of the catalog is a massive challenge.

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You would be surprised to know that AI is making this Herculean task a cakewalk. Certain deep-tech AI companies are helping dealerships create catalogs within a few minutes instead of weeks. These companies let the car sellers shoot through their smartphones and still generate studio-like output with their AI-enabled photo editing that is super realistic.

You can try one for yourself here. 

4. Higher customer satisfaction

Have you ever gone through a bad customer support experience and felt helpless? If yes, then you definitely understand the shift impeccable customer service can bring to the table.

But customer support, the traditional way, burns a lot of time and energy. 

However, with advanced AI solutions like live chatbots, providing quick and effective customer service indirectly leads to higher auto sales. You get answers to your queries with accuracy in no time!

It reduces the need for human resources to handle customer queries and is quicker.

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5. Higher cost saving 

When it comes to profitability, the most crucial factor is to cut down on the cost. Car dealerships can save humungous costs by automating resource-intensive processes through AI.

Manual work can efficiently be automated with AI, thus eliminating the cost of higher manpower. Similarly, AI can help car dealerships increase revenue by cutting down on opportunity costs.

While performing the resource-intensive tasks, one has to compromise with the requirements of the other core tasks. Saving costs and resources on automated tasks can help allocate them to more significant activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of artificial intelligence? 

The primary purpose of AI is to reason the input and to produce outputs on the line of human intelligence. It can not only take its own decisions but can also perform human-like interactions.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence? 

Following are the significant benefits of artificial intelligence-

  • AI can work round-the-clock 24×7, unlike human potential
  • It helps reduce the opportunity cost of the companies by automating the time and resource-intensive processes
  • It enables faster and smarter decision-making
  • It can also significantly cut down the operational cost by automating the expensive processes
  • It makes communication and activities easier for people with disability.

Wrapping up

Car dealership marketing strategies blended perfectly with AI can upscale auto sales for dealerships. Personalized prospect communication, efficient cataloging, better-streamlined processes, enhanced customer support, and in-depth business analysis will make you cut through the competition and stand apart from mediocrity. 


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