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How Marketplaces Can Automate Product Imagery Process With AI

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How Marketplaces Can Automate Product Imagery Process With AI

Creating product images isn’t just that easy, you also need to ensure that all the images are in line with your brand and marketplace guidelines. Product images are crucial for any business, especially for marketplaces and online sellers that need to increase customers conversion rate. 

Automated Product Imagery Process With AI

Since most of the brands are outsourcing their visual development to a third party, you need to make sure all the images are following the brand guidelines to list on your marketplace. Especially, when you have a marketplace  open to a large number of sellers like Amazon, Flipkart, you need to make sure that all the product images follow similar guidelines. 

Scalable Solution

Marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq have millions of products listed on their platform, which makes managing product catalogs highly difficult. From moderating the image quality to checking if everything falls in line with the brand guidelines, it becomes a daunting process . A lot of brands spend huge amounts of resources on quality image checks. Checking images manually is time-consuming and cost-intensive as it involves a lot of manpower, which eventually increases time to market.. 

Quality Check For Faster Onboarding

As you need to ensure the products go live faster onto the platform making it available to the users. To reduce the time-to-market, you must not compromise on the image quality and other elements of the product images. As a large number of vendors publish products online, to help in maintaining the quality, you can streamline the AI powered image moderation process.

Automated Product Imagery Process With AI

How will AI help you in image-quality moderation?

Real-time moderation:

The AI image quality moderations tool will help you to automate the process and you can get images checked in real-time. With this, you can save a lot of time and resources. The vendors will also get real-time feedback on the images that don’t fall in with the marketplace guidelines. 


If the process is automated, you can instantly quality check multiple images at once, which isn’t possible in a manual process. With this, you can scale your image quality moderations process and ensure there are no delays in onboarding the products. 

AI Algos Can Be Trained

Whether you need the AI to moderate the image quality or the size or check any other elements, the AI algorithms can be trained to identify these elements. For instance, while helping you edit images in bulk with AI, Spyne image editing tech enables you to create marketplace-ready images that are trained to follow the brand image guidelines. 

Automated Product Imagery Process With AI

Accuracy & Speed

The more you use AI-based visual moderators, the more they learn from the images. Like AI can be trained to create certain results, it also learns from the images it moderates from time to time. Hence it enhances its accuracy and speed over time. 

SpyneAI For E-commerce Images

Spyne’s AI tech enables marketplaces like Amazon, Bigbasket, The Luxury Closet, and many others to create high-quality images that are easy to moderate. If you create visual content with SpyneAI, you don’t need to moderate it manually at all, as we help brands create marketplace-ready images that fall in line with the brand image and other guidelines. 

Automated Product Imagery Process With AI

Create marketplace-friendly images 500X faster

Now that you have a lot of product images to make live on a specific marketplace but you need to edit them according to their guidelines, how can you bulk process them? 

Automated Product Imagery Process With AI

Well, with Spyne’s AI tech for ecommerce you can create high-quality images 500X faster at 70% less cost, helping you make your products live faster onto the platform. Our tool is available in multiple formats such as API, Web tool, and Whitelabel, meaning you can process thousands of product images in real-time that boost conversions by 40%. 

Automated Product Imagery Process With AI

You can use our Whitelabel applications to allow your vendors to onboard products faster than ever. This AI-based app helps them shoot and edit product images in real-time as per the brand guidelines. You can either use a specific background or customize it according to your brand. 

Automated Product Imagery Process With AI

This app is highly trained and sensor-guided, which ensures only the right images are captured and edited. You also have access to a centralized dashboard where you can track all the vendors’ click pictures with the app, enabling you to quality check in real-time. To know more about our tech and the application, you can book a 10-minute free demo with us by clicking the top right “book demo” button. 

Summing Up:

Marketplaces have an increased need for automation today than ever before. As the number of sellers and their products are increasing, their time to manage them is getting reduced. Whether you are the seller or platform owner, it is very important to ensure that the image quality is maintained before making the product live.

The funnels are getting longer and Lean inventory is the need of the day. Marketplaces will have to start automating more and more different processes if they want to stay competitive in the market. Taking advantage of visual AI tools will help them achieve that. 

The AI does creative work at speed and less cost. Therefore, when you sell eCommerce products, it is a very good idea to use the AI tech for product images. With Spyne’s AI tech, you can fix all issues like resolution, color balance and brightness in no time.


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