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Ever since the concept of an AI photo editor has come into existence, we’ve all heard about how futuristic and amazing they are. However, can AI editors help your car dealership boost customer engagement?

According to a study by PetaPixel, photo editors spend 74% of their time doing manual and repetitive tasks. This is precisely the reason why AI-powered editing software is a big hit in the market. With their cutting-edge technology, these intelligent editors eliminate the need to revisit tedious work over and over again.

Here, we introduce you to the world of photo editing AI systems in depth and detail.


What is an AI Photo Editor?

AI stands for artificial intelligence and is intended to replicate human intelligence. Over time AI learns the pattern of the Big Data, therefore, building independent decision-making and the ability to forecast the input. The more this technology is fed with data, the more human-like it gets.

AI photo editing technology automates manual photo editing tasks. It uses AI and deep learning algorithms to alter the look of the images. AI photo editors go beyond the traditional editing software and help undertake manually intensive tasks in lesser time and cost. These photo editors can perform complex work quickly with close to zero chances of error. This means more time to experiment with your car photos for superior outcomes.

One of the major reasons for fascination with this technology is that AI photo editors make ordinary photography extraordinary. A photograph speaks more than 1000 words when edited via AI technology. It can invoke emotions of positivity in the audience.

For example, when you shoot a car image through your smartphone, there is not much you can do with basic editing. The background, shadow, angle, exposure, placement, and much more need to be just about right to produce a professional-looking output.

AI photo editors reduce this herculean task to just a few clicks. A bonus- this all looks super realistic.


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How do AI Photo Editors Work?

AI photo editors can detect the subject in your image, enhance it, remove and Replace the Background around it, apply corrective effects wherever required, color correct, and much more. Everything with the single click of a button!

Basically, AI editing software does the hard work of photo editing without the manual hassle hence saving time, cost, and effort.

AI image editors are the best tools for correcting mistakes and removing unwanted elements from a picture. A study conducted by Google Research and the University of California Berkeley shows that AI can remove unwanted shadows from photographs.

While this is just the beginning, AI-led picture editing solutions have become increasingly helpful with removing, replacing, and editing backgrounds while taking small details into account, like natural-looking lighting, filling missing parts, and bokeh – a blur background effect.

Now that we know the whats and the hows, let’s see the benefits of using AI photo enhancing and editing solutions:

  • They give your dealership the competitive edge
  • Photo editing on AI software will make your object stand out
  • They are cost-effective
  • Give you a shot at faster product and inventory cataloging for businesses


AI-powered image editing used in car photos makes the process of making excellent catalogs and VDPs effortless for Car Dealerships and resellers. It helps them turn ordinary-looking car photos into high-definition, professional-looking images, all in a matter of a few minutes.


Why Choose Spyne AI Photo Editor

To answer this question, let’s get into the numbers. Spyne helps you achieve 80% faster time-to-market through its guided photoshoots and automated image editing. This also means that the entire cataloging process is sped up significantly.

With the help of Spyne, you will see a 75% reduction in costs. You don’t need expensive studios or professional Car Photographers! A simple smartphone with a good camera would do the trick, making Spyne’s AI cataloging services significantly more affordable than traditional means.

The most significant benefit of using high-quality images for your car listings – it helps build consumer trust in your brand, which increases your sales potential. Our clients have noted better conversion rates – around 40% on average – after using Spyne-edited images on their VDPs.

Spyne is the best AI photo editing software and gives consistent output every time, no matter how many photographs you process. The system can edit hundreds of images in an hour and still adhere to the highest quality standards. This starkly contrasts with manual editing, where an increased workload can decrease the quality of the output.

Spyne also has API and SDK solutions that can be tailored to your car merchandising strategy.

Virtual Studio

With this online AI photo editor, you can transform car images taken with a smartphone camera into studio-quality catalog images that make your car listing more enticing and elevates customer experience in your digital showroom.

Multiple backgrounds are available for you to choose from, that can be customized as per your brand language.

360 Car Photography

The traditional photoshoot method mentioned above is effective, but it increases your dependency on external factors (e.g., on the camera crew). You’ll also need to drive your vehicles to the studio. All of this costs a lot of money and time.

However, with Spyne’s AI-powered car 360 view creation, you can effectively shoot high-quality car images without any professional assistance. The clicked images are then automatically edited by advanced AI systems, and your 360 spin car visuals are ready in no time!


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Popular Features of Spyne

Let’s look at some of the features that Spyne offers to make your car listing catalogs immersive and attractive without hassle.

Remove background from images using AI

Spyne used AI to auto-detect the object’s edges in your image and then remove the background. The background can then be replaced with any of the backgrounds offered in the selection. They help you achieve consistency in your catalog.

Enhance image quality

The quality of your image is enhanced automatically wherever needed. This means that you are not wasting time and resources editing and reshooting images for your catalog.

Remove unwanted objects from photos with Spyne AI

Removing unwanted objects from your image ensures that your car is in the highlight, as it should be. This ensures that the image captures the audience’s attention, compelling them to make a purchase.

Window Tinting

The reflections on the window of a car can be tricky to get rid of, and leaving them unedited will reduce the quality of your catalog. The solution is to add tint to your car windows in the image, which can be done in just a click with Spyne.

Number Plate Blurring

Blurring or masking the number plate is important to protect the privacy and avoid risks of identity theft. Editing for number plate masking for each individual image can be time-consuming, whereas it is done automatically in Spyne. You can also use this blur as an opportunity for branding by placing your brand logo on the number plate in Spyne Darkroom.


Try Spyne AI Tools

If you are looking for ways to access the above-mentioned features of Spyne, here are tools that you can use to do just that:


With the darkroom, you can access the virtual studio feature of Spyne that transforms your images into excellent studio-quality catalog photographs for an improved car listing. Darkroom can be accessed through your browser, without the need to download and install any software.

Smartphone App (iOS and Android)

The Spyne AI photo editing app gives you access to the virtual studio and the 360 spin view generating feature, to make your car listings more engaging and drive up sales.


Conclusion has built an AI proprietary tool that converts the average-looking background of your car photos into a professional studio-like background. Spyne provides custom backgrounds and tools that create rotating floors beneath the car.

With Spyne’s AI photo editor, you won’t have to spend money on setting up a studio or instead invest time and money in driving your cars to a studio for photoshoots. With traditional methods, the aftermath of sending the photos to post-production is even more frustrating, time-consuming, and definitely not cost-efficient. Spyne, on the other hand, makes online vehicle merchandising quick, easy, and affordable.

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  • Q. Can AI edit Images?

    Yes. Just look at Spyne. It is an AI image editor for images such as cars, e-commerce, food, fashion, etc. The subject’s edges in the image are detected by AI software, and then the background of that object is removed or replaced. AI is also used to enhance image quality, correct tilt, generate a shadow for realism, and many more to give studio-quality images from photos clicked with a simple smartphone camera.

  • Q. What is the best AI photo editor?

    Spyne is the best AI photo editing app for car dealerships, Car Marketplaces, and independent sellers. You just have to upload an image clicked from your smartphone camera. The intelligent system will detect the subject of the image and allow you to remove and replace the background as per your needs. It will also automatically enhance the image, correct the margin, and scale, and perform tilt correction and shadow generation so that a simple image is transformed into a visual quality photograph.

  • Q. Is AI killing photography?

    No! AI is not killing photography. For all that matters, AI is adding to quality improvement in photographs eliminating the hassle of constantly editing a few parts over and over.

    People who enjoy the process of photography might not enjoy the process of manual editing as much. This is where AI comes into the “picture” literally and cuts the time taken for manual editing in half.

    AI does not take away what you envision in photos, and it only makes it easier for you to achieve it. It is reshaping the workflow and allowing you to move quickly and creatively. It is only by embracing this new technology and incorporating it into your business that you’ll acquire an audience and sophistication in digital media.

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