How E-commerce Marketplaces Can Scale Visual Content Across Geographies With AI Tech

How Different Marketplaces Can Scale Visual Content

Nowadays shopping has become a new trend due to its convenience, however, the shoppers don’t get the same experience that they get in physical stores. To bridge this gap, businesses selling products online need to provide high-quality images to help their customers have a detailed view of products in order to purchase them.


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In this blog, you’ll learn how you can overcome the challenges of creating high-quality visual content on a large scale at minimal costs and effort with the latest AI-powered tech.

Creating high-quality, studio-finish images is crucial for any brand or marketing organization. According to the stats:

– 85% of buyers say that high-quality images impact their purchase decision.

– Posts that include photos produce 650% higher engagement compared to those posts that don’t have images.

Let me break down some of the challenges faced by businesses and the e-commerce marketplace in producing visual content at scale.


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Major companies say that creating visual content is very crucial for their company but it needs a lot of time and management to achieve that goal. Other challenges that follow are:

– Hiring a lot of photographers to create consistent images for your catalog.

– Timeline to setup a studio for the shoot.

– Even the post-production takes days to edit your pictures, some AI tech tools have come a long way in addressing these challenges but not every tool has the competency to scale.


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Solution: How Amazon India Creates high-quality, marketplace friendly images in the lowest TAT possible?

Amazon India has collaborated with Spyne that helps the e-commerce giant to onboard sellers onto the platform faster than ever, skipping 48 hours of waiting time. The spyneAI tech helps them process images 500X faster. You don’t even need to hire professionals and train them but you can use the SpyneAI Whitelabel app to shoot 99.9% consistent images directly from your smartphone.


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You can Check our case study here and find out how we helped Amazon India scale onboarding operations across 50+ Indian cities with our end-to-end tech.

Lack of Resources

Every brand needs high-quality images to create an impressive presence across the sales challenges, however, the brands also need these images to convert potential customers, irrespective of the company size. But not every brand has a bullish budget to scale visual content, especially small businesses that have very few resources to create visual content at scale. Apart from the budget they also have shortcomings for:

– Hiring photographers and meet their recurring expenses.

– Outsourcing images to manual editors for post-production.

– Streamline their operations to oversee all the projects going on.

Solution: How Cars24 and Karvi Like car dealerships are scaling operations across geographies without having to hire a team to oversee the on-ground operations? 

Car dealerships like Cars24, Karvi, and many other global brands are using our cutting-edge AI technology to create high-quality, studio-finish images in seconds – without having to set up a studio or outsource for image editing. They use Spyne’s AI technology and create studio-setting images 500X faster at 1/4 the cost of manual editing. Some use our Whitelabel app for cars and some use API and Web tools for bulk processing of images.


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With our Whitelabel app, brands have centralized access to a dashboard where they track the ongoing shoot in the realtime, without having to hire an ops team to oversee shoots going on the ground.


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Download our case study here and find out how we helped OLA and CARS24 scale operations across geographies with our Whitelabel mobile app.

SpyneAI is a tech that helps you create high-quality images for your brand in seconds. Whether you are an e-commerce marketplace or a car dealership or an F&B business, you can use our tech to create studio-finish images in seconds.


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In case you want to shoot car images or looking to replace Car background image automatically, you can try our tool. For e-commerce brands to shoot product images, you can explore our Whitelabel applications to scale operations across your locations 500X faster at 1/4th of the cost.

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