How To Prepare Your Products for a Photoshoot
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Insider Hacks: How To Prepare Your Products for a Photoshoot Like a Pro

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The post-production of any shoot is the most expensive part of the process of ordering a beautiful photoshoot for a business. Photo-editing can be way too expensive (unless you get it done from a studio with AI-bulk editing solutions), so we prepared a complete guide for you to help you save your time, money, and efforts with the right shoot preparations.  

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For instance, if you hire a very skilled photo studio to execute your product shoot, you will end up saving a lot of time and money in post-production due to his expertise in producing the right images. It will also save you from hiring a too expensive a photo editor to edit these pictures later. 

With a huge demand for product shoots from businesses, here are some hacks on how brands and online-sellers can perfectly prepare products for a photoshoot.

Understanding What Do You Need The Images For?

Before you start preparing products for a photoshoot or start a photoshoot, the foremost thing you would need to understand is where you would post these images. 

Whether you want to post these product images on a marketplace, a website, or on a social media platform, one should know on which platform these images will be used. Since all these platforms have different guidelines for using images so it is imperative for anyone ordering photoshoot or even preparing products for the shoot to know where she would use these product images. 

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Here is your product photography guide, if you are thinking of DIYing a product photoshoot after preparing your products for a shoot. Or, do you need help with a professional photographer?

Before you start preparing your products for a photoshoot, you must ensure:

Your Products Are On Time

Make sure that your products reach the photoshoot location or studio on time. Being on time will give you enough time to prepare. You should also make sure that all the products have safely reached the locations.

Some studios have penalties if you fail to bring your products on time to the location or this may lead to a late shoot.

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Understand The Complexity of The Shoot

Understand how much time do you require for the preparation. So, when your products are ready for the shoot, you should manage your time or take a few minutes more to perfect your products.

From freshly cooked food to hot coffee and stunning lifestyle products, we will give a brief on preparing your variety of products for the photoshoot.


If you are a lifestyle brand selling, you need to make sure the products that you are using for the shoot must be clean and clear. For apparel, make sure you remove all the tags, labels, or any other stickers visible on the product. Some experts suggest using tape and lint rollers to remove the dust or string from the cloth. Iron or steam the fabric to fix the creases and wrinkles (if any).

One of the best ways to shoot the apparel is by wearing it to a mannequin or using it on a model. This way, viewers will get a better understanding of the shape, size, and fit of the fabric. 

Hiring an editor or during the post-production, you can also remove the mannequin from the cloth to show a 3D view of the product using “invisible mannequin”. 

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When it comes to footwear, you must make sure the shoes are clean and tidy. The laces are properly tied and keep poppers and straps also neat and clean.

The products should be so clear and shiny that they must attract a viewer to buy the product or at least add to the wishlist. These product images will be seen by thousands of your potential customers so make sure they are at their best. 

In case your shoot involves models for the apparel shoot or footwear, you must make sure to get models to try clothes and shoes prior to the shoot. It will allow you to make replacements easily if the garments or footwear do not fit the model. 

In case, you are not using models for the footwear, make sure you prepare the right stuffing for the shoes to communicate the shape of the product perfectly.

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e commerce photoshoot


Producing Jewellery packshots for the signature brands like PP Jewellers and Anjum Jewells, it is very difficult and tricky to prepare Jewellery items for the shoot. Know that jewelry items reflect light so make sure to clean them properly so that no fingerprints are seen in the reflection. You can also make use of hand gloves to keep them neat and clean.

Before preparing Jewellery products for a shoot, make sure these masterpieces does not have any scratches or defects. Polish the jewellery items before the shoot to make them more appealing during the photoshoot.

Also, prepare the props that you want to use for the jewellery product shoot. Do not forget to dust and polish the jewellery box, remove any spots or dirt from the velvet inside the packaging.  

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Keep the multipurpose cleaner ready to clean and polish furniture products. To shoot any furniture product, you should make sure that there’s ample space in the room to get the shoot done. 

Whether it is a table with fabric or a sofa, make sure the cloth is tidy and perfectly ironed or steamed. Steam if you find any wrinkles on the fabric. 

Furniture products large in size are very difficult to bring to the studio. So, the shoot for these kinds of products is preferred either in a home or in the furniture industry to cut down the logistics costs for these heavy items. 

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Wanna a simple post-production process?

Well, we are glad to say that Spyne has an AI-based toolkit specifically built to ease the post-production for all kinds of businesses. This Artificial Intelligence based tool helps businesses to get images edited 67% faster and at a 30% lower cost. 

Spyne’s AI-editing tool edits images of all kinds. Whether you need to edit images for a marketplace or a website, it just takes a few seconds to edit thousands of images. 

Spyne is a tech-based company that helps businesses to get photoshoots and image editing at a bulk or larger scale in less time and costs. Curious to know more about us or our shoots?

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