SpyneAI: Edit Your E-commerce Catalog Images 3X Faster with AI

SpyneAI: Edit Your E-commerce Catalog Images 3X Faster with AI

The use of the internet and other networking channels and marketplaces has changed consumer behavior and the ways in which brands conduct their business. Social and digital marketing offers crucial opportunities to organizations through lower costs, improved brand awareness, and increased sales. However, there are several challenges that exist for these organizations that make their online presence and growth stagnant. 

One of the main challenges that e-commerce businesses, brands, and e-commerce enablers face is the scalability of high-quality visual content. This is due to the tedious and time-consuming post-production process. If editing is done manually, it can take days to get your product images edited, hence barring you from making products live in time. 

Product images are crucial for any brand and customers always anticipate making their online purchase based purely on the high-quality, professional product images of a product. Since they can’t touch and feel the product, it becomes pivotal for a brand to help potential customers virtually explore the tool with finely edited product images - that are free from distractions. 

In this blog, I will be talking about some of the most common challenges faced by marketplaces, brands, and enablers in manual post-production and the ideal ways to overcome them. 


According to a study, more than 75% of online shoppers rely on high-quality product images when deciding on a potential purchase decision. So, it becomes inevitable for brands and businesses to have a strong visual presence across the platforms. 

Here’re some of the most common challenges faced by e-commerce marketplaces and brands vis-a-vis manual image editing:

Manual Editing is Tedious & Time-consuming 

When it comes to manual editing, an editor can only edit one image in 10-15 minutes, which makes it impossible for the seller or a brand to make the products live faster.

High Overhead costs

Apart from the high man-hours required for editing, you incur significant costs in holding inventories and re-edits. Also, in some cases, you require to edit one image into multiple formats so that you can use it across the sales channels, which makes it even more expensive and time-consuming. 

Inconsistency in SKUs

To make your catalog or the product listing look consistent, manual editing is not the ideal solution. However, you can make it work only if you have room for re-edits on the product images. 


Non-scalable solution

Since a manual editor can a lot of time to edit one image, it means if you have to edit your product images in bulk like hundreds of thousands of them, getting them edited in a day is impossible. 

Let me take the opportunity to do the math for you

Let’s assume if an editor takes at least 10 minutes to edit a single product image, it means the same editor would take 24 hours to edit 144 images and 1666.67 hours to edit 10,000 images. Now when you think about it, you’d know it’s totally not a scalable solution unless there are several editors and you pay more for the editing. 

Hence a manual editor can’t scale edit thousands of images a day. This can be a drawback for the e-commerce enablers that have to scale visual content for several clients and make the products live faster. 


No Multiple format option

A manul editor can’t edit one image at once for multiple formats, you’ll have to incur more investments to generate images for multiple formats. For example, if you want to upload one image on multiple marketplaces, you’d need images according to the marketplace guidelines only. So, to create multi-format images from a single image, the editor would require more time to do that. 

Spyne is an AI-driven image editing technology that helps marketplace, businesses, and e-commerce enablers edit product catalog images 3X faster, saving more than 50% of their image editing costs. The 100% automated, cutting-edge tech offers solutions to the challenges faced by the companies in post-production. 


Edit images within 5 seconds

Unlike manual editor, our AI-powred tech takes about 5 seconds to edit your product image, while ensuing 99% accuracy across your SKUs. 


Edit 10,000+ images/day

To either transform your whole catalog or get your fresh images edited, SpyneAI can edit 10,000+ images in a day, enabling you 3X faster cataloging. It also makes sure that your products go live faster than expected - shortening your cash cycle by several days. 

Save 50% of your costs:

The industry-first AI helps you create marketplace-ready images in seconds at 50% fewer costs while also taking care of the image quality and accuracy.


One-click background change:

If you want to change your product catalog images from gray to white or vice versa or any bg to the white, gray, or creative custom background, you can use SpyneAI tech to make your process seamless and automatic. 

One-click to multiple marketplace images:

One input = multiple outputs. Do you want to edit one image according to the guidelines of several marketplaces? For example, you want to edit an image with a dark gray background and make it Amazon, Flipkart, AJIO, and Myntra-ready at once, you can use SpyneAI to create marketplace-ready images in seconds. 

Spyne has been working in the deep tech space to create tools that empower e-commerce marketplaces, businesses, and car dealerships, globally. The AI-powered tools help them edit images 3x faster and cutting down average post-production time by almost 70-80%. Whether you want to transform your existing catalog or shoot and edit your images, you can try Spyne’s AI tools to make your process seamless. 

In case you want to get in touch with us and understand how we can help you scale your image editing requirements, we’d love to walk you through our AI that can edit 10,000+ images/day for you. You can directly request an edit or shoot from our website or drop us a mail at business@spyne.ai, and we’ll make sure we get back to you as soon as possible. 

Written By - Younus Sideeq on 20 Jul, 2021