Keep up with Product Photography Trends of 2022

Keep up with Product Photography Trends of 2020

Recently we were doing a bit of research regarding the product photography trends and how the photos of a product impact the sales of a business. After getting done with the research, one thing became clear to us that pictures hold so much importance that they can make or break a business.

product photography trends


The images you use online, whether to showcase your product, advertise it or create social media posts surrounding it, hold way too much relevance. This is why it is important to understand and keep up with product photography trends. While 2019 was a year that saw the rise of the digital era, this year it is about implementing and undertaking those technological advancements that can help you grow your business.

Here are three of many product photography trends that you must know of to step up your game and generate more leads.

1. Mobile Optimization


product photography trends


The world is rapidly moving its interest towards smartphones. 2019 saw the decline in the popularity of DSLR due to the arrival of smartphones with high-end cameras that could actually compete with them.

Now, it is not just about clicking your product pictures but also monitoring how they will look on mobile phones (since the majority of your consumers will see on you on their smartphone). From setting the frame to clicking a picture that will look good on a smartphone, there’s a lot that’s needed to be done. And then there’s the post-processing that comes into effect.

So, before putting your pictures out there, see how they look on a phone.


2. Videos for Better Engagement


product photography trends


With the advancement of technology and videos becoming more compact, the product photography isn’t just about photography anymore. Keeping in mind the consumer behavior and overall product engagement, businesses are and should be opting for more and more videos of their products. This is the product photography trend that you must keep up with.

3. 360-degree photography

This is one of those photography trends that became very popular very fast but lost it all due to a lack of usage by the masses. But the fact that it is still very much needed and is being used to showcase products makes it a relevant product photography trend in 2020. Due to consumers wanting to see the product from all angles online, 360-degree photography can get you more attention. From showcasing a property to exhibiting a piece of jewelry, 360-degree photography is the need of the hour.


When a consumer lands on your website, you want to gain their attention directly on the product or service that you are selling. The more convenient you make it for them, the more it can work in your favor. Keeping up with the trends can help you gain that attention. Just make sure that you put more focus on the product photography part than on post-processing.


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