Best Guide for Professionals in Wedding Industry

Best Guide for Professionals in Wedding Industry

When you’re a professional in the wedding industry, you are required to be on your toes all the time. Whether you’re a photographer, designer or a wedding planner, there’s always little to no room for mistakes.

Since it is 2019, with digital taking over, you are supposed to cater to your clients and also compete with others at the same time to fight for your survival in the wedding business game. So, in order to help you out and make it a little easy for you, we have come up with this wedding planner guide which will tell you the tricks of surviving in the wedding industry.


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One thing is sure that the wedding industry is a large enterprise in itself and a miscellaneous of smaller industries which include photographers, make-up artists, costume designers, caterers, wedding consultants, etc. Every one of them has a role to play when it comes to contributing to a wedding.

Wedding as an institution has existed for longer than one can imagine but the need for professionals has increased with changing times. Since more and more professionals keep pouring in, the need to sustain existence in the game has also increased. So, following a given set of steps can make you, as a professional, stand out among the others in the wedding industry.


1. Establish a Business Website


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The foremost thing to do while working as professionals in the wedding industry is to establish a business. It helps you create a portfolio for yourself that can be seen by your current customers and potential customers. The best way to do so is by creating a website.

A website not only creates a space for you to showcase your best work but also gives your business authenticity in the eyes of the audience. As a wedding planner or a photographer, you want to attract people with your work and potential and a website is exactly the place to do that.

Spyne’s revolutionary tech allows you to create a keyword-rich website in an instant where you can post unlimited photos, events, and blogs. It comes with a lead management app that can help you track your current leads. Also, there’s the single dashboard feature which gives you an overview of your business. 


2. Develop a Style


Being a large enterprise, the wedding industry sees hundreds and thousands of professionals but the last thing a customer wants to see is repetition. If every other photographer has the same style then it can become a problem for them to choose the one. So, it’s really important to develop a style. A style that can set you apart from others. This also gives you an upper hand while discussing the fees.

In order to step-up your business, Spyne helps you track the social media of your competitors so that can always stay one step ahead of them.


3. Expenses and Profit


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As a wedding planner, photographer and other working in wedding business, it is always best to evaluate the budget and your overall expenses. If you balance your expenses with the pricing then your business will earn you profit rather than you spending out of your own pocket. Don’t hesitate to talk about your expenses from equipment to overall fees of working to the client. So, in case of any incidental expenses, you won’t have to worry about any financial loss.


4. Post-Event Processes


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When you’re a photographer in the wedding industry, your main work starts once the event is done. You’ve around 2000+ photographs and need to send them to the customer. Then you have to wait for the client to choose 200-300 photographs that needed to be there in the final album.

This process usually takes months and can take a serious toll on the business of a professional as he/she will be stuck with one project and unpaid dues. In order to cut the time, it’s always best to use the tools available online such as Spyne.

Spyne allows you to share thousands of photos with the client and track their selection in real-time saving you the trouble of going over to the client’s place again and again for tasks that can be done from home.


5. Work on Building References


Major traffic, which comes to your website, is the result of references.  References help you grow your business and maintain goodwill in the wedding industry. One happy customer can bring in more customers. But your business can’t solely rely on the reference of your friends and family as there is always a limit to it.

 It’s best to find a way to continuously work on building reference every day. Well, Spyne also has a solution for that. It comes with a personal Chatbot option for your customers which can be easily tracked.  


6. Feedback


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One of the best ways to improve as a professional in the wedding industry is by taking feedbacks of your work. Feedback allows the customer to interact better with your product and make it more reliable and authentic.

It is commonly seen that professionals in wedding industry are able to collect only 2-6% of feedback for their work which comes with its own sets of problems. So, if you want to excel in the wedding industry, don’t forget to collect feedback on your work. In order to take feedback efficiently, Spyne’s interface makes it necessary for the clients to give reviews of your work as a step to download the final product.


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Wedding industry might look intimidating at first but don't forget that it is a place where you can actually contribute skills and earn from it. In order to survive in the wedding industry and expand your business, you have to find ways to stand out. You have to make way for the creativity to step in. 

Only 20% of 100 photographers actually survive the third year of their photography business which is a significant number if we look at the number of people who establish their business every day. The wedding industry is a brutal place and the ones surviving know what it takes to reach the top. If you also want to make a career in the wedding industry, you can follow the guide given above. 

Written By - Ramnish on 02 Jul, 2019