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What is Automotive BDC for Dealerships?

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Automotive BDC: Strategies & Goals

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Dealerships are always looking for new ways to attract customers and deliver top-level customer service. While dealership websites and social media platforms are invaluable, the power of good old phone calls should not be overlooked. While most of the automotive industry has shifted to digital marketing and operations, many car shoppers still want to talk to dealership representatives on the phone. You need a system to handle those calls in a way that customers are satisfied and leads to more business.

That’s where a Business Development Center (BDC) comes into play. What is an automotive BDC in auto sales and how can it help your dealership? Let’s break it down.


What is Automotive BDC?

Automotive Business Development Centers (BDCs) are dedicated teams that assist customers and handle leads for car dealerships. Traditionally, sales staff managed these tasks, dealing with phone calls and walk-ins. However, with the rise of new communication methods like texts and emails, BDCs have become essential. They manage inbound calls and follow up on potential leads, allowing salespeople to focus more on in-person sales and other tasks. This shift helps improve efficiency and customer service.



What does BDC mean in Automotive?

In the automotive industry, BDC stands for “Business Development Center.” This specialized department within a dealership team handles a variety of crucial tasks. They manage incoming calls, schedule service, and sales appointments, and make outbound calls to generate new leads. The BDC plays an important role in modern dealerships by ensuring efficient communication and lead management.


How can Automotive BDC help you?

An Automotive BDC is designed specifically for the automotive industry to handle customer leads and service needs for dealerships. These centers are staffed with a team of sales and customer service professionals who are well-versed in the automotive field.

The BDC team works together to generate new leads, track and manage customer information, and ensure that dealership employees have the tools they need to follow up with potential and existing customers. It allows sales and service staff to focus on face-to-face interactions and other important duties by taking care of these tasks.

The BDC helps improve customer convenience by providing prompt and efficient service. They make sure customers receive timely responses to their inquiries, schedule appointments, and follow up on any service needs. This strong focus on customer service helps the dealership build and maintain strong relationships with its customers.


In-House BDC Automotive Services

Setting up an in-house automotive BDC for your car dealership marketing can be both costly and challenging. There are many factors to consider, such as creating a comprehensive training program for your staff and ensuring the center is operational seven days a week for at least 12 hours a day. The primary role of a BDC representative is to lighten the workload of salespeople, allowing them to focus more on closing deals. BDC reps handle tasks like generating leads, managing customer inquiries, and scheduling appointments. You need to manage the new dynamics between the sales team and the BDC, which can sometimes lead to tension.

For example, if the sales staff has a rough day and struggles to close deals, they might blame the BDC, even though the BDC team isn’t directly responsible for making sales. This blame can create friction between the two groups, which can negatively impact the dealership’s overall performance. Despite these challenges, having an in-house BDC can be beneficial if managed correctly. It requires careful planning, consistent training, and clear communication between the BDC and the sales team to ensure everyone works towards the same goals. Properly addressing these issues can lead to a more efficient dealership operation, better customer service, and ultimately, increased sales.


In-House BDC VS. Outsourced BDC


Outsourced BDC Automotive Services

Outsourced BDC services for automotive dealerships can be a cost-effective alternative to setting up an in-house BDC. Many companies offer these services, but it’s important to be cautious, as some are relatively new and may lack the necessary experience, technology, and training to provide high-quality support. These companies often attract clients with extremely low introductory rates, which can be tempting but might indicate potential shortcomings in their service quality. While outsourcing can significantly reduce costs and simplify management, it’s crucial to select a provider with a proven track record to ensure that they can handle customer interactions efficiently and professionally.

Despite the affordability, outsourced BDC teams may face challenges in providing rapid responses to leads, calls, texts, and chats. They might also struggle with managing appointments and following up on actionable leads effectively. Therefore, when choosing an outsourced BDC, it’s essential to ensure that the company has the right technology, training, and experience to meet your dealership’s specific needs. By doing so, you can ensure that your leads are managed promptly, appointments are accurately scheduled, and follow-ups are conducted in a timely manner, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your dealership.


The Benefits of Using an Automotive BDC Company

Using a BDC (Business Development Center) company involves leveraging specialized expertise to enhance dealership operations and customer interactions. Here are some more benefits of using an automotive BDC company:

1) Increased Sales Potential

Professional BDC services, like those offered by Strolid, are focused on converting leads into actual sales. They respond to customer inquiries promptly and professionally, which helps to build strong relationships and ultimately leads to higher sales figures.

2) Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The quick and attentive responses from a BDC team not only boost sales but also make customers feel valued. This positive interaction increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, encouraging them to recommend your dealership to others.

3) Improved Reputation

Effective BDC practices contribute to a positive reputation for your business. By consistently providing excellent customer service and handling inquiries with care, your dealership builds a reputation for reliability and customer-centricity.

4) Operational Efficiency

Outsourcing tasks such as managing social media and online communications to experts like Strolid allows your sales staff to focus on in-store client interactions. This division of labor enhances overall efficiency, ensuring that each aspect of customer engagement is handled effectively.

5) Support for Growth

With a dedicated BDC team managing lead generation and customer inquiries, your dealership is better positioned for growth. You can scale operations more effectively and handle increased customer traffic without compromising on service quality.


Pros of an Auto Dealership BDC

Auto dealership BDC is designed to be helpful and beneficial for the dealerships. We have already listed the benefits. Let’s check out the advantages of auto dealership BDC:

1) Improved Customer Engagement: A well-operated BDC enhances interaction and builds relationships with potential customers, improving the overall sales and service experience.

2) Increased Appointment Conversion: BDCs boost appointment conversion rates for both sales and service, ensuring more efficient scheduling and customer follow-up.

3) Enhanced Follow-Up: They provide consistent and persistent follow-up efforts, leading to higher customer retention rates and increased opportunities for repeat business.

4) Efficient Call Handling: BDCs minimize missed calls and handle high call volumes effectively, reducing instances of dropped calls and missed opportunities.

5) Quality Customer Service: BDC representatives offer excellent customer service over the phone, addressing inquiries promptly and professionally.

6) Sales and Service Opportunities: They create more opportunities for vehicle sales and service appointments, maximizing dealership revenue.

7) Operational Efficiency: By managing customer inquiries and scheduling, BDCs free up sales and customer service staff to focus on in-person interactions and other critical tasks.

8) Expertise and Support: Leveraging the expertise of BDC professionals ensures customers receive accurate information and efficient service, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

9) Flexibility in Setup: Dealerships can choose between internal or external BDC services based on their specific needs and preferences, allowing for tailored solutions.


Cons of an Auto Dealership BDC

While auto dealership BDC has its advantages, like any other thing, it has its own disadvantages as well. The following are the ones very commonly to be found:

1) Added Expense: Setting up and maintaining a BDC represents an additional financial investment for dealerships.

2) Variable Results: A poorly managed BDC may not deliver the desired outcomes in terms of customer engagement and sales conversions.

3) Challenges in Staffing: Finding qualified BDC representatives with the necessary skills and experience can be difficult.

4) High Turnover: The turnover rate among BDC representatives can pose a challenge, affecting continuity and efficiency.

Despite these challenges, leveraging a BDC can significantly benefit dealerships by increasing customer engagement, improving appointment rates, and enhancing overall sales performance. In a competitive market, a well-operated BDC can be a crucial factor in attracting and retaining customers, distinguishing your dealership from others in the industry.


Automotive BDC Strategies & Goals

Automotive BDCs are dedicated to enhancing the overall performance of the auto dealerships. That’s why they need strong strategies to implement and goals to achieve so that the dealership is driven toward success. Here are some strategies and goals:

1) Enhance customer experience and build loyalty through personalized interactions:

Automotive BDC focuses on creating positive customer experiences by understanding their needs and preferences. It involves training BDC representatives to handle inquiries and interactions with professionalism and empathy. By providing tailored solutions and attentive service, BDC aims to build trust and long-term relationships with customers. Feedback and data from customer interactions are used to continually improve service and meet customer expectations.

2) Streamline dealership processes to focus on core duties, improving sales and service efficiency:

BDC strategies involve optimizing workflow and reducing inefficiencies in customer handling processes. This includes implementing automotive CRM  (Customer Relationship Management) systems and automated tools for lead management and follow-ups. By centralizing communication and scheduling tasks, BDC ensures that sales and service teams can focus on converting leads and delivering exceptional in-person service. Continuous training and performance monitoring help maintain high standards and adapt to changing market demands.

3) Set targets for lead generation, follow-up procedures, and customer retention to drive business growth:

BDC establishes measurable goals for acquiring and nurturing leads, ensuring a steady flow of potential customers into the sales pipeline. It includes defining response times for inquiries and setting benchmarks for follow-up communications to maximize lead conversion rates. Strategies for customer retention involve proactive outreach, loyalty programs, and personalized offers to keep customers engaged and satisfied. Analyzing metrics such as conversion rates, customer satisfaction scores, and retention rates guides ongoing strategy adjustments and improvements.



What is a BDC in Automotive Sales?

A Business Development Center (BDC) in automotive sales is a specialized customer service team that manages both incoming and outgoing calls. This dedicated department is crucial within the automotive industry, where they handle inquiries from potential customers interested in vehicles available for sale. Additionally, they assist customers with questions about vehicle servicing and repairs and actively engage with prospects to move them closer to making a purchase.

The need for a separate BDC department arises because existing sales and customer service representatives in the dealership often have their hands full with other essential tasks. This can lead to missed calls and overlooked opportunities. By having a dedicated BDC team, dealerships ensure that every customer inquiry is promptly addressed, maximizing the chances of converting leads into sales and providing consistent support throughout the customer journey.


The Role of a BDC Representative

A BDC (Business Development Center) representative at a dealership plays an important role in managing customer interactions. BDC representatives contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction and ultimately increasing sales opportunities. Their primary responsibilities include:

1) Appointment Scheduling: They encourage customers to set up appointments for test drives or service appointments, ensuring a smooth scheduling process.

2) Communication Management: They handle inbound communications such as calls, emails, chats, and web forms from customers interested in buying a car or seeking information about dealership services.

3) Product and Service Knowledge: It’s essential for BDC reps to have in-depth knowledge about the dealership’s inventory of vehicles and available services. This helps them effectively answer customer inquiries and provide accurate information.

4) Customer Support: They address customer questions and concerns promptly and professionally. This includes providing details about specific car models, explaining service offerings, and helping customers navigate through different options available at the dealership.

5) Promotions and Offers: BDC representatives inform customers about current promotions, discounts, and special offers that may be relevant to their interests or needs.

6) First Point of Contact: As the initial contact point for many customers, BDC reps aim to deliver exceptional customer service. They strive to create a positive impression of the dealership and build rapport with potential buyers, ultimately guiding them through the sales process.


How to Improve Your Dealership’s BDC Experience?

In today’s competitive automotive market, providing an exceptional customer experience is more important than ever. BDC plays a crucial role in this by managing customer interactions, handling inquiries, and setting appointments. Improving your BDC experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, higher sales. Here are ways you can do so:


How to Improve Your Dealership’s BDC Experience?


1) Embrace Digitalization

With more customers shopping online, ensure your BDC is equipped to handle digital inquiries and interactions effectively. This includes responding promptly to emails, chats, and online forms for online car sales.

2) Enhance Customer Engagement

Use the BDC to engage potential buyers across various channels. This might involve reaching out via phone calls or emails to offer assistance about vehicles or dealership services.

3) Personalized Service:

Maintain a personal touch by tailoring interactions to meet each customer’s needs and preferences. This could mean remembering past interactions or preferences to provide a seamless experience.

4) Stay Informed

Ensure BDC representatives are well-informed about the dealership’s inventory, promotions, and current market trends. This helps them provide accurate information and guidance to customers.

5) Streamline Processes

Simplify and digitize processes within the BDC to optimize efficiency. This could involve using customer relationship management (CRM) tools to track interactions and manage appointments effectively.

6) Training and Development

Invest in training and development for BDC representatives to enhance their communication skills, product knowledge, and understanding of customer needs. This prepares them to handle inquiries more effectively.

7) Feedback Loop

Establish a feedback mechanism to gather insights from customers about their BDC experience. Use this feedback to continually improve service delivery and meet evolving customer expectations.



The automotive business development center (BDC) is a great tool to help your dealership generate more leads and close more sales. Dealerships should implement a BDC alongside other sales and service tools for the best results. It will help turn first-time customers into loyal partners. For any dealership aiming for increased sales and customer satisfaction, a well-run BDC will help you achieve these goals!




  • Q. What are Automotive BDC Best Practices?

    There are several best practices for your BDC. First off, you want to make sure that your BDC representatives are well-supported. If they don’t have the tools they need, they will fail. Second, you need to promote a close relationship between your BDC and sales team. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to hire an experienced BDC company.

  • Q. Why Is BDC Important?

    A BDC is crucial for modern dealerships as it efficiently manages various communication channels like texts, emails, and calls, enhancing operational efficiency and overall success.

  • Q. What is the role of a BDC?

    The BDC is primarily responsible for managing incoming leads, which can come from various sources such as online inquiries, phone calls, and walk-ins. The BDC is tasked with responding to these leads promptly and professionally, to convert them into sales appointments.

  • Q. What does a BDC manager do at a car dealership?

    A BDC manager oversees the business development center (BDC) at an automotive dealership. The BDC department is responsible for setting appointments with potential buyers to meet with the sales representatives at the dealership.

  • Q. What is a service BDC job description?

    Answers phone and online inquiries. Schedules appointments and conducts follow-ups with “no-shows” Greets customers in a professional manner and assists them with their requests. Maintains communication with customers to ensure satisfaction with service.

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