Spyne X The Pink Tint – Brand Launch!!

Spyne X The Pink Tint – Brand Launch!!

Comfortable. Stylish. Very You!

What happens when a new women’s clothing brand has Comfort, style and fresh fashion but is confused about how they present themselves in the most creative way. Yes, we are talking about the most common problem of every new brand in town, who is really concerned about how to launch themselves in the market of a million brands catering to the same audience set. A few months back a similar brand with these problems came to us. Frankly, when we first heard about the idea of The Pink Tint store, we were really excited as this brand was surely gonna give us a plethora of opportunities to showcase our creative edge.


About The Pink Tint Store 

The Pink Tint store is a Kaanshi initiative that offers stylish products for the classic career-oriented woman. Their designs and way of playing with the fabrics shows that this brand is backed by an experienced designer. Their clothing range can be worn from dust to dawn as the variety keeps you engaged. Miss Navdeep Malik who is the Founder and the Creative Director of this brand has made sure that every product just makes the woman feel strong, independent and confident about herself. Her Motto “Be The Pink” encourages every woman to love and adore herself. Navneet’s little girl collection too is a thoughtful creation for all those little girls who want to be just like their mothers.  With 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, The Pink Tint Store founder has surely given the gift of classic fashion to the market of women’s clothing.



The Problem –

“Great designs too see the rack dust if they are not presented well.”

Every product and design is able to perform well in the market when it has a unique identity that is so strong that it persuades the mind of a customer to but it. Being a new brand in the market, Navneet too felt a need to present her products in the most creative way. needed a This was important as she wants her customers to relate with the products and the ideology behind it. That’s when Spyne team came into the picture. With a band of professional photographers spread all across the country, ranging from Fashion photographers to Jewellery to Real estate. We in no time started working with The Pink Tint to give them a unique identity.




Solution – 

After talking to the founder of The Pink Tint Store and understanding the vision of the brand, our experts at Spyne brainstormed on different creative ways of presenting the products. Navneet wanted to do an outdoor photoshoot which would have cost her much higher and was not completely right for the brand. Here we at Spyne didn’t just act as her photographers but also acted as brand promotional partners.  We suggested an affordable Indoor Model shoot plan with a happy spring theme. From conceptualization to branding to social media and website management, we did it all. Spyne gave a perfect holistic visual content strategy to the brand so that it can enter the market with a bang and create an appealing brand image that makes the products of this brand stand out.

Spyne team assigned the most experienced fashion and lifestyle photographer from a band of 3000 photographers spread in 35+ cities of India. After choosing the photographer, we chose the right faces for the brand. Gurugram based models were selected for the shoot as the shoot was to happen in our Gurugram studios. We also keep a check of all the necessary amenities like changing room, lights, etc is available on the studio or not and then book the studio. As the products would be listed online on websites and social media platforms so we decided to give the grey background to the shoot. We knew that this shoot was really crucial for the brand as it would present the brand in the market for the first time so a team of creative minds was set up to plan the promotion activities and creative strategies.

On the Day of the shoot 


So, as we knew that this brand is all about career-oriented women that love to feel confident and happy about themselves, so rather than shooting simple shots we decided to go for mood shots. We also added props like flowers, books, etc to give full spring mood to the shoot. The stylist too instructed the models and the kids to swing a little so that the pictures could be taken in a fun mood so that the comfort of the fabric is well-presented. When kids are there on a shoot then the fun is ought to happen. With their cute faces and innocence, we were able to capture the perfect mood for the collection. Our stylist guided them on how to pose, how to place their hands and play with their vibrant clothes. It was a delight to capture our little models posing like a pro and enjoying themselves while we were shooting. Their fun moments and laughter surely brought the perfect vibe to our BTS video and brand video. The second and the third day was for the model shoot. This three-day shoot was surely an amazing experience as we were able to capture both E-commerce shots, mood shots and videos for the brand.

After the shoot was done, Spyne successfully delivered high-quality photos digitally for quality check. With absolutely no re-shoot requirements, we proceeded to the final delivery stage.




We at Spyne are an AI-driven tech company who believe that photoshoot is well-executed if it is shared on time and is delivered with no re-shoot errors are a shoot done well.  With this brand too, we shared the final pictures and videos through our sharing platform which enables the user to download high-quality pictures and videos in no time.

The Launch Story 

As this brand solves every women’s what to wear today question so what’s the better day to launch this unique brand than International Women’s Day. The launch ceremony was organized in a Club House where the brand pictures were shown to the audience along with the website. Spyne and The Pink Tint store both understand the power of social media that’s why we both discussed some brand-building strategies for social media as well. High-quality images and the right social media presence can help the brand to increase sales by 50%. Spyne helped in developing the right kind of photos for the brand that is surely creating an impressive brand image in the minds of the customers.


Want to know how Spyne can help your brand to play smart in the market, then contact our service provider now and give your brand it’s a unique identity.

Tune in to our blog on “How Spyne helps fulfill your visual content needs?” for more details.

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