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Here Is The Story Of How Spyne And BigBasket Celebrated Retail Employees’ Day 2020!

We here at Spyne recently had the chance to do a shoot for our friends at BigBasket. Retail Employees’ Day was just around the corner, and the Online Grocery Store thought of making the day extra special for all their hard-working employees by reaching out to us and planning a dedicated shoot around their employees’ day to day lives.

When BigBasket contacted us for the shoot, the big day was just two days away, but since we at Spyne love challenges and were also honored to be a part of such a pure initiative, we instantly said yes!

In the two day’s time that we had, we decided to create a mood board for the brand. And to give you a sneak peek, here are a few images from the mood board that our designers put together for BigBasket.

The brand liked the mood board and showed us the green flag. And we at Spyne packed out photography equipment and headed to BigBasket’s warehouse. The following images that you see are few of the photos from the actual shoot day.

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We loved working with BigBasket on their Special Project to bring their workers’ hard work and strive to light.

Once we completed the shoot, BigBasket gave the image to their Agency, and they compiled them to come up with this heartwarming video.

Spyne and BigBasket thank the employees and retail heroes for their unwavering support and commendable service during these unprecedented times! So, take a moment to thank them and make them happy!

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