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The Rising Use of Tech in Photography Industry.


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Technology has always been known to change the way we see or do our work. In the world of photography as well, technology has many times changed the way photographers, click and share their photographs. In this blog, we'll talk about this only. 

We can't deny the fact that Photography is one such industry that has gone through dozens of changes like the introduction of DSLR, 360-degree cameras and new photo-sharing tools, etc. Advancements in the digital era have only made the photographer's life easy and their operations more efficient. Let's see some of them in detail.


DSLR Cameras 

Gone are those days when SLRs used to rule the photographer's heart, today DSLRs have surely revolutionized new ways of clicking pictures and sharing it.  With in-built-Wifi, Advanced aperture settings, and modes, clicking pictures and sharing it has become very easy. This is also the reason why the number of professional photographers in the industry has risen in the past 5 years. 


Picture-sharing and storing ways 

After clicking pictures the next drawback that photographers used to face was the slow mechanism of sharing pictures and poor storing ways. This too was revolutionized by technology. With varied saas products in the market, now photographers are able to share and store their images in the most efficient way. One of them is Spyne, the most practical saas products made just for photographers. It enables you to store images in its cloud space, share them with unlimited people, get feedback on every project shared, and also it not only enables you to share pictures but also videos. Hence making your and your client's experience world-class.

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The influence of Digital Media 

Needless to say how Digital media has surely changed the way photographers used to portray their work. Today anyone who wants to see your work will refer to your website or social media channels. It has become a tradition to see it before doing anything. That is why it has become more than important to be digitally present. 


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Written By - Tanya Vij on 02 Jul, 2020