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Don't Miss Out On These Marketing Trends of 2020

With the online search ecosystem being subject to regular changes to improve the search results, it has become difficult for marketers, who focus on organic traffic, to boost their engagement and website traffic.

When Google surprisingly went down for five minutes, global internet traffic came down by a whopping 40%. With internet ostensibly revolving around Google, the tech giant is approximately responsible for 94% of all organic traffic. Failing to watch out these changes can be a little challenging for marketers. Here are some marketing trends for 2020 that you must know.


Marketing Trends 2020, market trends

1. Google Algorithms

With Google trying to make the searches more reliable and accurate, it's efforts to innovate and improve the answer search queries using robust algorithms has remained seamlessly constant. These Google algorithms crawl through thousands of websites in search of good content when you search for it. This is why Google searches are apparently the most trusted source of information on the web, receiving, on any given day, over 63,000 searches per second.

So, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs should be aware of algorithms like BERT and EAT, signifying that they should focus less on keyword and more on creating creative content for their target audiences.


2. Influencer Marketing

With a 1500% increase in Google searches on 'influencer marketing' in the last three years, a study predicts that it is set to become a $10 billion market by 2020.

It is a marketing technique used through social media to get the product or services promoted from an influencer - a person with a reputation and huge social following who are regarded as masters in that niche.

With the increase in monthly active users on Instagram and Tiktok, more and more brands have subscribed to the trend of using these channels to increase their brand awareness and ROI. As per a report, 89% of those surveyed say ROI from influencer marketing is better than other networks.

Here is, how you can master your Influence Marketing techniques.

Marketing Trends 2020, market trends

2.1 Tell a story - Adopt a storytelling approach in a language that is best understood by your target audience. It helps you to connect viewers emotionally with the brand, boosting the trust factor.


2.2 Know Your Audience

Use the platform where your audiences are communicating.

Use alternative channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Pick up Pinterest, best for e-commerce business. It is estimated that over 250 million people use Pinterest every month.

TikTok is outperforming Instagram, known among young youth, it has 1.5 billion installs as on November 2019.

Marketing Trends, market trends

Marketing Trends 2020, market trends

3. Content is the King

Rich content is what drives organic traffic to your website, and it has become an intrinsic component when marketers foster their products and services. However, when we talk about the content, it means we are talking about visual content.

Several businesses have already started using visual representation and videos for product demos, office experience, interviews, and marketing their brands. With the consistent improvement in pixels and video resolution of smartphones, video marketing has become one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to market the business.

Marketing Trends 2020, market trends

4. Video Content is Growing

Text can't do what a picture or a video can. We are increasingly seeing the demand for aerial, 360 degree and 3-D videos these days. It creates a quick, real and trustworthy route of connectivity with target audiences, who can interact with the brand, provide reactions, and comments in real-time.

A report from DCI revealed that videos have the most engagement rates across social media sites and live videos of marketing influencers engaging with brand products increase ROI.

Whether you are a retailer, lifestyle brand, or any other e-commerce business, you must use professional product images and videos to connect with your target audience and improve your brand awareness and engagement.

You can bring your products to life and sell more across the platforms with professionally shot HD product images and videos. And, we at Spyne offer easy business photoshoot ordering for all your visual content need. Businesses can effortlessly order and track each project on their Spyne business dashboard, as Spyne delivers un-matched photography services experience and quality bringing the business vision to life, every time!

Marketing Trends 2020, market trends


5. Leveraging AI

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way marketers are making decisions and developing their campaigns and commercials. It helps the brands to understand consumer behavior and patterns using data either from social media sites, past shopping history, current website pages, products viewed, etc to help them understand what to show to their online consumers to help them close sales.

When you are selling your product and services, you should know the needs of your customers and your prospective buyers and target them accordingly. AI will help you in reaching your audiences precisely.

Marketing Trends 2020


1. It is cost-effective

2. Helps the brand to sustain competition

3. Cut staffing costs

4. Accelerate growth

5. Outperform your competitors

6. Increase digital revenue


AI will help brands with Personalized communication with your potential customers by helping brands target each customer right.

With 71 per cent of B2B marketers expecting to use AI for personalization, business professionals can leverage AI to deliver products and experiences, and individualized messaging to clients in more innovative and convenient ways than ever.

For instance, the streaming giant, Netflix, has a solid strategy of personalizing the product catalog. Based on what customer watches, it shows similar content to entice the attention of the viewer. This peculiar usage of data through AI algorithms has helped the giant to spread and retain the customers on their network.

Marketing Trends 2020

To start personalizing with conversations, business professionals can leverage the ability of chatbots to initialize the conversation and engage in a constructive relationship with a client.

According to a study, 2 out of 3 customers are using AI, without even knowing that they are chatting with chatbots. As 63% of people consider messaging online Chabot to reach out to a business or brand. The use of chatbot can alone help cut business costs by $8 billion every year.

So, embrace these marketing trends to foster your business in 2020 and take it to the next level while giving a more personalized experience to your clients leveraging AI.

Written By - Younus Sideeq on 27 Jan, 2020