Here Are Some Of The Latest eCommerce Marketing Trends Of 2020 That You Need To Follow

Here Are Some Of The Latest eCommerce Marketing Trends Of 2020 That You Need To Follow

Due to the lockdown and strict social distancing norms, online marketplaces have seen an all-new level of growth. Not once before these eCommerce platforms have served so many people in such a small time period. During this time, not only we say a lot of businesses compete in this still necked competition, but we also saw a lot of new trends that only made the online market a better place for the consumer.

So as an online seller, to make the best out of every opportunity, you need to be thoroughly familiar with the eCommerce market trends. Hence, we here at Spyne have brought you some of the best new eCommerce marketing trends of 2020.

Newest eCommerce Marketing Trends Of 2020

1. Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing is a strategy that has been widely used by agencies to promote their products and services. Here, the company offers its products and services for free to famous influencers in exchange for their promotion on social media platforms.

2. Social Shopping 

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Social Media is a very powerful tool for marketing as well as straight-up pursuing people to buy products by showing ads. Hence, a lot of brands practice social shopping by enabling ads for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Retargeting Of Ads

(Source: Digiconsulta)

Retargeting Ads is again one of the most clever ways of tricking people into buying products by showing them the same Ad again and again. To understand what Retargeting of Ads are, assume you visit Amazon to buy a pair of shoes, but back out. Through the power of machine learning and ad retargeting, you start to see the AD for the same shoes everywhere else.

4. Personalization

(Source: Retail Insider)

Personalization is again a great marketing tool that makes your audience feel special. Getting a promotional email with your name in the first line is one of the more common examples of personalization. This can also be taken a step further by recommending relevant products to individuals.

5. Delivering The Best Possible Content To The Consumer

Nowadays, people consume a lot of content on their phones in the form of photos and videos. Due to this, companies now work extra hard to come up with content that gets the attention of a consumer who is already used to seeing good quality content on all the different kinds of platforms.

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6. Choosing Videos Over Other Content

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Out of all the different forms of content, we humans are most captivated through videos. And companies use this to their advantage to get people’s attention. It is more of a challenge to make text and images as interesting as videos. Hence, recently most companies have started to use videos to fascinate their audience.

7. Emphasis On AI And Machine Learning

(Source: Expert.AI)

Terms like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer of the future. These two programs study and learn consumer behavior and search patterns to make the user experience even better. AI can help companies make smart suggestions to their customers for better chances of conversion.

8. Cross Or Multi-Channel Marketing


Advertising your products and services on all the platforms that are relevant to your target audience is known as Cross Channel Marketing. This is a great strategy for promotion since it improves your brand visibility drastically.

9. Voice Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO)


Since smart speaker devices are getting more and more popular by the day, a lot of the searches in eCommerce sites are voice searches. And this has led companies to focus on Voice Search Engine Optimisation of their websites and other pages.

10. Multiple Payment Methods



Offering a lot of payment options improves the chances of conversion drastically. People from all around may have different expectations for payment options. Hence it is best to offer all the common options like cards, net banking and cash on delivery, etc.

So, these were the top eCommerce Marketing Trends of 2020. It is clear that a lot of your brand images are reliant on the visual content that you use. And if you are looking to reinvent your brand with a new professional shoot for your products, then we here at Spyne can be of help.

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