Beginners Guide: How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Beginners Guide: How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Beginners guide to selling on the Facebook marketplace and 5 insider tips that will help you improve sales.

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Select Marketplace.
  3. Create New Listing.
  4. Select Listing Type
  5. Put item details and payment method.
  6. Publish.

Facebook, the social media giant that connects people with friends and family is now connecting buyers with sellers.

In 2016, Facebook introduced ‘marketplace” on its platform – emerging as one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms.

With billions of people using social media around the world, many of them have discovered that selling products on Facebook is easier than on a personal website or another platform. This marketplace is popular among all types of sellers who seek to offer either pre-owned or new products.

Why should you sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Buying and selling products have become way too easy lately. Re-selling marketplaces such as Quikr, Olx, etc aid millions of people to sell their products, making it challenging for the Facebook marketplace in India. However, using the social media giant to sell and buy products has its silver lining.

Here are a few statistics and benefits that will give you a fair idea of why you should use Facebook Marketplace to sell your products online

It’s a simple, and cost-effective way to keep your business running and increase your sales:

  • It’s free, anyone can use it
  • Sell products within your locality (without any charges)
  • No need to have a website
  • Create listings using the Facebook app

Here are a few stats:


Now, if you’re willing to hit the ground running and start selling products on the Facebook Marketplace, follow the below-given steps to know almost everything you should know to get started with your journey on the Facebook marketplace.

In this guide, we will help you start selling on Facebook Marketplace, create your first listing, and some insider tips (from successful sellers) that will enable you to get more customers immediately.



Step-by-step guide: How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

It is way too easy to start selling on Facebook. This step-by-step guide will make it super easy to help you start selling on Facebook.

Let’s get started!

If you already have a Facebook account, then you’re almost there. All you have to do is start listing your products online.

How to start selling on the Facebook marketplace using a desktop?

1. Login to your Facebook account (no need to create a new/business account)


2. Click on Marketplace from the left side of your screen.

3. If you don’t see Marketplace, click on the see more option to expand the sidebar. Scroll down to select Marketplace.


4. Click on create new listing to create your first listing.


5. From choose listing type select the product/service you want to sell


6. The new window will allow you to upload images of the item you want to sell. Click on add photos to upload images. You’ll also need to write a title and description of the product you want to list and the price of the item. Click next to proceed.


You can see from the preview window how your listing will look to a seller. Use only good images that best represent your product/item.

7. Choose the delivery method to move forward.

8. Hit publish to make your item live for sale on the Facebook marketplace.


How to sell on Facebook Marketplace using your Smartphone?

1. Login to your Facebook app

2. Tap on marketplace Icon from the top menu


3. Select sell to move forward.


4. To create new listing choose the listing type from the pop-up below.


5. Add photos of the item you want to sell and the information about your products. Hit next


6. Choose the delivery method and click on publish to make the listing live on Facebook Marketplace.


Now that you know how to sell on the Facebook Marketplace, here are a few things you should know before starting to sell your items on the platform.

Things you can’t sell on the Facebook Marketplace

According to Facebook Policies, there are certain things that CAN’T  be sold on the Marketplace such as:

  • Subscriptions and digital products
  • Weapons, ammunition, or hazardous goods
  • Animal and animal products
  • Prescription products or illegal drugs
  • Real, virtual, or fake currency
  • Misleading, deceptive, or offensive items

How to close the sale?

Once a potential customer finds your item/listing in the marketplace, you can discuss the details of the product through Messenger. You can also use the messaging app to talk about the payments.

You can also send money through Facebook Messenger if you link your debit card, credit card, or PayPal information.

Tips to sell better on the Facebook Marketplace

There are hundreds and thousands of sellers selling on the marketplace, so it becomes inevitable for you to create a listing that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

  1. Optimize Your listing with keywords

You might think, SEO works only for websites but no, it also works for e-commerce marketplace where people search items using a particular phrase – keyword.

To optimize your listing you need to ensure to use proper keywords in your listed products. Doing so will help you appear in the search results when a potential buyer searches products using that key phrase.

Make sure to provide proper details of the products you are listing on your Facebook marketplace.

Using keywords in product listing titles and descriptions can increase your chances of appearing in the search results. This way more and more people will see your products.

Note: Also, use tags to make your listings easier to find.

  1. Use Good Photos

According to a study, 93% of online shoppers say good-quality photos are very influential when making a purchase.

Creating original, clean and sleek product images is critical and easy. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to do the shoot.

You can simply use your smartphone to click product images and then use an AI tool to edit these images instantly for free.

You can also use the Spyne application to shoot any kind of product image. The app has guided overlays and sensors that allow you to shoot standard angles only as per the online marketplace guidelines (which means anyone can shoot the best images). Whether you’re selling on Facebook Marketplace or Amazon or eBay or Myntra or any other marketplace, you can use the Spyne AI app to scale your visual cataloging requirements.
Nonetheless, the app has built-in AI technology that helps you edit images 100% automatically in a matter of seconds.

A lot of Marketplace sellers say that “the reach of products in the market goes reasonably well, but the conversion rate is very slow.” This problem can be addressed by using good-quality photos.

  1. Facebook friends & group can help you scale

While selling on Facebook, your listings can be seen by your friends. This can become a great aid for you to get traction in your peer group quickly.

Similarly, joining Facebook groups where people are mostly looking to buy products can also help you reach the right target audience and improve your sales. Join various groups in your category where you can promote your listing and help buyers find the right products.

  1. Reasonable pricing

Selling your products at a fair price should not be a problem. You can drive attention to your products and also convert consumers when you price your products competitively.

Check out your competitors, analyze their pricing, and price your products accordingly.

  1. Instantly reply to messages

When a person is inquiring about the product you are selling, make sure to reply in a timely manner.

It will improve your chances of closing the lead quickly. You can also negotiate the pricing and discuss further details like payment method etc in the messages.



Facebook is not just for networking anymore it enables users to buy and sell products from the marketplace.

With millions of users already active on Facebook, it becomes easy for sellers to sell products on the platform. You don’t need to spend money on finding your buyers.

To get started, all you need is an active Facebook account. Happy selling!

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